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Wow, *that* was it...! Didn't know what was happening today - was just writing to a friend that I feel like sitting in the eye of a storm while my inner space is being swept clean of any & all old convictions or worries I used to have, as if layer after layer is being peeled off until I reach my core, and even then this process goes on until my core is hollow & empty so that the wind can pass through it. Had a deep emotional clearing tonight. It was an 'Aha Erlebnis' when your e-mail just came in.

Thanks very much for the work you're doing; I've been reading the first pages of the sample chapter of your book & intend to buy the complete book soon.

Love, light & a beautiful year to you,


I knew you had already started, thanks, you must have felt my gratitude.

Today I ran out to pick up a few things from grocery store. On the way back home stopped at Subway to pick up lunch. Came out and car would not start. Any other time I would have been in a panic - wondering what is wrong with my car - let me get a wrecker. However, I just remained calm - asked Subway personnel if I could leave my car there until I found a wrecker service. Then I called my cousin to come pick me up. While waiting for my ride noticed an Oil Change sign about 10 feet from the Subway store. I was literally 10 feet from a Firestone store. Walked down there and filled out a work order form to check out my car. Before my cousin arrived to pick me up Firestone mechanics came to take a look at my car. It did start after several attempts - but I told them to take it down to the garage to check it out. Never once did I have a panic or anxiety attack. Arrived home in a state of peace. 

Thanks very much, Rebbie. I can say that I've been battling [various]  infections and I feel much better today.

Thanks! I actually felt a real lift .. I felt less dense and coagulated, which was quite a gift for me right now.


Signed on yesterday for this next session. After experiencing severe pain in elbow and shoulder for 48 hours prior to signing, I awoke this morning to find much relief. Able to use arm with no discomfort. Looking forward to further balance and harmony. Blessing and Peace for this new year. 


I am happy to report that I was finally ready to let go of a lot of past relationships, pain and negativity.
I wrote a letter to each person I wanted to forgive or ask forgiveness from. I thanked them for the wonderful memories.
Then I burned all the letters and let all the old negative connections go up in smoke.
I felt much freer and lighter
I definitely feel more powerful and ready to create what I want in my life in 2007. What a great way to start the New Year!
Thank you.

Thanks for JHE must be adding to my experience because I have felt very joyful ...........thank you for this added excitement.............


I'm ready for a new start and the last two days are a great beginning. Wonderful things are happening
Thank you. 


I find myself speaking up when I don't understand and/or am disappointed in my current significant other's behavior. In past relationships, I'd just stuff it and stew. I'm finding it easier to speak up for myself, hopefully, without attack toward the other, and gain clarity instead of being at the mercy of my own imagination.


Since joining this YOFA jhe experiment two days ago I have felt lighter and more optimistic than I have in months. I finished reading "Rooted in the Infinite" last week and have begun reading it again, doing the meditation exercises this time. This is my usual way of studying; quickly read the entire text first for the overall sense of what can be gained from it, and if I'm still excited, then read more slowly a second time while doing whatever exercises are given. Rebbie, your book is beautifully thought out, and what you present is in complete accord with my objectives. I'm deeply grateful to you!


People are falling away from my life like dragon scales -- 3 in the past couple of months. While I know this is a good sign of a shift and personal growth, it requires emotional adjustment.

I have managed to see this as perfect, to let go of anger, resentment, and even sadness, and enjoy the lighter feeling of having released relationships I have outgrown.

Thank you, Rebbe, for your support.


Hello Rebbie,
Have just downloaded chapter one and begun reading it. Thank you.
I have meditated for many years and strive to gain clarity in my life. Have developed a considerable of peace and stillness as I walk my life. 
However my humility, need to be LIKED and wish not to hurt others often lead me not to be as effective in my work as I could be. Last night I encountered one of my long term very troubled clients, in her usual state of flux. I was able to combine what I would consider brutal honesty with loving support. By the end of the hour and a half session she had gained much more clarity and understanding with her predicament feeling ready and renewed to face the challenges of her life. 
On a personal front in the last few days I have polished off 6 case studies for my Reiki 3A mastership, which I have needed to do since August.
A relationship with a loved one is moving from just acceptable to loving once more after many years of being on the borderline. I find myself not biting back and saying little kind things and the other is responding in kind. No great revalations just a definate shift in myself to even more clarity and peace within. Definately less strife mmmm. Good stuff.

During the Christmas period, I had a minor health problem which was had been lingering. Yesterday the 1st of January, I noticed that the problem had disappeared completely out of my body. My 4 month old baby had something similar and this has also cleared up. Thanks a million Rebbie.

I have felt such an incredible amount of joy. It is as though I have been reborn and am experience a "newness" to life.

Thank You and Happy New Year and Blessings to You.


Dearest Rebbie,
Thank you so much, you are a beautiful gift for humanity. I am once again connecting to that profound inner peace that has been missing this past year due to my own much needed work. Love your book. A friend had introduced me to Abraham a couple of years ago and then you re-affirmed that connection. Looking back, I can see how those teachings have manifested in my life to where I am today. 
Love, Light & Blessings,

In the past, I have often been so concerned with what other people might think, that I temper my own actions. Exhortations to "be a good girl" run through my mind, but I am more powerful than some passive little dolly. Lately, I've been sitting in the center of my power and I feel like a Queen at court, with people dancing around and trying to curry my favor. I know that I am wothy and I feel so free, and so light and so HAPPY! 
I thank you from the center of my heart, Rebbie!

Love and Light and happy new year!

Hi Rebbie

I am sending you
Love, blessings and appreciation for your gift.

An emotional and very difficult situation that has been in my life for some time is resolving. Dissolving? I have been asking for help, and wrote God a letter the other day ( a nice tip from the lovely Kari Joys I got at Pass Along Concepts). Then my partner told me he had subscribed to your JHE experiment, something I had been invited to do as well, but somehow felt it was a bit much for me to expect more help from you and at no cost. So I chose again and signed up. Well, I continued to ask for help and for the previous two days a lot of fear had surfaced and was brought to the light. But it was a bit risky for having this fear surface brought its own problems leaving me worried that my partner was going to get cross with me (he doesn't!) But then this morning, I felt lighthearted (something I have "missed" and have been asking to experience again) I was messing about and singing rubbish ditties to the dogs and having FUN . I then went to meditate for a while. I noticed immediately that the person with whom I have been "stuggling" has as much fear as I do over our financial issues, and is probably just as frightened as I am that he won't have "enough". Somehow that moment of realisation was very balancing, very empowering and calming. I recognised its power. And then I remembered that I signed up to the experiment only last night. So my letter to God was answered, as all prayers are. I continue to reap enormous benefits from having invited you into my life Rebbie, and my Gratitude to you for all your loving skills and help is infinite. 


Hi Rebbie,

And while the skeptic in me says that I don't actually know exactly what time you started this latest jhe... another knows that such things probably are trancendant of space and time anyways... but while time and synchronicity probably does matter, I felt a change come on especially on 1/1/07 around 9.30-10am central... that I would call a rebirth of mental coherence... a clearing of the clouds... that a very troubling and continuous dullness of clarity, clouds ... they are beginning to lift now..

Thank you so much for your "lightwork..." Similar to the power and transference ability of smiles... (the way one smile travels many miles) your jhe work heard about travels like the light of the rising sun at light speed across loved ones.. In a recent meditation upon my newly refound (jhe facilitated) coherence... collected [consciousness], while thinking of you... my entire family became one with me again for the first time in many years and I sent everyone the healing light

Can't this find its way to the EGGS (collective consciousness coherence, random number generator experiments at princeton)!!? Are you familiar with this?

Although my calling/direction seems to remain mysterious, maybe this is the point. That I should write from my neverland. I have a part to play in this great mystery...

Thank You Rebbie
p.s. Your timing is impeccable too.

Last night I got a call from a man offering me a job at about a 50% increase in pay...I'm willing to say that your session had something to do with it.

Dear Rebbie,
This is my second session of jhe. What a joy! Each time, somewhere between the 2nd and 3rd days, a burst of joy explodes in me. It seems like I am finally in harmony, in peace, a beloved child of universe. And it hepls me achieve some goals, pass some ordeals, much easier than I imagined. Thank you!
May the universe bless you and everyone in this group...

It has started, the clouds are lifting and the essence is flowing....
So hard to explain..
light dawning
thickness thinning
from struggling in muddles to splashing in puddles
suddenly remembering about the things in life that I love and want.... 
since I cannot say enuff look for my future fluff
AND spread the light and enjoin heaven here where it is...

Hi Rebbie,

Thank you for the healing sessions. I noticed the effects of the energy the most on New Years Eve. I feel as if I've been riding a wave of joy & empowerment. 

Thank you so much Rebbie for this wonderful gift. I am going through a time with my 18 y.o. daughter that would normally send me through the roof. I have been very calm in my spirit and able to speak the truth in a loving way to her. Thank you so much.
In love and light,


Dear Rebbie,
Full moon greetings and blessings to you with my heartfelt gratitude for these YOFA jhe sessions.

My sprained foot is healing well and I feel lighter and brighter. No anxiety attacks in the middle of the night and improved relationships. 

Thank you so much for this latest prosperity session. Blessings . May the good work you do return to you tenfold. 

love and light in all dimensions !


wow! I'm definitely experiencing more harmony in my primary relationship!

There is a calmness that I am really appreciating. I had terrible dreams ... last night. that usually hangs over me like a dark cloud the next day. today i am smiling ... a lot. this kind of thing is not very word friendly. namaste char


Hi Rebbie your an angel,
something beautiful is happening, a feeling of joy, coming out into the light after a period of darkness. A feeling of hope coming into my life again.
sending you love and angel blessings.

Thanks for increasing the Z!! Love the increased clarity and silence. Also, I've been waiting over a year for a project to fund and there is indication we will be able to at least begin next week. Will report back. . Dawn Macaskill
CEO of Healing Technologies Corporation


At first I thought it was just coincidence because I have been working on removing my resistance, following the Abraham teachings, but it's not. New Years's eve day & night went so smoothly & great for me, which doesn't usually happen. Then, today, a coworker snapped & snarled at me & after a very brief moment I noticed I was letting it go & laughing...... & really feeling good about not being affected by her attitude. I just blew it off & I have NEVER been able to do that without a lot of self talk, affirmations & hard work. Rebbie, something's happening!!!!!
Thank you so much, Mary


Hi Rebbie,
You can't imagine how grateful I am to have you sending me this "jhe" energy at this time. I have a wonderful relationship that has manifested recently in my life, and I am hoping to move closer to where she lives, which is a beautiful rural area with a lake.
When you write that you are increasing the "Z" axis for more manifestation and prosperity, that's exactly what I want to happen now. 
Have already given notice to move out from my current apartment complex and am giving thanks for my new job in a new rural area. Please continue to support me in that.
Wishing you all the love and happiness that you can handle in 2007!

