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The heart-felt sentiments you see to the left are unsolicited.  They are culled from the e-mails I get from the wonderful people who are training themselves in The Yoga of Alignment.  

I deeply appreciate the honor of working with all of you. I am perpetually uplifted, inspired, and energized by your process. 

You give me a tremendous gift when you bring your unique energy to this ever-evolving work.

Thank you for sharing yourself in such a generous and satisfying way.

Love & Blessings,



Gratitude to Jerry and Esther Hicks and Abraham for the Inspiration for these workshops!

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The comments below  come from YOFA® participants.



I am writing to say thank, thank you. I am so fortunate that I was lead to you. From your column in PhenomeNews then to your website I traveled....then some meditation tapes...then the Results workshop...then the Inner Circle....and on and on......

But you lead me to so many other things as well. Mind Movies and all that comes with it....all the teachers etc. is extraordinary.....and then Revolutioniz from that.

I finally clicked on Ho'oponopono...what took me so long?.....and now I am reading "zerolimits"........WOW!....I trust it is all in the right time.....

Thank you again........you are a blessing in my life.


i so respect you and your work.  i think that your message is of tremendous value. i think that your work can literally save lives. 

i also feel that you are the one to deliver the message.   your presentation is so non-judgmental.  also, you field questions and responses in such a pure way.  i love the way that you respond to people.  you really "hold the sacred space". 

--Carol Leitner, Long Island, NY

Thanks for another great workshop.  Every workshop of yours I learn something valuable.

--Maria Cohen, Long Island, NY

I am so aware of how long I dwell on things now! As soon as I hear an internal conversation bound to sap my energy, I change it and imagine the cone you drew on the board.

Looking forward to a monthly tune-up.

--L.C., Long Island, NY


L.R., Long Island, NY

hey rebbie.  i think this stuff actually works. ...  i really can't think of more important and life altering work.  thanks very much for sharing it with me ..

C.L., Long Island, NY

Hi Rebbie:
I just want to let you know that I came home and went over the whole meeting with my kids and husband. I also told some friends about the meeting. I was thrilled. ...THANK YOU FOR A VERY INTERESTING EVENING.

Looking forward to other meetings.

Teresa A., Long Island, NY

I loved the workshop. I am trying to remember all the great new tools for living a good, positive life. I can't wait for another workshop .

W.B., Long Island, NY

Wow did that go by in a flash or what? thank you for an interesting (tele)class I'm looking forward to next wk ... If I can help someone else the way I was helped on your call ... that would be awesome!! see ya next week!!

Connie Carpenter, Ct

Hi Rebbie,

I look forward to seeing you at this next workshop.  I have been putting your teaching into practice, and I believe I am clearer each day - stressing less about my situation, and getting out of my own way with more ease.  Thank you for showing me this path.

Dr. Diane Becker, Long Island, NY


Yesterdays class was the best..... What a great blend of women.

I always enjoy your classes and come away with some great tools, but this one was over the top in terms of the depth of honoring our divinity. I’ve never been with a group of people who shared so deeply about the positive things about themselves. Group work is frequently about uncovering and working through the traumatic events that we think shape who we are. This was the exact opposite.

…. Thank you Rebbie, for the opportunity to be with everyone yesterday and experience all this through each of these women.

L.C., Long Island, NY

... thank you for helping me turn my thinking around regarding my relationships .......... (wow! your "y" axis is soooooo fine tuned, it's amazing)....

I also wanted to say that my personal experience with my "relationship block" that you helped me turn around is a great example that your method works wonderfully. as is......I HAD been feeling the emotional pain of my perception of my reality, and I just got totally stuck there in the "feeling bad space", which did me absolutely no good....then you helped me turn the feeling around to a positive thought, and the relief and results were instantaneous..........you have created a form of "mental" chiropractic (does that make any sense?) It's such genius!

hi rebbie.  i have been meaning to contact you...  your workshop was wonderful.  i thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon.  i so wanted to be there,,, you taught me exactly what i needed to learn.  it was so interesting and helpful.
you are excellent at presenting this work. you did great work as a chiropractor, rebbie, and are now doing equally great and life-saving work.
i very much look forward to our next meeting.
Long Island, NY



Thank you for putting this all together for all of us. You have provided the tools for me to bridge a gap I had not been able to manage on my own.

your work, rebbie, is causing me to look at everything with new eyes, and to see beauty wherever i possibly can. the joy, the wonder, the love of life is there. this work asks me to access it and focus on it. this work is very essential and very good for me.

Thank you so much for offering this to us. I'm getting so much more out of it than I thought I would. I really hope you consider extending the class and delving more deeply into all this.

