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Remote Inner Alignment Sessions

You can become more truly yourself
and experience greater 
Dr. Rebbie Straubing

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Physical Healing

". . .the most prevalent of the physical symptoms I've had for 8 months went totally away!!! . . . Thank you in galactic proportions!"




"My relationship with my daughter has been transformed, I can feel her love and respect in ways i never dreamed possible."



Emotional Healing

"I've been working on healing myself for decades but until you entered my life I could not get to the heart of my depression. It was the THING that ruled my life. 

"Now free from depression I am moving forward at last. I feel light in spirit and in body. I wake up happy and go to sleep happy. I am for the first time in my life happy with who I am and grateful to be here in this moment, every moment."




"Within the next two weeks, we came into approximately $2500 unexpectedly from various sources."



Once you begin your spiritual attunement
with YOFA
Inner Alignment Sessions, 
you'll instantly. . .

Feel empowered about your ability to heal


Gain compassion for yourself wherever you are

Begin to align with the greatest part of you

Release blocks that have been preventing your success

And much, much, much more. . .



Inner Alignment Sessions promote 
joyful harmonious expressiveness 
jhe) in your:





Spiritual Practice



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YOFA jhe Sessions

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Includes 8 YOFA jhe Sessions (remote inner alignment sessions) per month.


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Your initial charge will be $59. You will then be charged $59/month for as long as your membership remains active to a maximum of 99 months. You can cancel your membership at any time.

Inner Circle 

Includes 8 YOFA jhe Sessions (remote inner alignment sessions) per month plus advanced YOFA Training through online audio, live teleseminars, webcasts, and valuable bonuses not available elsewhere.


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Your initial charge will be $99. You will then be charged $99/month for as long as your membership remains active to a maximum of 99 months. You can cancel your membership at any time.

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 I provide advanced YOFA training for the Inner Circle Members.  Here are a couple of notes I've received from participants.

"Poster Child for $99 Level"

wanted you to know that i was on your teleconference last evening, and wanted to be a "poster child" for the $99/mth package along with the book (i am using both),  ....

you did explain your process beautifully... (would make a great hay house telecast!)...wanted you to know that the benefits i am receiving are beyond words....

also, was on the verge of an operation on my foot when i started with you in march, and the problem has cleared to the point that i do not feel any pain at all, so am reconsidering it (this cleared up the second week i was on the list)............thank you for using your own "jhe" to align with so many other souls ..... your consciousness is helping to make the world a healthier place.........



"The Answer to Everything"

Listen to a participant describe 
an Inner Circle Teleseminar.


"An 'aha' Moment"

"just a note of thanks for your time and energy last evening.. [at the bonus teleseminar for the Inner Circle]...will certainly be looking at all the "contrast " in my life now in a different light....

though i have read these words in the abraham material often, you were able to get message across so that i experienced an "aha" moment.."




"Thank you Rebbie! I really do feel so much better already. . . I have an injury . . . which causes me constant pain and sleepless nights, but it got better and better through the day yesterday and didn't hurt all night."


Spiritual Healing image

Dear Friend,

Spiritual healing (jhe) is a mysterious and sacred event.

It is a revelation of one's true nature.

It happens when we are aligned from within.

If a good amount of your energy, time, and resources are occupied with healing (physical, emotional, financial, or relationship healing), and you feel you are still missing an essential piece of puzzle, then I invite you to read further.

YOFA jhe Sessions are simple, easy, and instantly accessible.  Anyone can do this.  In fact, there is nothing for you to do.  You simply sign up and I do all the work.


"Yes, financial prosperity is definitely manifesting in our lives, right since the 24th and 25th!  As you said things are just dropping into our laps."



What is this?

This is an unusual offering, so please relax and explore this site. 

Most people would call YOFA jhe Sessions "distance healing" or "remote healing."

That makes sense because through focused attention, and using the system described in the book Rooted in the Infinite, I envision your alignment for the purpose of encouraging your healing. 

But I use different words to name and describe this process. Rather than calling this process "healing," I call it "jhe."  And the benefits are not limited to physical healing.  

The benefits that come naturally as a results of inner alignment include all the callings of your heart:

  • Financial abundance

  • Loving Relationships

  • Spiritual Awakening

  • Inner Peace

  • And much, much more.



"My relationship with my husband is better than it has ever been.  All aspects of my life appear to be coming together."



To best understand what YOFA jhe Sessions are all about, please read What is this? and the FAQ. Most of all, read what others have experienced with YOFA jhe Sessions on the results page.



"It has been a long time since I have felt as good as I have on the "good" days!!! I have been in chronic pain and physically limited after a fall 3 years ago, but have had some very good days throughout this and even came down stairs like a "normal" person a couple of times. I have needed less pain medication, and even went a day without any medication at all the first week....yee haw!!!" 



If you want the kind of results that can truly change your life, then I invite you to sign up now. You have a whole month to experience the sessions. If within the first 4 weeks you find that this is not working for you, just let me know and I'll refund your payment.

With Love and Appreciation,

Dr. Rebbie Straubing




"I've had two beautiful breakthroughs with income streams since your powerful financial treatment. A top rated promoter has taken me on to promote my consultations and a lady who has promised funds for my Medicine Horse Stables charity will have the first donation to me in about 10 days."



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"By now, you know that my story appears to be one of sudden and remarkable prosperity "



"You could stand here sick with ten illnesses today, and tomorrow have no evidence of any of them. Your body has the ability to replenish itself that fast. But most of you do not have the ability to change your thoughts that fast. So the amount of time that it takes between sickness and wellness is only the amount of time that it takes for me to figure out how to let it in ..."

-- Abraham-Hicks Atlanta, GA, November 4th, 2000 


YOFA jhe Sessions are a service of for Spiritual Healing