Hi Rebbie,
I just spent the last four days with my 84 year old mom and 2 brothers (one who is not clean & sober) and was able to maintain neutrality during most discussions which is a great step forward for me.
I think this is a direct result of the sessions.
Thank you,

I joined the sessions on 1/2. I didn't notice anything such as physical or emotional sensations, but a few hours later that same day I was invited to be a part of a Mastermind group. I felt very excited because I have been wanting to manifest new friendships and align myself with those of like mind/interests. So when I got your email saying to look for new and beneficial relationships I thought "Hmmm!"

I have also noticed that I look younger, or maybe it's just that my face seems more relaxed and less "pinched" from stress. I have an art opening tomorrow and usually I would be wound pretty tight with nervous energy, but I am actually feeling calm-- looking forward to it but not putting any weighty expectations on it at the same time. Good stuff! I must buy your book to see what this is all about! Thanks so much!

I'm not sure there is a word in existence that reflects what I've been feeling. I have never felt so calm in my life. I've been looking at things from a different perspective. This is going to be a great journey. 

Thanks, Rebbie. Love and light to you!

haven't noticed prosperity nor relaitonship change - BUT yesterday I had to work 11 hours straight, and wasn't completely dead afterwards !!

Today I deliberately let my husband sleep in and did the morning routine with the kids on my own. Typically I wouldn't and would be very testy with him that he wasn't helping, lol!

I only got a little out of sorts for a moment when their was frost on the car and I had to move the truck to get out of the driveway. but I easily remembered that all is well and just did what needed to be done, with much less angst than in the past. 

I feel I am more centered and my conncetion to Source is clearer. So I'm happier which makes everyone around me freer to be who they are. Thanks Rebbie!

With love and great appreciation,

Dear Rebbie,
I think there must be something to YOFA. I find myself laughing more easily, and I am more outgoing and friendly at work. The world just seems to be a happier place since I joined your YOFA jhe circle. I will definitely be buying your book. 

well, whatever you are doing, keep doing it. They are now talking about a promotion here at my current job!

I experienced a moment today...of pure bliss. An intense feeling of letting go to a long standing matter in my life. Reggie, thank you for your generous spirit and sharing your true purpose with others. Namaste.


Thanks, Rebbie, for your very positive intentions and prompting us all to have the same. I do feel lighter and have had exceptional family times. Much gratitude from me to the Universe Father and Mother Spirit and all of our unseen friends. Also much gratitude to all people, beings, truth, beauty and goodness on this very planet!!

Thank you with the deepest of gratitude. Unequaled happiness to you Rebbie for your energy and the sharing of that energy I feel blessed and aided. Just knowing that you have included me has opened me up to receive the gift of all that is. I am getting out of my own way and sense that blessings are dropping around me like rose petals.
May you feel the golden light of upliftment and grace.
In the light Kim.

Hi Rebbie,
just a note to let you know all is well. As I understand all good is for me. So Thank you for bringing more of a great life to me. I'm feeling a greater peace inside knowing all is well.


I just have to say that I feel detached from the everyday annoyances and distractions. I feel calmer and more at peace. There is a sense of lightness, of relief. Thank you so much!


finding and mostly feeling the truth bumbs, as i call them run smoothly threw me ,a smile i have not seen in years ,so much thanks, so much graditude, thank you rebbie


I do feel as though I am more relaxed about the trials and tribulations that have come my way. I have been reading the book without doing the exercises at the moment; I find it all so very interesting. Thank you for all of this!

Rebbie, I have found the most inner peace in my everyday life and little things that would get my attention just seem to float away. Along with your book and the the affirmative contemplation cd I have really experienced who I am and can say thank you to myself for the affirmation. You are certainly helping with your being their for so many of us. Namaste

As soon as I signed up, I felt a relief, or I should say a release. I am not quite sure of what, but the feeling was very welcome. I Knew that some loving thing had happened to me in that moment. I am looking forward to the next, and the next. Thank you Rebbie for being you and for sharing yourself with all of us.
Blessed Be,

WoW!!!!!!!! Well I'm seeing people around me are getting the over Flow this is so awesome for me and yes for them. So what ever you are doing for us it's wonderful. Thank you for giving us more of Life. Today I could say, I am at Home in the Universe.

I feel & know your jhe sessions are wonderful, & am grateful to be a recipient. Currently, a lot of (to many) things going on. I find your sessions a beautiful blessing. Also, I have found while leading my Yoga class, the effects reverberate; a truly beautiful experience. I hope the same is true for you & your jhe sessions. 

In gratitude,

Today is January 5, and I KNOW you worked on the Y axis today! My mind feels as though it has been vacuumed and had its windows washed. My body is standing straighter and taller, and I feel a calmness as though many nagging little voices had been stilled. Bless you, Rebbie!


A sense of dark clouds somewhat dispersing .. bringing emotional backlog up in my dreams and, then during the day, spaces where I can see the blue sky. Feel supported in getting back my meditations. I'm making little steps .. allowing for adjustments. I intend to order the book soon and to continue to work with this - a great tool for 2007. Thank you Rebbie .. blessings


This is the second time for me on this experiment. I was so excited that you were offering it again. Last time I noticed that even after the experiment was completed, I continued to feel more calm than I had in the past. 

I have had so much going on over the past week, and normally I would go right into anxiety mode. However, I have been able to remain amazingly calm through this rollercoaster, and I thank you with all my heart. there are times when I think I am not feeling anything, then I step back and look at how I have been reacting differently and I realize how helpful this experiment is. Many blessings to you for offering it. everything just seems so much more clear, and I know that things that need to be worked out will work themselves out.

Things appear more subtle in this second jhe session, for me. I do feel lighter, with a better ability to get out of my own way in healing several things in my life. Thanks for the book. I am enjoying it.


Hi Rebbie,
All I can say is AMAZING!

Everything I have done this week from work to chores has been so smooth it's like all opposition to my being has been transmuted and dissolved into light, illumination and love. And my resultant attitude is to be full of joy instead of impatience.

Clerks in the stores smile and go out of their way to be of service, Long lines I was in to check out of grocery store, library, department stores and the post office seem to melt away, or a new line forms and I'm first in line! Items I am looking for are on sale and the right size. Parking places
appear out of the blue right next to the store I want to go in. Work assignments that usually bore me out of my skull just seem to get done with little effort.

To live life on this level is really amazing. I love it. Core health issues are still evident and symptoms still happening, but I don't seem to be so stressed about them. Hopefully they will disappear too in the near future.
My gratitude is galactic! Thank you.

Dear Rebbie:

It's 7:30 am EST and you must be busily sending out your love rays.:>) Seriously, I just received a wonderful
wave of uplifting energy and I thought about you, so I'm writing. I have been interested in your work for a
little while now (since May 2006)but only now am I
experiencing the depth of it.

I have been unemployed for about 10 months and it has been extremely trying. I'm 50ish and never finished my college coursework to get my BS (Chemistry), so things sometimes get really annoying when looking for a job. It's like I keep silently screaming " Hey guys, I'm just as intelligent and dynamic. I just don't have the
degree". Well needless to say this doesn't work.
Additionally, I've been a member of this Spiritual Path
for over 30 years now and I can't even levitate! :>)
Joking aside, I have assessed that I should be significantly further along in my unfoldment than I am. So, our time for parting seems imminent. My goal is Full Realization and I will not allow anything to deter me, even my beloved Path. Your jhe sessions come at an important phase of my growth. I just recently decided to become responsible for my growth and not allow a "Master or Spiritual Leader" to guage when I'm ready. All things come from Source and once we learn to walk we have no need for a crutch. I have claimed my complete realization, my fully aware state of consciousness. Now things seem to be moving in a positive direction because I am manifesting
them that way
. It's strangely simple and perversely difficult at the same time. But along came you and the Abraham/Hicks Light and I am seeing without limit.

I could go on, but I wanted to let you know that you are significant in the development of a large number of
souls. Please continue with your efforts in the Great
Works because we all benefit. I appreciate you Rebbie
and .....

Thank you with Love,

A Male Participant

I feel like an advertisement for your statement "manifesting things you have wanted for a long time".

Is 40 years long enough? I finally stumbled onto the secret to controlling my bodies weight. This feels like healing to me.

Thank you so much.

Hi Rebbie, Thank you. I had two things I wanted to tell you about. First of all I have had such clarity about decisions I had to make. Also, On Jan.4th a tornado, which caused a great deal of destruction and two deaths, passed yards away from my home and we have no damage. I feel that in some way the energy you send helped to protect my family. Thank you, Kathy

This is an amazing experience. As soon as I signed up, I notice a wonderful change within me. I could feel all my organs just tingling and I suddenly was able to move past the mental blocks on my projects. I just felt less fearful and more confident. Thank you so much for this amazing experience. ps. I think signing up with the first and last name makes a big difference.

Dear Rebbie

Thank you for these sessions. I signed up on Wed 3 Jan. On Thurs and Fri, especially in the mornings, I found everything very funny, and laughed my head off at anything.

I truly did feel the energy of the jhe and I grateful for the help....I loved what I felt.....and still do.

Amazing! I am feeling much less dependent on the normal poisons in my life!

Not sure what is happening with the energy flows. So many facets of my life right now are in chaos and yet all I feel is a steady river when in reality there should be rapids. Amazing - simply amazing!!! Have never known such a true sense of peace. Started with the first YOFA conference in December. Thanks, Rebbie...... Amazing - simply amazing!!!


Thank you so much, Rebbie. I have registered my family for it as well. May God bless you. I was feeling very tired in the morning our time and then suddenly I felt fresh air and it relaxed me....... even during last week, I was so busy trying to help my friend, I could feel it. Thanks for your help. I feel more postive and talk postive things now.....


Hi Rebbie,
Thank you for the work you are doing. Things are going well. Last weekend I had a great art opening and some sales....

Best wishes

Hi everyone, i'm writing from Istanbul, Turkey. I was introduced to your sessions at a very critical time in my life where i have to make important decisions and critical moves. Until now, things have gone pretty smooth and i believe its because of you dear Rebbie! I am hopefull about the future, thanks Rebbie... I feel so spoiled, i want this all my life! ;) :)

Hi Rebbie:

After responding to you initially, I wanted to offer something to the blog community. I have noticed so many wonderful things happening since you started the JHE sessions for the month and we're only on the 9th. How awesome is that? You know I've always wanted to be able to levitate or fly...maybe by 1/31?

