“Rebbie's article writing skills are superb. Her articles are clean, easy to read and get right to the point offering real-world solutions based on experience and not theory. Nice Job Rebbie! :-)”

-- Christopher Knight
Publisher of


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A Word about the Spiritual Path:

There are endless paths that lead to Source. 

And it is the connection to Source that is ultimately sought after by all. 

Everyone wants to believe that they have found the path. And, oh, it is glorious when you find that which you believe is your path. That is alignment with Source Energy. 

But when you say, "I have found my path, and you over there on that other path, you're not on the path," in that moment of judgment, you're not on your path either. 

Compliment them on their choices. Never push against their path. Never put them in the position where they must defend their path by condemning yours. 

Instead, appreciate their path. Appreciate it as their method of connecting with Source Energy. And we promise you, there is not one method that is better than the other.

Expressed by Abraham-Hicks

Thank you to all who send feedback on 
these articles.  

Here are excerpts 
from some recent emails:


I LOVE IT!! Thank You!! 

In reading your article I felt like I was experiencing and understanding your words not only in hi-definition, but 3-D as well!! It's alive!! Very cool. Thank You so much!!

Best regards,
Priscilla Hudson
Tallahassee, FL


Dear Rebbie,
i am so glad that your writings have come into my life..
Always Inspirational, and speaking in a way that seems to be absorbed on a truly multi-dimensional level...really or should i say REALLY life changing information..


This is a great article. Possibly your best. Really inspired

(April 2006)


Just wanted to drop you a quick note to tell you how much I enjoyed the exercise on “wholeness” in your recent article. ... Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge and experience with your readers.

What I like about your material is that you add activities to take concepts and turn them into activities which make them real.

Keep up the important work you’re doing!

Joanne Stein
Scottsdale, Arizona

I really like your writing. Just reading your words makes sense and gives me a sense of peace.

I have passed on the link to a few friends who I know will benefit.

Thank you,

thank you for the beautiful meditation on intention. i paused my "have-to" work to shift gears, after reading your thoughtful "send" 

your work is outstanding and I am grateful for your assistance! 



Rebbie...I have found your information right on target. Only of late have I confirmed higher powers with "angels" and their duties/presence. In fact, the Angel Readings said my higher spirit's) have a BIG sense of
humor. And that they do...and I am blessed for it. I have had the
pleasure to forward your link to a dozen of my buddies.
Glad to make your site, and thank you for making my day!

Nansie Strobel

thanks for all you do

i find your writing very helpful in my quest


I'm really enjoying the way you express everything in kinesthetic terms. It speaks to me. Thanks, 

I enjoy all of your articles, thanks.

Dear Rebbie, I am SO enjoying your articles and your E-Course. Thank you SO very much for offering it for free.

I thank you so much for your beautiful words!


Thank you for insight and helpful advice. I am enjoying reading your articles and am going to put a link to your site on mine.

Lovely article Rebbie. I particularly like the sensory aspects of sandpaper and breadcrumbs - makes it very real and easy to identify with. Very clever. Thank you so much.

I LOVE your Phenome articles--my vegetarian grocery carries Phenome! :)--and the question erupting with the answer underneath, is Wonderful! 

Thank-you for the updated article!

With Love, and More Light than before!

Thank you for having me on your
mailing list and for all the wonderful articles you write and for all that you do to help others see more clearly.

Blessings to you.

Zoe Ann Nishimuta

Dear Rebbie:

Your new article is truly inspired and inspiring. It describes so much of what is going on in my life at this time. And provides, as usual, a delightful integrative exercise to experience the process more deeply and fully.

What a gift you offer.

Thank you.

dear rebbie 

i want to thank you so much for helping me out i read your latest article just now and it helped me so much my son chose to leave this world 3 years ago there is so much stigma around this issue and my struggles to deal with what happened to him while at the same time trying to raise my 3 daughters has been a struggle while at the same time opened up so much in me to look at the big picture my 16 yr old car friend broke down today in the past i probably would have just cried but i walked and used the opportunity to work on my chakras when i got home i saw your article on selfishness and did the exercise i felt immediate results now when i call the mortgage co to explain why there wont be a payment this month i wont break down its a push for me to figure out how to release whatever it is that has held this family from ever having enough $ for generations thank you so much for sharing your insights soon im looking forward to ordering your cd much love and thanks stacey

This is an outstanding article! What lovely imagery shimmering in this time of abundance! Yes, I'm standing in the field, surrounded by a bounteous harvest, hoe in hand! Thank-you for such loveliness! I will want to reread it tomorrow!

This month's article seemed to be speaking directly to me. Thank you so much for this. It is expanding me.

Rebbie, One more thing, I read your article. You are a wonderful writer. I have a better understanding each time I read something (or hear in workshops) from you. Thank you for sharing this gift and insight with us, may we all learn how to open ourselves to the world--- to the place we invision---the passion that is life.


I "found" you on the internet this weekend and have been very excited about reading your work and today I enjoyed reading your articles. I particularly loved your article on gratitude because I have never had it written about as a cycle before. I have heard be grateful and tithe, be greatful and give your time, be grateful and take action, do great acts and say nothing. But to have them all together like a never ending cycle is far more powerful. 

Rebbie - wonderful article on connections - thanks so much!

Your article on gratitude put me into a glow of balanced harmony and jOy all afternoon !! (Gee, that sounds familiar.)

It was the mind-boggling idea of thanking for all which is to come ! #3

Makes one optimistic. 

This is great stuff. Just what i needed, i'd been told to realign myself by a couple of psychics, actually, three of them, in the last few years !
So, thank you so much ,Rebbie !

