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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is jhe?

Does this really work?

How is it done?

Will I feel anything?

What do I have to do?

Will I get lessons or recordings?

What is jhe?

jhe is short for "Joyful Harmonious Expressiveness."

It is the state of your body, mind, and emotions when all systems are functioning optimally.  Most people call this health.  
They call the journey to this state healing.

I am using a different word for this same journey and destination.

The jhe Sessions can be called healing sessions, but I prefer the language that points uncompromisingly to the desired state:

Joyful Harmonious Expressiveness (jhe)

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Does this really work?

The principle of bringing yourself into alignment and allowing Law of Attraction to bring the fulfillment of your desires, works 

Since this is how YOFA jhe Sessions work, this process 
produces results in most cases.  

As is true with all conventional as well as energy based approaches, nothing works 100% of the time.

As is also the case, as we even find with our daily vitamins and such, at times it is hard to tell if it is really doing anything.  Other times, or when we first start, we may feel a noticeable difference.

How will you know if this is working for you?

3 Basic Ways:

(1) You will notice a "lightness."  This seems to be the most frequently reported awareness that people have of the sessions. It also tends to be the first thing people notice when they sign up.


(2) Your symptoms or conditions may go away.

==> You may feel a reduction in pain.

==> You may start clearing away clutter.  

==> You may finish projects that have been blocked for a long time.

==> You may notice a harmony in previously difficult relationships.

==> Money may start flowing to you.


(3) You may not "feel" anything.  You may not see any instant change in your condition.  You may simply sense a resonance with this approach and feel an intuitive confidence in giving it some time to see if it will work for you.  Some things can take a longer time than others.  Please only participate if you feel really good about the process and feel open to the possibility of great "jhe."  It may take a while to see results.

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How is it done?

The best way to get the whole story on how I do this is to get the book.

In the book Rooted in the Infinite, I present a system that I call 
The Yoga of Alignment or YOFA®.

This system reveals the relationship between consciousness and 
the 3 dimensions in which we live.  

It lays bare the metaphysical counterparts of each dimension and shows how we participate in the creation of each now simply by living in a physical body.

Also, in this book, I offer a system of preparation for meditation that ultimately becomes meditation in and of itself.

What does all this have to do with YOFA jhe Sessions?

  • When I do these jhe Sessions, I am funneling my years of practicing this system into a session for you. 

  • I am applying my intimacy with these principles to an intention for your healing.  I am doing it for you.  

  • I am practicing inner alignment on your behalf.

If that seems strange to you, well, at first it did to me, too.

But after seeing the power of this method, and feeling the outpouring of gratitude from those who received the jhe Sessions, I decided not to argue with results. 

You can achieve a better understanding of how it all works
by reading the book.

Also, you can accelerate your results by doing the exercises described in the Practice Section of Rooted in the Infinite.  This will bring you into more focused resonance with what I am doing for you.  

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Will I feel anything?

I wish I could guarantee that you will feel immediate relief of your pain.  And you may.  Many have.  But I can't guarantee that you will. Participants have reported overcoming varied obstacles and achieving a spectrum of valuable manifestations.  You can read many of their comments here.  

So, will you feel anything?  

You may feel a "lightness."  You may feel a sense of happiness.  You may feel a relief of pain.

But the most significant feeling to notice is this:


  • If you feel resonant with the idea of what you are reading here, whether or not you experience noticeable results right away, that is a good sign.  

  • If you feel good reading about the jhe Sessions, that is a good sign.  

  • If you have been reading Rooted in the Infinite and it speaks to your inner knowing, that is a good sign.  

  • If you feel any of these indicators of resonance, you are feeling the most important thing to feel in order to benefit from this offering.

What if you don't?

If you don't like the idea of the jhe Sessions, or the presentation, or anything about it bothers you, please do not participate.  

If it rings true to you, please sign up.  
I look forward to posting your miracle stories. 

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What do I have to do?


Just sign up.

I do it all.

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Will I get lessons or recordings?

If you sign up for the "Active" membership level, you will receive email updates from me with some extra ideas about how you can contribute to your jhe process.  But there is nothing you need to read or listen to.  All you do is sign up and look for improvements.

If you sign up for the "Inner Circle" level of membership you will receive advances training materials.

If you want to learn more and practice yourself, everything you need to know is in the book.

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