Yesterday was filled with these situations that continually went in my favor. I went to 5 different businesses and each of them wanted to save me money or be very gracious toward me. I don't know about you but for me that's a great day! I'm even experiencing more love, affection and playful-ness in my marriage. Consequently, there's more romance.

I've found that acknowledging these wonders and being genuinely grateful to All Life keeps the channel open to these day to day miracles. It's like ....I am, You are, God is! We are all One!
Thanks for letting me share.

A Grateful Male Participant :>),


Dear Rebbie,

I would describe the effect as sitting on a warm rock in the sunlight with a waterfall cascading beside me and the sunlight reflecting off the water ...encompassing me with a feeling of hope as I turn my face to the heavens...

Thank you!

Thank you, Rebbie! I am experiencing more ease in my life and in my body/mind. I am likening what you are doing to a lighthouse - sending out its light in the darkness. It feels to me like a beacon - calling to me, reminding me of who I REALLY am & where it is that I am wanting to go, wanting to be. It is assisting me in staying in alignment. And I am most grateful for your generosity of spirit in offering this. 


Rebbie always resonates the next, fuller dimensional experience of energy for me. The graphic of the figure in mediation at the invitation to this jhe 


Dear Rebbie:

Thank you for these sessions! There are some health issues that have been quite a challenge for me since last spring. Accupuncture has helped me, and your jhe sessions too. Right after your first session, the physical symptoms seemed to "lighten up", and I felt more peaceful and hopeful. It's a wonderful feeling!

Every time I received your email about another jhe session you did, I said a silent thank-you to you, and always felt more at peace afterwards. Thank you so much!


After spending most of my career (30 years) feeling bogged down, trapped, and stressed in various work environments, I just landed a fabulous job 3 weeks ago. I am finally out of the office and traveling with double the income! Its taken me a while, but I've learned to be in gratitude no matter where I work or what I do which "lets the water flow". Its the key to releasing the flow of life force in our spiritual, mental, and physical lives. This leads to JOY. I am thankful for the opportunity to serve. The YOGA of Alignment has assisted me in manifesting my heart's desire - the pure heart's desire which opens doors and widows to freedom, success, good works, wisdom, loving relationships with friends and family, and becoming a master of living in the light. Thank you Rebbie!!!! 

Blessed Morning to you Rebbie
From my morning readings and my prayers through meditation I was grateful for letting go of the old grudges, the old hurts, the feelings that I cannot use any more from old situations. I meditated on releasing that last bit of resistance opening my heart and soul to the abundance of the universe. ..............Then the first email I opened was your YOFA jhe session. How do I put it into words of gratitude that will convey the synchronicity of this moment: from the lower world through the middle world and all the way to the upper world of my existence Thank YOU.  
Feeling it today - the sweeping away of obstacles.
May the force be with everyone today and more peace than pain in their hearts like mine.

Happy New Year and thank you. For the first time in a very long period, I feel a renewed hope in life and a reconnection to my heart.



Dear Rebbie:

Thank you so much for sending out this email to me, the phrase "I did a session for your today" made me cry - I couldn't stop tears rolling down my face, tears of joy really. Somehow it made me feel cared for in a very deep way.
I went back to the email several times before I discovered the trigger of this powerful fantastic joyful emotion.

Thanks again,

Yes, I definitely am aware that the energy/vibration is around and in my life, much stronger than usual. Yesterday at 10am or 10:15 I experienced a sensation that was so different from anything I have ever experienced before. The thing is I was driving and could not really go where it was taking me, I would have loved to have been in a quiet place to let it flow more thoroughly... Hey I just got your book and can't wait to get into it. I feel better than ever and am experiencing a huge amount of clarity. Thank you for all you do


Rebbie, I am feeling lighter, and more at peace. After reading a few of the other posts, all I can say is Ditto, Ditto, Ditto, to all that has been experienced.


Hi Rebbie - I am so thankful for these sessions that you do. While I have no health issues to report, I have been significantly stagnated in my personal growth toward enlightment. I knew this and could not get beyond the procrastination stage and it was always "i'll get to it tomorrow" whether is was reading your book, a meditation, reiki, exercise . . . you get the picture, and I am finally seeing myself and feeling myself lighter and ready to face the changes that I've been putting off. Blessings, Kathy


I just got an African jambi drum this past Sunday, and I was part of this totally awesome drumming night in Placerville, CA, when Neptune crossed my Aquarius rising on Jan. 6th, completing a 165-year cycle.
I kid you not, it was happening, with drummers who had never been together before, playing like they had been together for years. 
I feel that the 'jhe' only increased this amazing event, and one can find out more about it at
We closed the evening with everyone "oming" in a circle and and that chant ended magically, all together at the same time, with no outer signal. Wow! Amazing. I am so glad that I am in harmony with the cosmos!
I feel that the "jhe" energy increased my experience of being in alignment with this amazing cosmic event.
So, thank you, thank you, thank you.
Also, my love relationship is getting better and better, as we deepen our spiritual connection with each other. I am so happy and grateful for this relationship.
In another example of the "jhe," I was hiking down by the American River outside of Sacramento here, when suddenly up in the wooded path in front of me, I saw Mama deer and doe about 50 feet in front of me. I just stood there, silently watching them. They stood there, with their heads up, and just kept on checking me out as I sent them thoughts of love. It lasted several minutes before they gently ambled up a hillside to munch on some grass. Wild deer usually don't let people get that close for that long. Wow!
So, keep the "jhe" coming. I read one share about a very good job offer. Well, I am ready for that to happen for me now!
Om shanti, om shanti, om shanti.


For the past 3 days I can actually get out of bed without wishing that I could just stay there a little longer!

This is improving the quality of my life.

I am also starting to do things that I kept on postponing. What an achievement! Thanks


Thank you so very much. I have found keys to solving two major problems that I have struggled with for at least 40 years. They appeared the first week in January. Since I don't believe in coinsidences, I feel very grateful to you.

Dear Rebbie,
Things started happening for me as soon as I experienced the Ancestral/Heal Your Heart call. Since that time I'm continually getting better, (no more depression). I've been working on healing myself for decades but until you entered my life I could not get to the heart of my depression. It was the THING that ruled my life.
Now free from depression I am moving forward at last. I feel light in spirit and in body. I wake up happy and go to sleep happy. I am for the first time in my life happy with who I am and grateful to be here in this moment, every moment.  I look forward to becoming who I am meant to be and acomplishing all that I intended to do when I came into this life.
The healing you offered the Ancestors is phenomenal and received with much thanks and gratitude! I feel them around me, forgiving and loving me.  By this unselfish act on your part, it allows so many Nations to heal in a way never before possible. Surrounded in this love and gratitude I am encouraged to keep moving forward. 
Yesterday I was finally able to listen to the recorded healing session. It took me right back to that moment, allowing me to confirm all I had experienced. You have given a truly magnificent gift in The Ancestral Healing. Thank you Rebbie for your Great Love of Humanity. There are many people who have a love for others.  That I am aware of there are but a handful who give in the unselfish and loving manner that you do.
Grateful to know you,
Donna in California 

Dear Rebbie, from the first day on I felt very happy and rich. Today was a strange day because I was so strong and powerful and clear about what I should say and do, even when not all the people around me were so happy with it. 
Thank you so much


Sunday and monday morning I seemed to be having a tough time coping with things that came up. But later in the day on monday, I felt a renewing of the calming feeling around me. thanks again!

I joined last week and have been happy to trust, as usual (!) that I am receiving the benefits even though I am not as sensitively aware of specific energies as some people!
However when I saw that your report on today's session mentioned 'blue sky' I had to smile: I work on reception at an Osteopathic practice and today several people have come in feeling moany and down about the weather, dull grey skies and rain. I have reminded each of them that even though it looks miserable out of the window, up above the clouds there is dazzling blue sky and sunshine and we only have to use our imagination to picture it and recapture the warm, sparkling energies! So I have been spreading the rays of sunshine that your have been gifting to us all, Thanks in Gratitude, Chris 


Dear Rebbie,

THANKS for the quick reply & the new-info.
As each day goes by, I do feel gentle physical + internal re-alignments that I do not know how to describe through the spoken-word.

Yes...there is a sense of easy-ness, flowing-sensations + inner-peace;
a sense of a new inter-dimensional-confidence
a more clear-confined-dialogue with One-Self, 
a new conceptual-telepathic-conversation with others that is becoming mentally more clari-visual than before (which, one can not ignore any longer, because it's just becoming silently-louder in One's  Inner-Intelligence-Golden-Chamber).

Ah...I just noticed that I am becoming more fluent when writing words.
Creativity is blooming like Spring through the Winter-Season.

Something is ABSOLUTELY shifting in a very Big-Golden-Way...

THANK you THANK you THANK you!!! 
With Great-Love, Joanna


Hi Rebbie,

Thanks for your work and prompting my intentions. I get the "blue sky" feeling. I have met many new people this past couple of weeks. There have been many smiles and conversations of truth, beauty and goodness. I have accomplished a huge task of writing an innovation program thru the college for individual adults affected by Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder. Creating an FASD friendly town!! Thanks for your energy flow and divine intention intervention.

Three amazing divine order things happened to me today. I went to Yoga - picked up an angel card before class and the message was an answer to a disturbing dream I had Sun. night. This morning I had prayed that my purpose be made real clear, (I am strongly interested in being a holistic medicine practioner) a Healing Touch practioner sat next to me. She never comes to that class.

The third amazing that occurred today... I usually take a change of clothes to Yoga with me to change for work. Today I forgot them so I had to go back home. On the way back I was thinking about a friend whose friendship had really helped me and she had moved. When I got home there was a message on my answering machine that she would be in my area the next day and she wanted to meet.


Thanks for your good works, i felt relieved knowing someone somewhere cares about me and my family round the world.
Keep on shining.


Blessings to you Rebbie

I diffently felt the work today. I felt like floating. I was singing and felt very uplifted. I really didn't relate it to your work until you wrote and said you had done a session on me today. what a joy it is to smile and feel good. What ever your doing keep it up. its working!!

