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Comments from Participants


Briliiant Rebbie. Being grateful for the manifestation that hasn't appeared yet. Not seen it like that. Thank you :)

love your work! I have been with the Abraham materials for a good number of years now. And your work is a marvelous compliment to theirs.

I just listened to your tele-webinar on uncommon gratitude. For me it is hearing the same great things I've heard before with different nuances. It is almost like shining a light at the same thing from a different angle to be able to see it more completely. So, again, I love your work. It is were I am to be at the moment.

i enjoyed tonight's uncommon gratitude teleseminar and especially appreciated having it during thanksgiving week. it helps us see the future in the present moment, sort of that NOW is every single moment, future and present at the same time

I really enjoyed the call!

How powerful it is for healing when we are all connected here in this moment and giving gratitude to our host, Mother Earth. She gives us everything. She gives us life.

 Wonderful analogy, Rebbie!!...the negatives and prints...love it!! 

 I love this tool -- that of making the negative personal, shining your light through it and finding the positive. Thank you very much.

Thank you Rebbie for a great call.

Extraordinary, yes, indeed!   Thank-you for your photography lesson!  Magnificently exquisite!    

Attentive Listener in Michigan

 Thank you for answering my question en for your inspiring teaching

Very helpful and I totally get it and will use it.

 Thank you, I feel like you can read my mind,

Yes you did make it clear, about creating the positive image, which I now see is different than what i thought i wanted, because I was desiring something different. Desire is the key. Gratitude is the fuel to create it. 

 Wonderful response! Wow! I agree with you totally. Thank you so much. This was a great webcast.

 Thank you so much for answering my question. The conference was great and I look forward to listening to the replay. In gratitude

 Thank you Rebbie, This was really wonderful! I missed the beginning and look forward to listening many times to really use this.

I loved your Uncommon Gratitude ... It always helps to hear the truth presented in a slightly different way...makes it more 3-D. 

This is truly a magnificent key to life. It came at just the right moment when I wanted to know why my apparent lack would come within points of fulfilment but remain a lack for over 17 years. I now know it is the perfect blueprint for my positive. Thank you Rebbie

Article, Uncommon Gratitude As I sit here trying to find the right words to convey how I feel about this particular article it really leaves me speechless. I can however say that the Angels definitely feel what I feel because I have spiritual tingles that leave me breathless. I have been reading your articles and I am always moved in some way and each one seems to take me a little more deeper spiritually. You truly travel to that spiritual plane of articulation because I can find no other explanation for your exquisite writing. Thank you so much for your contribution to all of our spiritual growth. LoveL^i^ghtBlessings

The choice to focus our own inner light into "developing" any of our "negative frames" is truly a powerful act! Anyone who does this will witness a wonderful transformation in their inner "developing" process! "Uncommon gratitude" is certainly assured in that development! Thank You Rebbie! This is a most awesome technology! I consider it priceless! I Am in eternal gratitude! Chef - A man on the land in Northern California. ;^)




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