Rebbie ..

You are helping me so much...

I'm so disappointed that I won't be able to attend the Nov, and possibly Dec, workshop. ...  
I am looking forward to the Jan workshop though & will continue to read the emails avidly ..
Bless you ..
Ellen Smiley

Dear Rebbie,

...I wanted to thank you for our last workshop. I have been able to fill my days with happiness.... I can still see and hear you speaking to me, and it has been very powerful.

Your meetings are good stuff....

--Workshop Participant
Long Island, NY


Hello Rebbie,

First, I want to let you know that I got the job that I wanted! It took about 2 weeks to find out for sure, during which time I focused on allowing (this stuff really works!). 

I have been visiting your website and reading your articles, which I really "get" at this point in my understanding of the teachings of Abraham. 

I think that you are a really loving and giving person and you have helped me so much already. It's great that you have started evening workshops for those of us who can't make it during the day.

Thanks again for sharing what you have learned.

Addie Weinberg
Long Island, NY

Hi Rebbie

Just some feedback on yesterday's meeting. For the first time in a long time, I began to gather hope. Hope that I can be happy and filled with joy, laughter, and giggles...especially giggles. I look forward to your meetings.

I can't wait to listen to my new CD.  
Thank you again for your teachings.

Evelyn Dannen
 Long Island, NY

i sometimes reflect on the body of knowledge that you have collected over the years and how you gleen from it that which is so very pertinent to our living happier and more satisfying lives. i am also in awe of your ability to articulate. sometimes you are in the middle of a sentence searching for the rest of your thoughts and i am amazed at what you pull up. it is so very articulate. 

--Carol Leitner, Long Island, NY

Dear Rebbie,

Two of my friends have birthdays coming up the end of this month, so I will bless them with your wonderful vibrations. I really think that's how it works: your uplifting words make us vibrate on a higher level.

In May one of your CDs will go to Germany for a birthday gift. 

The one to my 83-year old friend I will send off as soon as I receive your shipment.

I am looking forward to spreading your blessings.

Much love,
(Affirmative Contemplation listener)
Los Angeles, California

Like the lilliputians in the locker at the train station in men in
black, when agent J opens the locker, they start to Hial Agent J,...
that was the feeling I got when I read your response to my Point of Order Query! Hail Avatar Rebbie! You have opened the duir for me in more perfect timing than I have realized. Your web site was exactly what I was seeking NOW and from the entirety of my heart I thank You.

You have helped me to unbridal my passion and participation in the this new scripting group.
Major Namaste!

hi rebbie.

you sure rocked today. i wanted to tape the class, but wanted to respect the privacy of the other women. i just had a feeling that you would be "cookin' with grease". i think i got down every word that you said without the use of a recorder.

thanks for a superb workshop.

i can't tell you how great i thought that workshop was yesterday. it might have been the best workshop i've ever attended in my life. and i've been around!!!

thanks so much for everything rebbie.



Your workshops have been "off the map" of excellent. I wish that you could hear yourself. The content is extraordinary, as is your command of language. It is such a pleasure to be part of anything that you offer.

Extraordinary work, Rebbie. Thank you!

Last nite was great as usual.

Thank you for your beautiful website.....your spirit comes through wonderfully through the articles you share with your readers.

I actually enjoy reading the abe teachings through your writing ...

S L.

...The YOFA meeting was perfect for setting up my thoughts about this [upcoming event]. I was dreading it before the YOFA workshop. Now I see things differently. Thank you.

Dear Rebbie,

I have been thinking about what you did for me at our last workshop. I have no words to express how you touched my heart. I wish I could have recorded your words because I lost them. Actually, I hardly heard them on my human level...I heard them with my soul.

What I have been able to do is to slowly understand what my words to you really meant to me. 

So you see, the work you are doing is helping me discover the truth about myself. 

Thank you.

I loved meeting you the other night. The meeting was fantastic. It was life altering. I can't wait to see you again.

You are beyond incredible and I am so happy to have you in my life. 

Doreen Faccibene
Long Island, NY

I enjoy receiving your emails, you have a wonderful gift of language,

I apologize that I never made the time to drop you a line and let you know how much I enjoyed meeting you and participating in your workshop.  Thank you… I wish there were more of you around!

Have you ever done or thought of doing teleclasses and reaching out more globally. You have so much to offer.

I recently attended your Women's Workshop. It was so worthwhile; I've realized so much from it (it came at just the perfect time, not accidental I guess). I would love to attend your next workshop since it sounds wonderful

Just wanted to THANK YOU so very much for your
informative and great emails

Rebbie, thank you for sending your 7 secrets course for free. This is a very thoughtful, generous thing to do. It gives me hope. 

thank you Rebbie for your words... I so resonate with this material and so much appreciated your insights.