Namaste, Brenda


Rebbie since I started these sessions I have been feeling inner peace I 've been going through some hard times the past 5-6 years financially which is probaly the worst but also in my relationship which I had to bring to and end thank-you rebbie for being my inspiration I have a cd i listen to of yours over and over when I need to stay positive and focused . Thank You for being an angel of mine!!!!!!!!!!!

Dear Rebbie,
I feel wonderful. I feel like I am very peaceful. I have stopped getting angry and I remain happy always. I feel like no more obstacles in life.
Thanks a lot. 

Like the first experiment, I'm feeling very peaceful, productive and happy. Over the weekend, my husband and I did a major clean-up of our house. I thought afterwards that I was really looking forward to whatever was going to manifest in the space we created and cleared. We have had three kids in three years, and had not had the finances or energy to paint the main part of our house. The day after we cleaned out, a new friend, who's a great house painter, offered to help us paint our house- starting tomorrow! I'm ecstatic!

Thank you for all you've done to help us be in the flow! I am profoundly grateful.

I felt a huge sense of accomplishment today at work!!!!

Dear Rebbie

Since signing on four days ago I have noticed a building of energy and focus. This was slight at first, not as dramatic as that which I experienced in November, so thought perhaps I wasn't as tuned in as I usually am. But one doesn't necessarily need to be hit over the head, so to speak, for positive changes to begin. And that's what has been occurring, tiny positive movements toward wholeness. Then this morning around 8 or 9 I felt a sense of joy in my being, then forgot about it. Things fell into place effortlessly today. This afternoon from about 4 and continuing until now (almost 9 p.m.) I feel glowing, radiant, alive, very joyful and exceedingly blessed to be a part of the jhe experiment. 

Thank you for directing the Light of Love to all who are open to receive. Please know that you are included in my circle of healing light as well. 

Well I certainly have felt a pulsing in my Solar plexus and around the area of my heart. I am sleeping better and feel a wonderful sense of well being.
Thank you to infinity for your creative energy work on my behalf and everyone. I know that it is upifting me and those around me.
In deep love and gratitude
Kim Haley

Appreciating all help given. I notice lessening of pain, clarity of mind and thought, increased ability to organize and get to areas needing that, greater usage of other methods that assist ie meditations, eft, etc. greater peacefulness with all global and personal issues, thank you so much !!

thank u in the last two weeks my clients have gone from couple a month too 6 last week and 4 already booked this week which is just what i been wanting. also i am no longer scared of what i am capeable of. i am a clairvoyant, spiritual healer and have been acheiving results in my sessions that just astound me thank u for all your help i have also made my aura sprays which i have been talking about for the last 6 months and am extremely happy with the results THANK U 

Hi Rebbie
Thank you so much for your wonderful jhe sessions.
Since New Year's Eve I have noticed my mood becoming more positive and optimistic and I have less concerns about decisions I need to make about my career path.
A chiropractic session I had last week also seemed more beneficial than usual and a long standing problem was resolved.

Thank you so much for doing these sessions. I felt so happy and energetic when I got up this morning.
Wish you all the best and send my love and gratitude.


I haven't figured out how to post on the blog, so I'm writing you directly about my impressions so far with the January sessions.

  • I am calmer and more centered, even in reallly heated and stressful situations

  • My body aches have subsided

  • I remain less judgmental and more neutral regarding encounters with the drama of others

  • I feel less inclined to create drama in my life

  • I am sleeping better

  • I feel a lightness in myself

  • I am smiling without provocation

  • I have an overall sense of well-being

 Thank you so much for all of this.  After reading the book, I might decide to start a discussion group.  Bless you with all that is good in your practice and in all your relationships.

Hi Rebbie, I'm noticing past issues are really up for me to deal with right now. I'm noticing that I'm not getting stuck in the emotions for as long as I have in the past. In a matter of minutes I've felt the feeling and have moved it out of my body and replaced it with the light and I go on with my day. I love it!!


Thank you so much for sending out this email to me, the phrase "I did a session for your today" made me cry - I couldnt stop tears rolling down my face, tears of joy really. Somehow it made me feel cared for in a very deep way.
I went back to the email several times before I discovered the trigger of this powerful fantastic joyful emotion.

Thanks again,

With love and deep appreciation,

at first I was unsure and now there is no doubt in my mind there is a renewed sense and tone that I feel and at times leaves me weeping at the subtlest of joys.  I am so great-full to be bathing in this divine nectar and can hardly imagine why I would i would ever want to towel off.

thank you Rebbie 
Much Love 
Mark Burton

Today was very relaxing and I could remain calm in spite of some irritants. Thank you very much.


Hello Rebbie,
Yes I have now read the first chapter of the book. A nice easy read along the lines of that which I have already studied. Just to say the relationship I alluded to on 2nd jan. The other has once again flipped out. Interestingly I DID NOT. HAVE MAINTAINED MY OWN SENSE OF PEACE AND GRATITUDE DESPITE THE NASTINESS. GOING ABOUT MY OWN DAILY WALK WITH JOY. Again thanks, will be sending for your book soon.
Love and blessings.

Hi, Rebbie:

There is definitely a difference in the energy in my life. Things are flowing more, and I'm catching myself more quickly when I slip into negativity. I find myself declaring Divine Order and moving my focus onto what I do want rather than what I don't want. It feels wonderful knowing that you are doing this and that I'm a part of it. Thank you. I am very grateful.

Love and Light,

Today (Friday) I am experiencing a profound sense of joy and exhilaration. I live in Northern California and we are experiencing a very interesting dry cold spell which I am finding absolutely exhilarating.

Thank You and blessings to all.


I am so grateful to you for the vitamin "jhe" with which you infuse my day. Life is good, and you are one of the reasons why.

I love you tree-mend-us-lea!

It's like sitting on the balcony of a house overlooking the crystal clear Caribbean Sea and a gentle trade wind blows through your hair, you look up and feel the warmth on your face and know all is well because God is right there with you.

I totally forgot I was signed up until this morning....HOWEVER, for the past 2 weeks I have experienced a total change in "inner wording" inner voice is seeming to finally win over all the negative junk, and I have had so much energy and going out snow shoeing EVERY morning...which before I had to force myself to do even though I love it. I for some reason have always had a voice that says "ahh, don't bother" YAY!

Hi Rebbie,

I talked to a friend who I hadn't spoken to in eight weeks today and realized the depth of peace and happiness that has infiltrated my life and entire being since we last spoke. I truly am a different animal than the one who began the jhe experiment back at Thanksgiving time.

Whatever has unfolded feels like an absolute miracle.


This has been my experience: things that usually bother you have less hold on your attention. Issues that would previously spike your blood pressure and remain with you for a long time just seem to drop away very quickly.

I am truly thankful for the manifestation of joy and clear sounding tone I am hearing from myself.........for your part in this I am deeply grateful and appreciative. It is a wonderful feeling. There is more abundance in relationship, finances and healing, all three. I am blessed and happy to have received.
Much blessing and joy back to you Rebbie for your unselfish generosity of spirit and thoughtfulness.
Carla :-D 

It's probably a mix of several things that are working, but there is a definite positive change, a deeper awareness growing in time with this aligning you are doing ,Rebbie...thank you ...Steve R. 

Well, I had a most interesting spiritual experience this morning. I woke up early (4am) which I do frequently, but I felt quite anxious and awake, so I got up to meditate. Afterwards, I went back to sleep on the sofa, and two things happened. I dreamt about a small stream flowing down some front steps that I removed some rocks and it started to flow better (!!!!). Then as I started to wake I felt a presence behind me, then this vibration began between my ears (inside my head) and I felt my finger on my third eye. I tried to stay to calm because the sound of the vibration was this huge rushing and pounding in my ears. I had a similar experience for the first time about 5 months ago after completing some Reconnective Healing sessions. It was such an overwhelming experience, Rebe. I felt tremendous love and acceptance and at the same time was almost overwhelmed by fear too! I have no doubt that your YOFA sessions have had a synergistic effect on my spiritual journey. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

p.s. My relationship with my husband is better than it has ever been. All aspects of my life appear to be coming together.

I have noticed a general feeling of "lightness". My clients seem to picking up on this vibration and my energy healing sessions have been incredibly rewarding to all of us. Thank you so much Rebbie!!!


I signed up for this on a whim during a desperate day. I'm not much of a buy-into kind of person. However (and I realize this email was likely mass-generated by a program, but I'll respond anyway), I have noticed rapid positive changes in my job lately and I'm completely over a guy I thought would never let me heal - I don't even feel the need to "say it all" or "get some of my own back" like I did before - I wish him the best but don't want him around. So, if you had a part in all of that, I'm extremely grateful for all you did. I hope other areas of my life follow suit.

Thank you,

Thank you so much. It is indeed working!

Early this morning (between 6:30 - 7:30 Pacific Time) a glowing energy poured into my awareness, an energy that continues to permeate my being on every level. When I tune into it, as I am taking time to do now, the feeling of Divine Presence enfolds me.

I feel very blessed to be included in the YOFA sessions.

Yes, it is working. I am feeling so happy, joyful, excited and optimistic for most of this week. Today, Friday, I received two different calls from the temp employment agencies I am registered with, and one has submitted my resume for a position starting on Jan. 29th. 


Hi Rebbie,
This week of YOFA has been most interesting. On 9 January the most prevalent of the physical symptoms I've had for 8 months went totally away!!! The incredible part of that is my emotional responses to being pain free and not having those issues on my mind constantly were: first an almost unbelief that it was real, then the realization that indeed it was true reality, and finally pure unadulterated JOY at not having to expend so much energy dealing with this "stuff"!!

I AM so grateful for your willingness to hold the balance by doing this energetic practice, so we can "step-up" to the next level.

Thank you in galactic proportions!

Yes rebbie it is working on levels that are very interesting. just observing all that is and is very interesting. thank you.


Today morning, when I woke up I was smiling by myself. I felt light and full of enthusiasm for life. I was wondering what happened in the sleep.

your mail brought the answer.
Thank you for the great gift

Light, vitality and joy.

I am so grateful,

have been feeling that things are really moving in the ascension direction.

Dearest Rebbie~
I "should" have written this Thank You note last Sunday, but thanks to you and your JHE aligning I've been too busy basking and benefiting.