Thanks for sharing information on this Month's Article. I read the 
information and it is very helpful and encouraging. These words can be 
powerful in our own lives if we just apply them to our everyday living. Thanks again for sharing it..

I have enjoyed many of your articles. I think they are great and you are a very special person.

I would like to say Thank You from the bottom of my Heart to all the articles you have sent to me.  I have enjoyed reading everything you have sent  to me.
I have always tried to live a life of openess positiveness  and serving the people,   I just believed in your teaching and I just thank God for my life.  I am eternally grateful.   Thank You very much. 

I just wanted to say that your latest article on the healing power of love was one of the best articles that I have ever read. Congratulations. You are very insightfull and all your articles are easy to read, comprehend and resonate great feelings with me.

WOW! I am so enjoying your work! I simply adored you article on the Healing Power of Love. I am going to send it to my loved ones as a Valentine this year. It is in line with my Science of Mind beliefs, beautifully expressed in a way to spark recognition and inspiration. On this Monday morning I feel I can do anything with LOVE.

Thank YOU, beautiful!

Aloha from Lorraine

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"Don't get so involved in the desires or the beliefs of others that you cause confusion in your own vibration, and compromise your own alignment. When you let nothing be more significant than your own alignment with your own desire, then everything in the Universe is working in concert for you. It is, anyway, but you're not letting it in if you are misaligned."
Expressed by Abraham-Hicks, 9/28/02
Selected by Jerry and Esther Hicks

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Dear Rebbie,

 I was just reading a 'past' article of yours the other day! --and am still thinking about it, so deep and beautifully expressed, as is this one. This one will also take Time to 'digest!' Lovely expressions of Beautiful Thoughts! How Blessed are we that you write! How Blessed I feel that you have teleclasses, e-communications, downloads, etc! 



Hello Rebbie, 

I love to express my gratitude for your inspiring emails I read with great excitement and joy since few month. When I feel I need a gentle injection to uplift my day, here we are, some news from you as I open my mail. I have joyful tears running down my cheecks as I embrace your wonderful message about gravity. 

 I want to say thank you to you that you have come into my life, even so we havent met in person. My your life be filled with love joy and harmony. Thank you Rebbie. Galaxies of love and pure light in Gratitude,
A Friend from Melbourne/ Australia

I just read your article titled Abundance. What a beautiful writer you are!
The words you choose to get the point across were absolutely perfect! 
It's a joy to know I share this planet with you!
Thank you so much for spreading the word of abundance. 

Peace be with you, 
Constance Clark


Wow! Thank you Rebbie!!

This was exactly what I needed to hear, Today. 

I was thinking all day that I was hopeless in getting my business off the ground, with lots of half-hearted actions the past year and a half, I've not achieved much.
BUT it's all because I've had the "I am poor with only one apple seed mentality".

Thank you, your article was an 'A-HA' moment for me tonight.

Best regards,

Thank You so very much
YES, this wild machine has been amazing. You have been a part of my desire to even turn it on!  I am SO very grateful for the information and inspirations I receive. I believe that it is a method that can share those positive magical ideas/ realities with all the many who didn't know there were such amazing light filled people/thoughts in the world.



Hi, Rebbie!
I just read your Gratitude Cycle article and loved it!  Thank you!
What a way to explain why service makes us so happy!
I'll use the image of your circle when I work with my clients.  (Yes, the circle spins faster until we can't tell the difference between giving and receiving!  :)
Thanks for being a co-worker on this path!
In Gratitude,
Bess McCarty


Your soothing voice matches your lovely ability to write!



Dear Rebbie,

I thank you very very much for your awesome work, and must tell you how deeply moved and nourished I feel each time I read and embrace your work. The beautiful content of newsletters, workshops and musings all foster a sense of very personal meaning and application in my life.  I am learning to de-manifest (deeply imbedded) out picturings of apparent  belief in lack, and in my cultivation of abundance, I aspire to enmesh myself much more deeply into your workshops! Thank you for the many gratis jewels of insight and wisdom that you have brought to us.  You are helping to change the world!

In- Love and In-Joy,

IAM Kathleen

i printed one of your articles about pain a few months ago and have it in my night table, must go back to it. your writing is superb.


I am LOVING your writings!!
I have described over and over but nary as well, the concept of 
Words as Seeds...  Thank you for your clear and viable analogy!

. . . I also loved the last [article] and that idea of linking the desired state to the 
present by thinking of Time as the connecting factor - a beautifully simple 
and powerful thought.

I just wanted to express my appreciation to you.

Chris Baldwin

Thanks. Your articles always strike a chord for me. I used the space between people idea with my youngest daughter, who does not speak to me...

Dear Rebbie,

Your article was just what I needed today and just in time. I have been feeling bad about a decision that I had to make. But after reading your article I realized that it was the correct one and knowing how to give gratitude to the pain has made things so much better. Can't thank you enough.

In Gratitude, 


Thanks Rebbie. Your Articles are timely. You're the best.


I enjoy your e-mails and your articles. They are full of Spirit.

Article, Uncommon Gratitude As I sit here trying to find the right words to convey how I feel about this particular article it really leaves me speechless. I can however say that the Angels definitely feel what I feel because I have spiritual tingles that leave me breathless. I have been reading your articles and I am always moved in some way and each one seems to take me a little more deeper spiritually. You truly travel to that spiritual plane of articulation because I can find no other explanation for your exquisite writing. Thank you so much for your contribution to all of our spiritual growth. LoveL^i^ghtBlessings

Being guileless is beautiful. :) ...A lovely article, some new, needed perspectives.