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About YOFA Workshops

YOFA™ workshops offer a safe space, and a system to follow, for those who seek to become more truly themselves.

 Here are some of the benefits people receive from participation in the workshops: 

  • Harmony in relationships
  • Success in life
  • Joy, enthusiasm, and energy
  • Inner peace, awareness, and wisdom
  • Self-esteem and expression of talents
  • Unconditional love
  • Empowerment

YOFA™ Training (The Yoga of Alignment) offers a blend of various teachings and practices.  Together, they address the broad spectrum of human desires from the calling to spiritual awareness, to the quest for healing, to the adventure of success in life. 

While everyone comes to YOFA™ Training with different needs and desires, they can all be addressed in one workshop because they can all be traced back to the callings of the heart.

Here is what you can expect from participating in YOFA™ workshops.  You will have the opportunity to:

Ø       Gently cultivate a spiritual and mystical awareness in your daily life

Ø       Learn how to bring yourself into alignment with your inner truth

Ø       Develop your awareness of your soul’s intention

Ø       Strengthen your confidence in your inner guidance

Ø       Promote your own healing of body and mind

Ø       Cultivate an experience of love and inspiration regardless of conditions

Ø       Open your access to abundance and manifestation of things wanted

Ø       In a nutshell, begin to manifest the desires of your heart

 YOFA’s strongest influences come from:

  • The Abraham-Hicks material
  • Traditional schools of yoga
    • Raja Yoga
    • Jnana Yoga
    • Bhakti Yoga
    • Karma Yoga
    • Tantra Yoga
  • New Thought Teachings
    • Ernest Holmes – The Science of Mind
    • Rev. Michael Beckwith & Rickie Byars Beckwith – Agape
    • Catherine Ponder
  • Chiropractic Philosophy
  • And other congruent teachings

These all play a dynamic role in the YOFA™ system.  The results are personal empowerment and the experience of joy, love, and freedom that reveals itself when you simply be yourself.



Gratitude to Jerry and Esther Hicks and Abraham for the Inspiration for these workshops!

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YOFA Workshops are inspired and nourished by 
 the Abraham-Hicks teachings.

This picture of Esther Hicks and Rebbie Straubing was taken after an Abraham Workshop. 
 Thanks to Esther Hicks for permission to display this picture

If you've never been to an Abraham Workshop here's a taste:


To see this whole series of videos, 
please Visit Abraham on YouTube

YOFA® Workshops


This is the YOFA Workshop room before the workshop begins.

Come bask in the company of like-minded others.  This monthly meeting is the perfect place to explore your relationship with the stream of well being.  This is the ever flowing stream that is carrying you to the fulfillment of all that you have been asking for. 

There is the physical workshop space which you can see above, and then there is the mystical workshop which takes place within the space of your own consciousness.  That is the place where you bring your dreams into reality.

This YOFA Workshop takes on the shape of what you bring.  No topic, no agenda.  Here, we continue to bring the process of manifestation into focus.  We  continue to hone our inner guidance. We release resistance.  We allow joy.

Newcomers are welcome.

Read comments I've received from YOFA Workshop participants here.


Make Friends with 
Law of Attraction

Law of Attraction is like gravity.  It brings things together.

It brings things to you.

It brings things to you that match your vibration.

It brings to you people, opportunities, and circumstances that match your vibration.

In our monthly YOFA Workshops, we make friends with Law of Attraction.

We learn how it works.  We learn how to interact lovingly with it.

 We become familiar with its consistency and our quirks.

We train ourselves into alignment with our own inner truth so that

 Law of Attraction becomes our great and powerful partner. 

And like Olympic athletes, we develop mastery in our relationship with this all pervasive Universal Law.

As a result, we live more satisfying, loving, compassionate, happy lives.

We live like champions, regardless of conditions.

And we attract more conditions that fulfill our heart's desires.



Questions?  rebbie(at)yofa.net