What I've noticed, so far:

Hugely increased...
1. ease and assurance in deciding
2. delight in doing, even scut-work
3. interest in and positive response to my output
4. level of energy to dedicate to what's meaning-full to me
5. patience, perception, generosity and social "tact"
6. focus on what i "allow" vs dwelling on what I "reject"
In appreciation for what you are allowing, and thus enabling,

. . .and she has been to every doctor in the country to try to get "treatment. Nothing worked. . . . I sent her the Rooted in the Infinite material and said she might look into it - that I found it fascinating and we could "try it" together. I took my book to her to scan, and I never got it back. I downloaded your guided meditations (insomnia is also an issue with her) and she took to them like a duck to water (pardon the trite analogy.) She wrote me after two days with the jhe experiment and said, "What do I DO? I feel as if she's doing it for me!" My response was "DUH - is it working?" It was. 

We thank you - and are very grateful to be on this path. Is she better? Yes. Does she have a long way to go? yes. Do we ALL have a long way to go? YES! And we're appreciative of your part in the journey. 

Hi Rebbie,
I am usually very skeptical - maybe because I feel I have tried lots of metaphysical paradigms - with what seems little or no effect. But after reading the comments of others, I signed up, hoping this would be different. The first few days - I did not notice anything. Then all hell broke loose, several expected events fell completely apart. I was feeling overwhelmed and beaten. But today, I did something I have been after myself to do for months. I have thrown out 2 small trash cans full of papers, sorted and filed those that I think I might need. Picked up and put things away. Wow, does that ever feel good.
Thank you.
With blessings,

I could forgive and forget a hurt and become friendly with a girl I had hated. 

Thanks and it is really helping.

God bless us all!!


Thank you Rebbie! I really do feel so much better already. I know with energy work it begins the moment you decide to take advantage of it and let it happen and that is what happened with me. I have an injury . . . which causes me constant pain and sleepless nights, but it got better and better through the day yesterday and didn't hurt all night. I also feel much lighter and happier. Thank you so much! I have ordered your book and cannot wait to read it. 

I have had a weekend to remember the value of letting go. I have been able to release the decision and the "rightness" or "wrongness" of that decision. I have surrendered it (after much thrashing about, hanging on to it with gritted teeth).
While the exact course remains to be seen, I am comfortable that I will be ok, no better than ok.
And, by the way, now that the pain I created has dissipated some, I can thank you for what you are doing. As you said, it is having a profound effect on my life and I am reading your book (and meditating) with a new respect for you system! 

Dear Rebbie,
I wanted to write you to share my experience after your transmission on Friday. I felt a quantum leap occur in my healing that day. I also had a wonderful experience while chanting with a dear friend: I sensed a newfound power and strength in my voice that was completely unique, like I was channeling a universal voice, not just my voice. I went into a state of bliss as this was happening.

I am much more aware of the power of alignment
lately - trying to sit and stand taller, allowing my
qi to flow more efficiently.

With gratitude,

I am calmer and more centered, even in really heated and stressful situations. 
My body aches have subsided. 
I remain less judgmental and more neutral regarding encounters with the drama of others. 
I feel less inclined to create drama in my life. 
I am sleeping better. 
I feel a lightness in myself. 
I am smiling without provocation. 
I have an overall sense of well-being.

Thank you so much for all of this. After reading the book, I might decide to start a discussion group. Bless you with all that is good in your practice and in all your relationships.
Valerie Ann Tuttle 

Thank you so much for you continued blessing of others by being lovingly committed to this jhe experiment. Saturday night I had the ultimate test, my cat came home with [life threatening problem]. This would have normally been enough to throw me over the edge, but I remained very calm and able to make good decisions about what to do. I feel lighter, more joyful, and hopeful. 
Thank you so much

Hi Rebbie,
My comments are somewhat different from what I have been reading on the blog. The "jhe" goes to the area of need, as I see it. My area of need is to cleanse my spirit as well as my body of earthly toxins as well as negative spiritual energies that sometimes work to rob me of happiness, vitality and vital everyday joy.

During the sessions that you so graciously gift us with, I have had crying spells which are very cleansing to my innerself (also offering a stress release), sweats which are allowing the yuck to escape my body and some other cleansing from my ears and other areas which I will not go into. Some might call this the flu, however, I feel well even while this is occurring. And no this is not a drug withdrawal! I am feeling that the "jhe" is draining me of the negative and in its place the positive is allowing my mind and spirit to be in a more gentle loving realm.
Love and light to you now and always,
Jackie Goff

Hi Rebbie,

Thank you for your sessions. I have been able to cope with the stresses in my life in a much more positive light. My dream of teaching energy healing to others is coming to pass as I've had many people come to me to teach them. This is truly remarkable! Thank you and God Bless! Leslie

I joined YOFA when a friend in Australia told me about it. The first few days coincided with me having the flu. Not fun! That happened with intense Reiki sessions though too, so nothing I didn't expect, and was happy to have a 3 day weekend for MLK plus Ice Storm 2007. Today I feel pretty good. I feel like cleaning my bedroom (its always cluttered). I also feel ready to start a relationship with someone. I feel more at peace and more grounded than I have been in a very long time.

I signed up together with my parents (Luc Devondel & Nellie Beens). My father seems to be doing well,he's painting again, always a good sign. So does my mother. I felt very happy and that's nice since I just started a new job. We all seem to respond mostly to the y-dimension, lightness, joy and centeredness.
Thanks very much Rebbie!!


Day 1:Cleared out the boot of my car...after five years.


. . . I went through the closet, found a charity to donate the clothes to and will schedule a pick up for the rest of his things. Thanks so much, there are a few long held dreams that I have put into effect in the last few weeks and I will let you know WHEN they are fulfilled.

. . . Anyway, I felt peace when I returned to NY and was able to communicate via email to him that I am ready to move forward with my life, with or without him. I didn't know whether the sense of peace I felt was due to my daily meditations or due to your energy healing. In any case, it's wonderful how I feel. I love life. Thank you for sharing your love with me.

Thanks a lot, feeling quite controlled, able to take stress..... feel more adaptable spiritually, around 2 o clock U.K time had strange feelings....... better relationships, except with my mum,,,,,,,, donno why we have differing views a property........ thanks for your efforts and God bless you for taking me towards Him..

Dearest Rebbie~
Thought you'd like to know about an immediate and quantifiable benefit of your 01/15/07 transmission:

Flexibility in my left wrist, broken in an accident the end of september. I could not only feel the healing in my "energy body" but when the therapist checked at noon, it showed a 15 degree flexibility increase from the previous thursday! According to her, this is a huge and unusual improvement, and she was fascinated with my explanation of how-come.
I am, too.
Thank you so very much.

Dear Rebbie,
It is as if my many challenges right now are having the effect of increasing my focus rather than disrupting it. I am meditating daily for the first time in a long time. I am more able to shift my thinking and begin to "allow" in the moment as soon as I feel myself slipping into discouragement. I am waiting for "Rooted in the Infinite" to arrive...believe it will come today....can't wait!
An injury I have which has left me unable to work seems to be undergoing accelerated healing right now...I can feel this. Also, I feel my confidence increasing in my own healing abilities, and have decided to do healing sessions while my injury is still healing...until I can return to the kind of work I do (massage therapy). Perhaps this is one reason I created the injury!
There is so much more going on that I will not be specific about...with my loved ones...but I am passing the healing on to them and know it is helping.
Thanks, Rebbie, for your powerful assistance thru the jhe sessions.

SOMETIHING is deifinitely happening I seem to be far more aware of the LIFE FORCE in myself and others and eggs ! I was given half a dozen beautiful eggs the other day that came from happy chicks. Eggs , Organic . Free- range from happy chicks that can run around outside and peck at seeds and chuckle and make all the noises that they make . Happy chicks that get a good seeing to by the rooster now and then. I held one of these eggs in my hand before cracking it into the pan of warming virgin not too hot olive oil in my cast iron pan. FELT the LIFE FORCE in that egg. It was a sacred moment , yesterday and repeated again today. I am over the moon ecstatic over these beauties and so FULL of gratitude.  Yesterday's meeting with my colleagues was also exceptional. There was such a flow and exhange of ideas. I have also started to meditate on a regular basis - morning and night. For all this and more, I am so grateful. Thank you .


Hi Rebbie,
LOVE this work! 
I cleaned my entire apartment top to bottom effortlessly!! (that's a BIGGIE for me!) before I even knew you were doing this z session. Then due to the nasty ice storm we had here, I went out to de-ice my car (no garage) all went well until I turned on my windshield wipers to get the last
of the moisture off my windshield....they came up, then a LOUD "CLUNK" and no movement. Rather than feel angry, hopeless, frustrated (as is normal when I am faced with "car stuff"), I thought, well, even though it's only 15* out here, the sun is shining and I don't really need the wipers right now, so I
just went on about my errands, one of which was to take a birthday gift to a friend. In the course of our conversation, she suggested a repair shop not a mile from her house, so off I went. Not only were they amazingly courteous but they fixed it within 30 minutes!! (After taking apart the wiper blades
and pan, the guy found about 5 pounds of ice surrounding the inner workings of the blades which caused them to pop some small part off - easily replaceable) but the cost was minimal - which believe me on my budget was a miracle in manifestation.
Thank you soooo much,


Either it worked or it was coincidence--but Z orientation was exactly what was needed, and it happened: just little things of catching up, which were 'blocked' the last few days. :) 
Thank-you--I need lots of 'Z'!

Hi Rebbie!

Thank you for this mornings clearing session. The last week has been quite hectic at work and I was starting to feel a little exhausted and irritable After your clearing session this morning I felt quite light, good humored, and in a state of connection with all. . . .Thank you for clearing some of the resistance that was accumulating over the last couple of weeks! 

Over the past 3 days, I have noticed a lightness coming over me. This was not only spiritually but physically manifested as well. I have been "stuck" with losing weight and yet without much change in activities I have dropped 3 lbs.. I also spent one day concerned about money but by the end of the day over $2500 had showed up unexpectedly. I have been visualizing more loving relationships with specific people at work and yesterday, both of those people were friendly and happy. I have a lighter spirit around my children and their school accomplishments. Best of all , I feel happier and freer than I have before in every issue in my life from laundry to professional work. I remain very excited about each day as life seems to flow more effortlessly. I am looking forward to receiving your book and I thank you from the bottom of my heart and soul for your jhe Session attention. 
love Joan Watson
Principal Horn , Canadian Opera Co.

Thank you kind soul.............I feel the vibration of love and change and was directed in many ways are a blessing!!!


Thank you very much for this invaluable help.... the minute I signed up for this, I felt clarity and made a final decision about something I was concerned and a bit unsure about. Since then I have been feelig even happier than I was before and have gotten many things done, completed a few projects that had been lingering for a while, and been very productive in general. I also had a dramatic dream last night about people I've had deep spiritual and romantic relationships with in the felt very significant somehow.