I gave much thought to the class yesterday and it was most helpful, in fact extremely liberating. It was better than most therapy sessions I have had and believe me there have been many. I can now honor my complete expression of myself in having desires other than just fusing with this man that I care for. I will be working on moving forward and having excited expectations... looking forward to our next meeting.. 

Thanks so much for your intention and your insight at Monday's workshop. You may have saved me years of therapy!!!! Seriously, I think I am on the way to becoming unstuck around my weight issue.

hey rebbie. just a note to say, once again, that you and this work are helping me so much.

thank you for the beauty of all you are doing in this world

Loved your article...Muscles Don't Push.

Rebbie, you are a wonderful teacher. I am filled with gratitude for having met you. You put life into my life.

So, let's have more articles written by you.

I'm really enjoying the way you express everything in kinesthetic terms. It speaks to me. Thanks, 

...I also have been reading your column in Phenome
News for years. You have inspired me to start my own business  ... I have so enjoyed your mailings.

I consider your newsletters and the affirmation website to be medicine administered to my sometimes "under the weather" soul. 

After taking dose of your advice, resources, and tools I always feel better physically and emotionally.
You are a blessing. 

I recently bought the Affirmative Contemplation audio tracks. Let me tell you, it has affected me in many positive ways. 

It is just a great product.

Thank you so much for these words: 

"I wish you a new year where the you who you love being steps forward to be you."

They do sound like the most beautiful magic to me -

I will write them down and look at them often in
this New Year!

Love and Gratitude to you
from Maria

I want to commend you for your very reasonable prices for your e-books and your CDs.

You make it impossible for a person to refuse such offers. My dream is to spread seeds of help and happiness to all who would avail themselves also. It shows that your heart is in the right place. 

Dear Rebbie,

Thanks for everything. I love your web site. I teach a graduate course in Ethics in Exercise, Leisure and Sport. 

I am using some of your material incorporating it into things I have put together from several sources. ... I include your web site in the list or references and recommended readings. Just want to let you know.

blessings to you,
Dr. Walter E. Davis
Associate Professor
Kent State University

I loved the workshop. It gave me new insight into myself. You are a blessing in my life and to those people whose life you touch.

What a wonderful workshop...fun mixed with learning.  All of your workshops are wonderful. I am privileged to be part of them. Rebbie, "YOU light up my life."

I had an unusually difficult work day and came a little wound up. I left feeling calm, peaceful and joyful.


Hi Dr. Rebbie,
Your work is wonderful, I have benefited from it greatly.

Kristal J Wyatt

I started a few weeks ago listening to the "I am Love" meditations. I listened several times a day. Simultaneously, I purchased "Ask and it is Given" and "The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent" and started reading. I had visited the Abraham website after seeing the link on the Go Gratitude 42 day process. I also started the Relationship program you offered 

...... I have had numerous challenges resolved in a miraculous way since starting this process. ...

Thank you for your work. I will continue to study and share this gift.

All great souls are "tuning forks"; their vibrations emanate at a higher level all humans can aspire to. I believe that when we are in the presence of these vibrations, we become attuned and rise to that level of the Higher Self, and once there, can lift others to that level ourselves. Or, like an orchestra conductor, you keep all of us playing on the correct "pitch". It's also kind of like when seeing someone smiling the radiant inner smile, and one begins smiling too, and it's a contagious experience for everyone who sees it. Passing the torch in dark times is holy and much needed work. Thanks for being that "Tuning Fork", Conductor, Smile and Light-Bearer for me!

Even in my phases of contentment, the truth held in a context of time is no more than a movie of what my heart space truly seeks to know. That knowledge - is the immediate and unebbing flow of consciousness.

Sheesh , this is all like stuff I have always known, and as I am participating with the energy of the group it is being remembered .. Deepest thanks for the sangha -

thanks for your presence in 'the light', Rebbie
you shine in brilliance 

love your work..it is mana from Heaven!

  Dear Rebbie,

 You and your offerings are dear to me!  It is because of your personal, loving presence that makes the difference--it's not just, 'fellow members'--you create a warm circle!

 I think, in this time in particular, it is essential to align ourselves with our soul kindred and progress together.  We ARE Needed!  The guided progress you offer is Wonderful!! 

 With So Much Appreciation and Gratitude,

u r a miracle; thank u

I highly value your workshops!,

Last night was just fantastic!!! YOU ARE FANTASTIC! YOU ARE SOO BEAUTIFUL!!


