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Healing Depression through 
Inner Alignment
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How to Achieve 
Joyful Harmonious 
Expressiveness (jhe)

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Feel Better Naturally

On this call (or webcast) you will find out about the energy principles that naturally reverse depression. 

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  • You begin feeling like your talented, energetic self again. 

  • You begin feeling like you again.

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That is your natural state.

You can step back into your true self by coming into alignment with your essence.

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More Comments about
Inner Alignment
From Participants

Dear Rebbie,
I feel wonderful. I feel like I am very peaceful. I have stopped getting angry and I remain happy always. I feel like no more obstacles in life.

Thank you, Rebbie! I am experiencing more ease in my life and in my body/mind. I am likening what you are doing to a lighthouse - sending out its light in the darkness. It feels to me like a beacon - calling to me, reminding me of who I REALLY am & where it is that I am wanting to go, wanting to be. It is assisting me in staying in alignment. 


A sense of dark clouds somewhat dispersing .. bringing emotional backlog up in my dreams and, then during the day, spaces where I can see the blue sky. Feel supported in getting back my meditations. I'm making little steps .. allowing for adjustments. 

Everything I have done this week from work to chores has been so smooth it's like all opposition to my being has been transmuted and dissolved into light, illumination and love. And my resultant attitude is to be full of joy instead of impatience.


Not sure what is happening with the energy flows. So many facets of my life right now are in chaos and yet all I feel is a steady river when in reality there should be rapids. Amazing - simply amazing!!! Have never known such a true sense of peace.  


I would describe the effect as sitting on a warm rock in the sunlight with a waterfall cascading beside me and the sunlight reflecting off the water...encompassing me with a feeling of hope as I turn my face to the heavens...

Thank you!


Rebbie since I started these sessions I have been feeling inner peace I 've been going through some hard times the past 5-6 years financially which is probaly the worst but also in my relationship which I had to bring to and end thank-you rebbie for being my inspiration I have a cd i listen to of yours over and over when I need to stay positive and focused. Thank You for being an angel of mine!!!!!!!!!!!


Well I certainly have felt a pulsing in my Solar plexus and around the area of my heart. I am sleeping better and feel a wonderful sense of well being.
Thank you to infinity for your creative energy work on my behalf and everyone. I know that it is upifting me and those around me.
In deep love and gratitude
Kim Haley


  • I am calmer and more centered, even in reallly heated and stressful situations

  • My body aches have subsided

  • I remain less judgmental and more neutral regarding encounters with the drama of others

  • I feel less inclined to create drama in my life

  • I am sleeping better

  • I feel a lightness in myself

  • I am smiling without provocation

  • I have an overall sense of well-being

There is definitely a difference in the energy in my life. Things are flowing more, and I'm catching myself more quickly when I slip into negativity. I find myself declaring Divine Order and moving my focus onto what I do want rather than what I don't want. It feels wonderful knowing that you are doing this and that I'm a part of it. Thank you. I am very grateful.

I have noticed a general feeling of "lightness". My clients seem to picking up on this vibration and my energy healing sessions have been incredibly rewarding to all of us. Thank you so much Rebbie!!!


Yes, it is working. I am feeling so happy, joyful, excited and optimistic for most of this week.


Today morning, when I woke up I was smiling by myself. I felt light and full of enthusiasm for life. I was wondering what happened in the sleep.

your mail brought the answer.

have been feeling that things are really moving in the ascension direction.

Over the past 3 days, I have noticed a lightness coming over me. This was not only spiritually but physically manifested as well. I have been "stuck" with losing weight and yet without much change in activities I have dropped 3 lbs.. I also spent one day concerned about money but by the end of the day over $2500 had showed up unexpectedly. I have been visualizing more loving relationships with specific people at work and yesterday, both of those people were friendly and happy. I have a lighter spirit around my children and their school accomplishments. Best of all , I feel happier and freer than I have before in every issue in my life from laundry to professional work. I remain very excited about each day as life seems to flow more effortlessly. I am looking forward to receiving your book and I thank you from the bottom of my heart and soul for your jhe Session attention. 
love Joan Watson
Principal Horn , Canadian Opera Co.

I can only relate that my experience with "jhe" has been nothing short of amazing! I have never felt such a wonderful sense of calm and peacefulness as I feel now. I also feel a strong healing (which is very, very important to me at this time!) in my emotions and in my thoughts. The stress that I have felt has diminished greatly (to almost nothing) and I have gained clarity whereas before I felt confused and negative as a result.

I cannot begin to thank you, Rebbie, for the "jhe" have made such a difference in my life!

Lastly, your book is WONDERFUL! I keep it with me at the office and study and practice during my lunch hours! Thank you for this gift of knowledge as well!

Many blessings to you!


Dear, Dear Rebbie, Thank you so very much for the work you are doing. I can definitly feel the effects already. I am feeling so very much better, physically, mentally and spiritually. I feel so lifted and light. I know positively now everything is working out just right in my life. I send you Love and Light. Lovingly, Marilyn

Thank you so much, Rebbie! I can feel a palpable difference. My life just seems to be flowing easier despite many challenges that I face right now. 

 A thousand blessings, dear Rebbie ... we are feeling the movement in our energy: as an inner bouyancy, and even more so a peaceful, supportive grounding. Quite wonderful, and quite timely!



A Note from Rebbie

Dear Friend,

I'm glad you made it this far down on the page!

Not many people read this far.

But you did!

That tells me that you are serious. 

You are looking for something inside yourself that can lift your spirit and reconnect you with your essence, your joy, and your love of life.

I'd like to invite you to listen to these recordings.

I'll be leading you through a process to help you feel lighter and happier.

I'll also let you know about something natural that very few people know about it.  

It's a system of inner alignment that can completely change your life.

Will it work for you?

There is no way to know unless you try it.

And here is the good news.  

It can only help you.

And it comes with a full 100% guarantee so there is no risk.

Want to learn more about this?

Listen to these recordings.

I'll be: 

  • sharing lots of information

  • teaching you a process you can do on your own

With Love and Appreciation,

Dr. Rebbie Straubing

Healing Depression through 
Inner Alignment
- or -
How to Achieve 
Joyful Harmonious 
Expressiveness (jhe)

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Your information is kept private.