I've been feeling positive, healthy, and have seen some positive development in my creative work. However, my sleep has become inconsistent. The slightest noise, or temperature change wakes me up. I wonder if this is a sign of a shift, or a healing crisis of some sort. I'd love to know what you think it is.
Thank you for your great work!

I am in much greater alignment with my higher consciousness than before. I feel marvellous things coming my way, and I am experiencing flow like light golden honey... I AM flow. Thank you so much for this wonderful experiment! In light and gratitude. xxx j 

Dearest Rebbie:

I am a tad late in adding my experience to your blog, but I know you understand.

I can only relate that my experience with "jhe" has been nothing short of amazing! I have never felt such a wonderful sense of calm and peacefulness as I feel now. I also feel a strong healing (which is very, very important to me at this time!) in my emotions and in my thoughts. The stress that I have felt has diminished greatly (to almost nothing) and I have gained clarity whereas before I felt confused and negative as a result.

I cannot begin to thank you, Rebbie, for the "jhe" have made such a difference in my life!

Lastly, your book is WONDERFUL! I keep it with me at the office and study and practice during my lunch hours! Thank you for this gift of knowledge as well!

Many blessings to you!


I was recently praying for my mother's health (strange ailment that was probably nothing serious; I wanted to make sure it was nothing serious) and for employment for my out-of-work father. Yesterday I found out that my mother's thing is indeed nothing serious and that my father had gotten a 1-month job that will tide him over for a while, with a possibility of the job being extended. AND, I've recently begun realizing I'm worth a lot more than what my office job pays me and begun to even more intensely envision leaving the office job/world entirely in favor of financial independence and the creative professional success I desire.


Dear Rebbie, I have had a cleaning out frenzy for the last few weeks. So much so that I find myself looking for more drawers and cupboards to clear out. I feel better than I have in years since I started with the Secret, The teachings of Abraham and now with you. Thank you for your jhe sessions this moment, in the material level all it see like in the midle of the great storm, whith out job, home, money, etc. But also i can feel the force of peacefull, the patience, and the real power of love and ligth. thats can i tell u now and Thanks you so very much!

Dear, Dear Rebbie, Thank you so very much for the work you are doing. I can definitly feel the effects already. I am feeling so very much better, physically, mentally and spiritually. I feel so lifted and light. I know positively now everything is working out just right in my life. I send you Love and Light. Lovingly, Marilyn

Thank you! I have wanted to let you know that I felt the first "buzz" of energy when I signed up! I also want to let you know that this morning I kept saying how smart I felt. That is one of my things I am working on. That was great. I am sending good thoughts your way too!!

Thank you, Rebbie!

Your work coincided with our morning reading in "Ask and it is Given." What a thrilling combination. My friend Maggie told me she was doing some Kirtan chanting and felt a rush of power that added to her voice, making it Voice. How wonderful you are!


I negotiated an even better salary for that job offer (it will pay 75% more than I currently make!). I have accepted it and am being greeted by sad congratulations from my co-workers.

Thank you so much, Rebbie! I can feel a palpable difference. My life just seems to be flowing easier despite many challenges that I face right now. 

At 10am this morning, I was busy empowering my closest girlfriend in centering herself and giving her a new voice so that she can cope with her family members. She was extremely appreciative of my support and commitment to her growth. I also felt more compassion towards my estranged husband. I also felt tremendous confidence that I will be successful in my trading endeavor. Finally, I am grateful for all you do for everyone. I send my love to you.

Thank you Rebbie...appreciate GHE's nurishing...partnering with you enables me to reach some cobwebs that I wasn't fully aware of...literally & word for 2007 is elasticity & letting the pendulum swing fully for a change...slowing down more, focusing mind fully & relishing the silence that I can easily ignore..trusting my life more...being a stand for vibrant stillnes juicily shared...thank you muchly for waving your magic wand!

It is amazing that with the last two sessions, I have actually felt the improvements in my life before you have done your session. I am sure the energy of you even preparing your sessions is finding me. Thank you for sharing your amazing gift and love with us!! 

 Dear Rebbie,
Astonishing. I have to admit I was not thinking about your sessions or the results, just noticing more and more lightness and a gentleness around what is normally a slightly difficult relationship. I was even starting to think in a more compassionate way, and noticing I was doing so. Then I got the email today that said 

"As a result of today's session, in addition to the 
previously stated benefits of YOFA jhe Sessions, you 
may find a ***softening in difficult relationships***. 

You may find your heart opening to the plight of others 
as your compassion expands and your defensiveness diminishes. " 

I couldn't believe it. It's as though I was reading exactly what I had been thinking... WOW!

Bless you!

After today's session 19/1 ,

Funny you should say "You may find your heart opening to the plight of others as your compassion expands and your defensiveness diminishes " .. this is so for me.

Just before your email arrived I put old stuff behind me and contacted an old friend on her birthday .

I also feel more open and willing to share myself with the world. Braver, more courageous.

Thank you Rebbie 
Namasté ! Love Light and all good things to you and your work ,

Although I enjoyed my job, I have been hoping for something even better and for more money. As of Tuesday I ws laid off, but a better job opportunity came the same day. I've applied and so far it looks good. Here's intending that next week will bring the best news so far.

Thank you so much for this session today! My *difficult* relationships are much smoother and I also experienced a sense safety in speaking my truth in several situations. Wonderful!

 A thousand blessings, dear Rebbie ... we are feeling the movement in our energy: as an inner bouyancy, and even more so a peaceful, supportive grounding. Quite wonderful, and quite timely!
We are enormously mindful of what you are doing, and equally grateful that you are!

 I had such a strong sense of well being this morning. Thanks. I was thinking how nice it would be to receive $10,000 checks in the mail each day. When I got to work, my client gave me a check for 7 weeks work. A nice hunk 'o change. And he said he'd been thinking about how much he likes to write checks, and how much he'd like to write me a check for $1,000,000. 

I'm right on the verge. I can feel it. ~~~~*:-)~~~~~ (me doing a happy dance.) We'll be havin' a party. Everybody singin'. Dancin' to the music on the radiooooooooooo.


An amazing positive experience with a usually scary chronic medical issue...since you don't want to know details I'll just say that Abraham's teachings of reaching for that better thought finally have hit home. I know now that I must actively practice this when in the midst of my "episodes", not just when I am feeling normal. It worked!!!!
I love the book. Your prose is amazingly juicy and goes down like chocolate pudding, giving me shivers all the way. Mmmmmm. Thank you, Rebbie. You are selfless but receiving the world in return..

Dear Rebbie,

With GreatLOVE...
You are correct in your statement there is a 'softening in difficult relationships'. After 3-months of intense striving-emotions with my husband, while DESIGNing & reDESIGNing his newHOMEofficeSPACE, he finally looked
around today, and said: he can not wait to see the all house complete with my artistic imput. 

I feel emotionally, less over-charged. I AM physically less tense. The right-side of my neck is more relaxed & flexible along with the leg, arm & head. Today, particularly, I felt internal unWINDings & certain tissues softingUP, as if there was a higherINTELLIGENCEvibration moving through
the tissueCONSCIOUSness liberating IT from the elaborated-web wrapped around IT by theUNCONSCIOUSspider of PAIN.

ComPASSION is surely EXPANDing & BRIGHTening the WORLD around ME.  ComPASSION is GUIDing my HIGHERself to move GRACEfully from the ABOVEplanes to theBELOWplanes, and vice-versa.

There IS a HIGHERsense of selfBELIEF, selfCONFIDENCE, selfDETERMINATION selfCOURAGE to do theWORKS, not in a selfCENTEREDmode, not only for its UNIQUEness survival, but to refill theLIFEpurpose of theWORKS with BEAUTY-CREATIVITY-LIGHT for majorGLOBALtransformation.


Yes, Rebbie, I DID find this compassion and a lowering of my defensiveness.
Same situation where I'd be cranky and judgemental, etc. etc.
A little progress. And, Thanks!

i have had a difficult relationship with someone for quite sometime and today i really did feel a softening in the relationship. i realize now it was 'me' who softened. at the time i wondered where the strength to let go came from. then i realized you had done a session on this very subject this morning. i knew then that i had to continue with this process. i am now reading and really understanding the sample chapter you sent and i plan to buy the book this week. my sister sent me the information about the yofa jhe sessions and i am a true believer that things happen for a reason. thank you so much.

My wife and I went to a counseler today, and I noticed that during what would have normally been an upsetting event, I remained peaceful, open, and contributed very positively to its resolution. Thanks. You are phenominal.


Hi Rebbie, I am most greatful for the wonderful work you are doing, I can feel a great lifting and hopefulness in mt body, mind and soul. Love and light, Marilyn


Dear Rebbie,
Since I signed up I've been experiencing a different life energy, I'm finding myself joyful, at peace and the most important I'm now being able to intimate connect with people without fear. Thank you so much... for your amazing energy.

I certainly did feel remarkably uplifted, energetic and experiencing a certain feeling of breaking through to a different level of being in this physical world. I have been a student of these teachings for many years but now, what seems like suddenly since seeing The Secret, receiving your emails and your books as well as The Law of Attraction and Ask and it is Given I am experiencing a wellness and lightness I don't believe I have ever felt in this realm or lifetime. I never give up, onward and upward always. I look forward to our communications. Maybe the Mcnaught Comet is having effect in our beingness. I was blessed last night. I am a Flight attendant and coming home last night the Captain invited us into the cockpit to see the comet that was just ahead of our aircraft. I cannot fully describe the sensation of seeing it but it was surreal. It was flowing forward of the aircraft with the new moon setting on the horizon and Venus just above it.... as my young son would say it was awesome. I just had to share it with you. Many Blessings

I had an interesting experience this morning, not even two hours after your jhe session for softening in difficult relationships. I was at the gym and, behind me, two people met and talked. They were very involved in discovering who they both knew, as they were both of the same religion and were originally from the same state (this has happened a lot since moving to Utah). I was very irritated during the whole time I could hear them talking until a little bit later, I analyzed why I even cared about their conversation. I discovered that I was a bit jealous of their sense of community and how easily the members of this certain religion seem to speak to strangers, two things I do not have in my life, have never really had - the ease of talking to strangers and the community, the closeness with a group. It was so easy then to forgive myself and them and just let it all go! Thank you so much! - a seeker from Utah

Yesterday I noticed alot more compassion about a situations I was not having alot of compassion about. Relationships seem lighter and I feel more at peace. thank you thank you


Aloha Rebbie,

I was wondering if there is any reason that this would not work with animals, especially if they are experiencing any energetic imbalance, whether physical or otherwise? I am so glad I was able to get back online as I was confused why I would feel so wonderful and then not. If we had kept a calendar, I hazard a guess that the "not" was on the days you were not doing the sessions!! I did not know you did not do daily sessions until I got back online and caught up on emails. It certainly makes sense now and I can stop thinking I am doing something wrong :-) Once again, you are truly an angel to do this and I can't tell you how very grateful I am. It has been a long time since I have felt as good as I have on the "good" days!!! I have been in chronic pain and physically limited after a fall 3 years ago, but have had some very good days throughout this and even came down stairs like a "normal" person a couple of times. I have needed less pain medication, and even went a day without any medication at all the first week....yee haw!!! 