Thank you for all your sharing, I really appreciate you and your teachings and am grateful to have met you.  There is a lot more to this computer than people realize, So many good things..  

because of the work you do... I can...

Imagine a world where everyone feels loved and blessed by the presence of
everyone else. Just imagine how beautiful such a world would be.


Rebbie---I thought you would enjoy hearing and wanted to also thank you and the Hicks and Jill Grabhorn.....
I have been manifesting magnificently and continue to do it regularly. My life in all aspects has becoming filled with happiness, abundance, and enormous prosperity

I have been listening to my Abraham tapes and I now see more clearly how to maximize my life the way I want it and not what others want for me.

I have had these tapes for a few years and never utilized them properly until I listened to your YOFA instructions.

I really appreciate all the work you are doing and hold you very dear in my heart! You DO make a difference.

Dear Rebbie,

You are a Gen-U-Wine original. Every concept you manifest, every idea you conceive, is totally original, clean, elegant, beautiful and beneficial for all concerned. There is a quiet beauty of your work for which I have great admiration and respect. 

I truly enjoyed the Feb. workshop. . . I get a real feeling of sincerity and "walking-the-talk" from your presence!

I absolutely adore your work and your vocal delivery. Your Spirit is so transparent and lovely. It is very refreshing to have come across your page after such a long time. It is interesting to note that for the past month or so, you have come to me in those times when I needed to really anchor myself in Peace. 
" I am Love" is always close at hand, and I look forward to participating in "your jhe Program."
Thanks so much for being you

I love your writing, your voice, your healing sessions, etc. Way to go! ... keep up the great work. Whenever I see something from you in my in-box, I know it will be worth reading.

I love...LOVE...your work.

Terrific class last night. I never know where you are going when you start, but so many gems show up along the way. Would love if you could record them, so I could remember all of it. 

Thank you, you are awesome!!!
Keep up the inspirational work.


I have been reading your materials to much enjoyment. I have downloaded your affirmation cd, and my mother has never sleep so good. So, in other words, I would like to thank you. I feel your information came to me at the right time, so as it has allowed me to absorb, and exude these principles.
Thank you again for helping me and my family in our new spiritual awakening.

Thank you for explaining things so clearly and beautifully and for your obvious caring.

I got up at 4.30 am this morning to listen to your great webseminar. Many thanks, it was full of good info and light, and love also.

Great telecast today. Thank you and keep up the great work.

wow! I was there [at the telewebcast] and thank you SO much.

I LOVE what you do and your work is of great benefit to me and I Thank you! 

Rebbie, this is the first time I have listened, and you really were terrific. I tuned in late so I don't know if you got to my question. Your other answers were superb.


I want to thank you so much for the many wonderful services you offer.

The jhe sessions are phenomenal! I am really noticing a difference! How lovely that you offer this gift to us. (Even if we share money with you in exchange, they still feel like a gift.)

I have also bought two of your products: the Affirmative Contemplation Meditation downloads, which I absolutely love, and your book, which I have only just started, but like very much already. 

You are so generous to give of yourself in the ways you do. I also love the various teleseminars and conference calls you've sponsored. They always provide an affirmative, uplifting, positive boost of energy.

I am so grateful that you are sharing your talents so generously with all of us. A huge thank you and a giant hug to you.

All the best to you, 

S (from Boston)

I have found that the lessons are wonderful and I listen to them all the time. I got your book and started to read it as well. I am open to your help. I found while listening to your voice alone made me feel less tension.

Thank you for all your messages they are helping me as well and your wonderful book. I have been getting lost in reading it and all your messages. I have always been open to this I just wished I had met your years ago.

My never ending thanks for all that you continue to do to help me grow and for all of us.

The workshop Tuesday was wonderful, I was in awe the whole time...

I'm sending gratitude your way ( I"m sure you receive lots of it! :)...for your thoughtful and generous offer of the teleworkshop on Uncommon Gratitude. Your offerings are always Beautiful--and I wouldn't miss it! 

Your classes are a True Blessing. I really do enjoy and value them, taking notes as you talk. Openness to a virtual exchange of ideas and energy--what a wonderful gift! Like a living workshop online! What I value so much is how you gently shift our perception--and that works wonders! Your message takes hold, and your lesson comes at the moment when a shift is needed--and it works! Your unselfish giving is a Blessing online.
I am grateful for you. 

And I am thankful that you are here on this Earth and in my life.

I found a note from last year, when I was working with you via a tele-group. The note said that I inteneded to "develop clarity about my highest path". In July of this year, I awoke and realised I am a writer: a poet, and a voice artist. My clarity came with the intention that you showed me alignment over. 