Many blessings,


Dear Rebbie,

Inner peace:
how wonderful. 

Thank you,

Dear Rebbie

I just wanted to let you know how the jhe sessions were helping me - at first it was not clear to me but the more I think about it the more obvious it is becoming... I have been going through "interesting" times in my relationship with my partner - mostly a sense of upheaval and change without being able to get to grips with what is actually happening... A sense of dissatisfaction and a desire for change in both of  us and all the fear that is associated with those feelings. 
Over the last week or so I have sensed that there is a change in my attitude - a softening as you put it... a letting go... things are becoming  more harmonious!

So thanks for that and all the inspiration |I have gained from your other writings.


I would like to share with you, what for me was a "miracle" following, I believe the last alignment. I found myself in a very familiar situation which occurs in my close relationships, except this time I chose to stay the course and commit to having some authentic communication (free of criticism) occur between myself and this person.

Miraculously, I felt heard, which created an amazing softening. Then, some minutes later,I found myself immersed in this incredible feeling of compassion for this person, followed by a deep awareness of how I might have , albeit unconsciously acted the same way in the past towards them without even realising it.

I thanked this person for allowing me the space to experience this transformational moment by listening to me and helping me experience our oneness - from the heart.

In Deep Gratitude and Appreciation,
One person can make a world of difference,


Dear Rebbie,
On Friday morning I found it difficult to get going. I felt soo tired all day. Because of this I decided to leave some errands for another day and went home, had a bowl of soup and went to bed by 8:30PM. The next day I awoke so refreshed and energetic worked a full day and then went to the gym! I think my body just wanted to be still for the jhe and I thank-you Rebbie. Daisy Coss

Hi, Rebbie~
Here's the latest headline from my JHE Journal:
JHE Tames Cats!
Since I live alone and work from home I really don't encounter "difficult people" too often. In fact, on reflection,I'd concluded that the most "difficult" person I have to cope with on a regular basis is me... and we get along pretty well together.Now, If you'd referred to "troublesome creatures" or "problematic personalities", I'd immediately have identified "Sweetfeet". This 4 year old black & white fellow has been schizo-ing between bully and coward since he turned 2... hissing at all and sundry; growling at the snow outside;demanding service with extended claws on the one hand / terrified of loud noises, and anything unfamiliar on the other. I'd call him a purr-fect candidate for the experiment.
Well, yesterday,mid-day,the woman downstairs decided to rearrange her furniture and found an 18 inch disc with a ball on a track around the perimeter and a catnip impregnated center circle. Since she's currently cat-less, she gave the gadget to me and I set it on the floor for my other, super-playful and courageous, cat to explore. Prettikins was barely interested. Sweetfeet, however, immediately went over and lay down on it, first covering it protectively with his chest and front paws, then curling himself on top of it and going to sleep... for the night. He was still there this morning
This is a cat who, in the past, would slink out of the room when  anything new entered and hasn't spent the night at home in years. Of course, it could have been the catnip.


As I am working through the book slowly, I am feeling a deep appreciation of it's presentation and your offering of this information in such a loving and accessible format.

I appreciate you emails with jhe reports and the book notes and suggestions. I took the book out into nature and practiced one of the meditations you suggested in your email this past week. Very lovely energies. :-) This whole process is so nurturing on the subtle levels. I LOVE it!! I have been sharing the "joyful harmonious expression" -- jhe -- with others as a statement of my intentions. It works!

Once again, thanks for your wondeful work. I had a lovely extra hour of sleep as you were transmitting this am. I awoke feeling centered and well.


Today, out of the blue, again the knee felt better.


It is clear to me that causality is invisible. We can never know what causes what.

On the other hand, there are no coincidences. 
With that said, here is what is showing up in my life:
The 3 people with whom I spent the most time, on-line and off, have basically left my life, 2 of them totally. It was time.
An entire new world has opened up including a possible partnering relationship. I am being offered new jobs and have been dropped into a whole new circle of wonderful and talented people.

I am watching the show and can hardly wait to see where it is all going!
Thank you Rebbie for whatever your sessions on our behalf have contributed!

Blessed be
in Love and Light,

Dear Rebbie,

I have put off writing even though I have been feeling the effects of your healing. While there has definitely been some clearing out of unnecessary items, and a view of good things to come, everytime, after a temporary feelgood session things go straight back to almost worse than they were before. This is quite depressing. I am definitely sending for your book, and hopefully this will help me to continue with your wonderful healing. The best session for me was the softening of difficult relationships. There was absolutely no doubt about this one working! This has continued for the last 3 days but seems to be reversing back to square one now. I would be really grateful if in your future sessions of JHE you could please repeat this one again! With gratitude and blessings for your selfless and generous healings.

Dear Rebbie,

Thank you, you are most gracious in your communications. 
I certainly did feel remarkably uplifted, energetic and experiencing a certain feeling of breaking through to a different level of being in this physical world. I have been a student of these teachings for many years but now, what seems like suddenly since seeing The Secret, receiving your emails and your books as well as The Law of Attraction and Ask and it is Given I am experiencing a wellness and lightness I don't believe I have ever felt in this realm or lifetime. I never give up, onward and upward always. I look forward to our communications. Maybe the Mcnaught Comet is having effect in our beingness. I was blessed last night. I am a Flight attendant and coming home last night the Captain invited us into the cockpit to see the comet that was just ahead of our aircraft. I cannot fully describe the sensation of seeing it but it was surreal. It was flowing forward of the aircraft with the new moon setting on the horizon 
and Venus just above it.... as my young son would say it was awesome. I just had to share it with you. Many 

Love and Light

Marie Norris

I definitely felt aligned and centered all weekend. I suffer badly from anxiety, being totally ungrounded and fear attacks. But this weekend i felt really well and full of thankfullness and compassion.


After initially thinking that I did not feel the effects that I did with the first jhe, I have become aware in this past week that there IS a significant change in my body .. an upliftment in my being overall! It fells really good so once again Rebbie many thanks and blessings for you!



Yes indeed. I did receive an unexpected financial benefit from your efforts. It was not a lot, but any unexpected financial gain is great! 

I also confirmed a separate job completion date which I will be paid for as soon as it is done.


Dear Rebbie,

Thank you so much for all the sessions.

I feel at peace, and little things relating to friends and family, that used to bother me is of no consequence any more.

My practice was quiet for a while and since yesterday I started getting bookings again.

I feel light, balanced and appreciation for everything in my life.

I find that I am very irritated, tired, and have a restless night on the day/night you do the session.( I live in South Africa ) But it is worth the positivity I feel after that!

Once again my appreciation.
In Love and Light

. . . What is very interesting is that normally I would be having major panic attacks by now and I'm not. I know somewhere everything will work out and I'm tired of pushing.

Again, my heartfelt thanks.


Dear Rebbie,

I signed up for these sessions rather late, ordered your book afterwards and am now just on the 3rd chapter. Last weekend (Jan 20, 21) I noticed that my relationship with my husband had "lightened" up and we can't seem to stop laughing! There is a touch of silliness to everything (previously where there was worry, doubt, fear). also, a few nights ago, I was "shown' every incident from my childhood to now, all areas of my life regarding shame, unworthiness and my reaction of low self worth. So I am working to let these feelings go. Thank you and Blessings of Peace to you


By now, you know that my story appears to be one of sudden and remarkable prosperity (the new job offer with the big salary increase). The job does not start until April, so now I have to focus on doing the job I actually have.
I am totally in you debt as I think the energy you have put out really moved things along.

Namaste Rebbie!

Joy, Harmony and Balance have been the hallmarks of this month's sessions so far. I have been working on some core issues for freeing blockages to my joyful manifesting, and have been making HUGE leaps and bounds since the last sessions. To make things a little more interesting, I was anticipating a check in the mail on the 30th, and it came, delivered by courier, a week early! Yay! Your experiment has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that distance alignment and healing can occur, and that the vibrations we send out ARE TRULY the ones we Attract!
COOL! Thank you for your unconditional Love, and your beautiful Gift!


Thank you, Rebbie...
Yes, I am enjoying an additional abundance 
, which manifested recently in an 
unexpected (but greatly appreciated) bit of 
the green paper love energy. I look forward 
to more!

Again, thank you!

I had big doubts this works at a distance to another Continent. 

I've just worked out the time difference and noted the time you were sending it to me, I was sending abscent healing / prayers to my friend and her terminally ill sister. By chance I bumped into her out of the blue an hour later and was overwelmed with compassionate support when she told me her sister was not expected to last a week. 

So may be it does work.


Thank you for the work you do to raise the consciousness of this planet. You are incredible. The current jhe Session is just incredible.


I was hesitate to join this as it was almost the end of January but the universe said "go ahead" and I am so glad I listened. I have felt such peacefulness and clarity in the last few days since joining. Thank you ever so much.


I've had two beautiful break throughs with income streams since your powerful financial treatment. A top rated promoter has taken me on to promote my consultations and a lady who has promised funds for my Medicine Horse Stables charity will have the first donation to me in about 10 days. 

I was able to get a dental appointment for Tuesday and a friend will cover it with a master card until my funds arrive. 

Having an agent for my consultations is wonderful and I look forward to re-entering public life. It means after a long dance with a critical illness, I can finally count on taking care of myself and my horses. 

A million thanks.


I feel a sense of inner peace that I haven't felt before. Also great physical tiredness & a mini-flu for the last few days. But my inner space is amazing: all that wondering & doubting about what my right path in life is has simply disappeared. I know I'm right on track, right where I am, I no longer question my own existence. And a lot of work is flowing in (I'm a freelancer), which is wonderful. And I have great connections with friends, family, customers... Thank you so much for the time & energy you give to us in this experiment

I suppose two free tickets to Phantom of the Opera is a sign of prosperity. Thank you.