And so Rebbie, THANK YOU for being. Being generous, grateful, sharing, skilled and loving.

Thank you ... For your tireless work, for all your efforts to bring more positive energy into this fast paced skeptical world.
For your patience, for your ability to try to understand and be understood.
For bringing reality back into truth and for helping others, without expectation of great returns, just for the mere chance that someone will shine a bit brighter through their day if not throughout their life.

You offer much joy and guidance, and I thank you for your teachings.

Rebbie, my dear magician, 
thanks to you for these wonderful moments of deep reconciliation with ourselves. Your letters are the air bags in my mails. With deep affection and gratitude

It's an amazing early summer morning here in Cape Town, South Africa. I am filled with gratitude and so much love and I needed to thank you - I came across the name  "Abraham" in one of your writings earlier this year, and it has changed my life. I have simply been reading their quotes, and found a blog which published excerpts - I have not
even been to one of their seminars, not even read a book or listened to a lecture - and my life has changed. 

I know it was the right place, I know I manifested you, but wow, am I good! Look who came into my life!!! Thank you,
I love you.


I thank you for your work and your integrity.

Thank you for all that you do to enrich and expand our lives! You and your efforts are appreciated beyond measure!
Blessings to you!

thank you for your keeping in touch with me & sending me inspiring mails ...I do not delete any of them..

I found your post really interesting and it has really improved my knowledge on the matter. You’ve assisted my understanding on what is usually a hard to tackle subject. Thank you!

I am so honored to get to know you. You are a very special, loving and kind person. I am grateful to call you my friend. I will read your emails diligently and share good energy with you always. Love and Gratitude Angel

Thank you so very much for this wonderful Hannakah gift YOUR PRESENCE is all of our presents. Much light was sent forth, my understanding has increased exponentially and I am so very grateful for the time you took with explaining in such a clear and loving way. Your deep commitment to excellence is indeed shining brightly. Thank you precious one. 

luv that stuff - what a great session I just listened to, thank you. I really like the way you hit the nail on the head then follow-up with abundant imagery that amply delivers the point. Feels good :)

Simply outstanding! YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!!

My heart, mind, and ego all THANK-YOU, with Deep Gratitude,

Dear rebbie Thank you for your speech, my compliments. It is a beautiful, intensif and light experience to follow your words. Focussing and concentration are easy. You answered my question, Thank you for that. At that moment I am quite overwhelmed but I enjoyed your way of handling my question. Till next time Paul

Its been over two years that I've been blessed with your guidance and your teachings. Just want to say a Big Thank You! to you for your endless compassion and love and your service to others. I am one of those that have benefited from your teachings. You've been like a light that I have needed at times so I can find my way back to myself. 

It was so nice to talk to you yesterday...
I also wanted to add a little to the picture I was painting of the feeling of your teleseminars. 
Rebbie, you are very articulate and are gifted in coming up with images that help us with this work.
I can't think of anyone that is working harder and you have given so many extras like Napoleon Hill and Ram Daas etc.
It is just refreshing to have Snowball and the other little flavorings that remind us you are real.
It is a kind of refreshing honesty that you are willing to be out there demonstrating how to handle thoughts when things aren't going perfectly. 

Thanks, Rebbie. I am grateful for your presence

Your teleseminar was SOOOO FANTABULOUS!!!!! I completely not only enjoyed it, but got so much out of it!!!! 

Hi Rebbie,
how wonderful that you have decided to webcast last week's teleseminar! I set an alarm clock to be able to hear the session online, I tried to stay awake, but had to give up half-way.... over here in EUROPE it's long past bedtime when you people sit down to enjoy the transmission. Now I have downloaded the whole thing so that I can LISTEN and ABSORB your sharing. THANK YOU REBBIE!
... I do, by the way, enjoy the love-cd and listen to it daily, makes me feel sooo good!
Love from Denmark,

Thank you for making your teleseminar recording available. Your work is a valuable addition to my studies and practices. I appreciate your work very much.

The seminar was fabulous and I had a few insights.....so thank you. I had the meditative recordings that I purchased from your site, I guess a year ago when I first went to your website. I hope these are the same recordings.

I feel so blessed that I was led to you as I am learning so much and a lot of my previous work is coming together through the applications of your tremendous talents and gifts.

Thank you again.

Thanks for last night's enlightening class.  You really make things clear to me and help me along my journey.

I just wanted to say thank you for such an enlightening and comforting evening.  I left your Workshop feeling lighter and hopeful.  You deliver a strong, positive, understandable message, and I (as well as [the others who came with me]) look forward to your next Workshop. 


Thank you all for your generous comments!