You are just too wonderful. I feel blessed to have you in my corner. I have to tell you that between yesterday and today I sold 8 bracelets at work with two more orders in the works. This is quite remarkable. I also found $40.00 in my wallet that I didn't know I had. In addition, money is just showing up in pockets and drawers and other places as well. Also I am just starting to feel better and look better after feeling bad and looking bad for months. My name is Maxine Schutter and
you can post my name. Thanks. My heart is full of gratitude for you and your generosity. You are a rare jewel in the human family.

I want to say thank you thank you thank you, for your generosity and amazing work. Thought you might be interested that over the past couple of days money has started to flow quite easily. People who have had outstanding debts to me have spontaneously paid their bills and my efforts in raising money for my move from New Zealand to the USA seems to effortlessly produce results. Fantastic. Thank you for all that you share.

Tangible results! A conference I want and need to attend on the coast is $700 for registration. There is also the flight, accommodation & food. I wrote to ask if there was any help available as I did not fit into any special funding category. Within 6 hours I was offered a waive of the complete registration fee! I found an airline flight and room to stay.

I'm going to learn on the coast!
Thanks for your work, Rebbie,

Thanks a lot for your work. We were also able to get a property during mid -January quite unexpectedly and my sister and mother in law were saved miraculously in an accident.

Thanks for all your prayers.


I have noticed since you have started concentrating on prosperity that I am now facing my financial challenges instead of running from them. Also, I recently became Yoga Alliance certified to teach and have been teaching free for awhile and was offered a paid gig starting next week! I love it.

I have also noticed some interesting physical releases. Thank you!!


I was inclined to think not much has changed, but I do feel that I'm a bit more at ease with myself and hopeful for the future. And my dentist only charged me $250 for a procedure originally quoted at $670. It's not a complete resolution of the problem at hand, but a small and unexpected gift.

thanks for the welcome cash flow at a time most unexpected to me, and though i was surprised to receive this cash, didn't connect it to anything in particular until i read your email indicating thw work done for increased prosperity!!! happy surprise indeed! thank you for including me in this wonderous work. 


sending you love and light--i believe your work helped me out a lot today---i handled difficult situations in much different and happier way today


I just signed on this morning and some things are happening that I find amazing. I had had some blood tests that I was really worried about and the doctor called this afternoon to say that even under the most meticulous scrutiny she could find nothing wrong at all. And I had a scheduled appointment with a new chiropracter, who I thought was just a chiropracter, but WOW! is he ever a chiropracter/kinesiologist/acupressurist/intuitive healer! He's the first person ever to understand completely my symptom picture and know what to do about it! Although these two things were already scheduled or in progress before I knew about this experiment, it really feels like this energy has pushed the results into the positive in a magical way.:-)) Thanks so much, I can't wait to see what the rest of the week brings!


I have more energy to day! I am more optimistic today! I see evidence of your work right now!
Ar Lena

Dear Rebbie,
You are a radiant THANKSGIVING GIFT!
I went to yoga this morning with joy in my heart and a dance in my root as I traversed morning traffic in the face of a glorious sunrise.I anticipated my journey into yoga with the happy intention that I would be in alignment with the THANKSGIVING GIFT that was presented to me.
During class my teacher touched me and whispered " I have never seen you so aligned in these warrior postures."
And I FELT it.

My intentions are manifesting so eloquently right now!
In this holy instant I AM intending that I am in alignment with the THANKSGIVING GIFT of healing that was so generously offered.
This holy instant I AM intending to be in alignment with the heaven in your heart, the starlight in your soul, and the miracles of this moment as we move into the spiral of THANKSGIVING together with the "family" and make thanksgiving a perpetual giving.


With divine madness from Maddy

wow - I just signed up when a friend sent me the link, and I have sense of lightness already.

I was feeling some abdominal heaviness for a couple of days.

I was watching TV and came up to check mails. While climbing the

stairs I thought that my tummy felt light... I was wondering how...

When I checked the mails I saw yours.... perhaps your healing helped me

I got a feeling this morning that was more intense and lasted about 30 minutes that was exactly like the feeling I get when I do Yoga and meditation every day (but more a lot more intense). It was uplifting and felt like I was floating on the clouds. My day was less stressful than usual and people skills were better. I was more attuned to the feelings of others and actually intuitively felt drawn to their needs. Hopefully the experience tomorrow will be more intense and open new pathways of healing for myself and the people I work with


I am in the UK and have suddenly detached from a complex situation that I had been dealing with for the last (long while). I am no longer attached to the outcome and am happy to go either way when I hear about a particular decision today. I am at a crossroads and I am clear that I am surrendering to my soul and the moment. The uneasy feeling has disappeared from my stomach and I feel relaxed and loved.

Thank You.....

I am grateful to be here now.

Thank you so much for your efforts,

I have been feeling an improvement in my overall feeling. I have seen an increase in body mobility and sleep has improved.

I hope for some other improvements as we go along.


Normally my dreams vanish upon waking, but as I began to wake this morning, I was acutely conscious of a beautiful and very lifelike dream. Then I awoke feeling strangely more peaceful, more coherent, and lighter than I can remember. 

The drawn, sad strained appearance of my face is replaced by one that is younger, happier, more peaceful and attractive. My body feels more comfortable and relaxed--the usual tension and chronic pains are gone. My posture is more relaxed and erect, too. I have waited a while before posting this comment to verify whether this is all really true, and it is! I'm not making this up! I didn't know what to expect, but what is taking place is indeed a miracle. I feel like a child at Christmas, waiting to see what tomorrow will bring--and willing to accept a continuation of this miraculous and joyful harmonious expressiveness. Rebbie, I thank you and bless you--from the deepest place in my heart.


What a gift.... haven't read the book, don't know what you're doing and it slipped my mind that I had enrolled in this program until I got your email today....was wondering why I felt so good!! Light and happy, and aligned. I AM SO GRATEFUL. THANK YOU X 1,000 AD INFINITUM.

Your "thanksgiving link does not seem to work...but the treatment did!  So wonderfully well the first day!  Keep it up...I'll be buying the book soon, already have both 100 things...keep up the great work!!


something really seems to happen. I have been trying really hard to lose my pot belly. But I was not getting anywhere before inspite of regular exercises and diet. I was very frustrated but continued different kind of exercise but quite light... After about one month I measured it today. I could not believe the improvement. I was all along afraid to measure thinking that I would get frustrated more.

Today somehow I was inspired to measure and was quite happy at the outcome. Saying that it happened overnight because of the healing would be farce. But I think your healing gave me courage to measure and feel good about it. I opened the mail box to mail you about this and I saw your second mail... Thanks so much for all the help

yes indeed I feel better too. I ran out of my ibuprofin tablets for back pain, and I just quit using them. I did sleep better, and am doing O.K.
even without the pain pills

I'd like to report that lat night, around 2:00 AM {I'm in Wisconsin] I awoke and felt a very gentle, soothing energy running thru my body, helping to relieve some symptom I've had recently.

Anyway, I feel much better today. Thank you for giving of your time and energy.

                                                    Blessings to  you, and have a joyous Thanksgiving !

I changed my mood today from being rather grumpy to feeling elated and grateful just by focusing on the wonderful and positive things in my life.

Thank you for letting me join this experiment - I have already felt some sort of 'lightness' or just letting things that normally bother me, roll off my shoulder. Very curious to see/feel what happens next. Thanks again!

I had a very 'awake' night last night. I was feeling very energetic and was not able to settle down. As a result I felt very tired and headachy this morning, BUT, that has been replaced this afternoon by a clear head and feeling lighter and more peaceful. I can't wait to see how I sleep tonight! Thank you, many blessings to you.. Lorie

Hi Rebbi

Many thanks for the wonderful experiment and book which i recieved today - its a long way to Africa.....
I had all forgotten about your experiment today. i remember telling my friends at some stage today that i feel so full of energy and bubbly and i wondered where it came from - it was awesome - thank you and i am humbled and grateful to be part of this experiment
Truckloads of Love and Light and Elephant hugs

Wow, What is going on with me? I feel like I have'nt in a long time.I hope I can hold this feeling!

First let me say thank you for offering this gift. I have noticed that I am feeling lighter and I haven't been getting as anxious. I've had a feeling of calm that is surrounding me. It feels great!!


I am reading the Intro of "Rooted in the Infinite" and finding great value in it. First and foremost I am appreciating the 2 agreements:
To honor the Divinity of, and have compassion for the Humanity of everyone, including ourselves.
What a beautiful Ground of Being!

It's a real challenge over here in Israel, where we are confronted on all sides by those who would annihilate us! The Universal Law of "you shift, they shift," will surely apply. In any case, I continue fulltime Lightworking.

Your jhe sessions are undoubtedly helping in a little drama playing itself out involving the people in whose apt. I am staying.
It started off very messy before the experiment and is resolving itself nicely.

In Love, Light and Gratitude,

My energy was very high today and still is this evening as well. It spilled over into the other people around me today, also, and it was so noticable!
Thank you for your wonderful offering.

hi Rebbie,

i have been struggling with a recurrent issue for many months now, fearing my shadow more than anything else. even if i have been using a combination of different, powerful healing modalities, i can attest that it is today exactly that i finally feel free enough to give my enthousiasm full rein in the face of possible failure. i have also contacted two people with an important message, one of which at least i have not written for weeks. i am grateful for these wonderful expressions of abundace, love and serendipity... thank you!

Salutations Rebbie!

Let me just note that today I felt a sense of calm that was serene and almost diaphanous-like. Thank you for your gift. I pray you will receive 100 fold for your commitment to each person wanting to receive the blessing of your generous and sweet spirit. 

Happy Thanksgiving and God Bless!

More friends and neighbors have been coming round. I'm feeling more positive and hopeful. There is a subtle shift in my ability to start the day in a positive direction with intention and productive action. 

Maybe it's simply part of the flow within the alignment at large of Thanksgiving -- homecomings, attitudes of gratitude, a pervasive spirit of thankfulness, appreciation for what greater good we have and what good we can do, and making time to count our blessings and just plain old being thankful. 

Whatever, it is a joyful, harmonious, expression and I am thankful. 

Yup ,
Today I feel lighter and more positive about absoluteley everything. 
I also have been procrastinating about a project I need to do....and feeling like it was too hard and not sure how to achieve it yet today I went into the office and absoluteley blitzed it.....yup completed it in a day with NO STRESS....just did it and it was easy......God I love positivity.....yeehaa to the laws of attraction....i feel so good...and at peace...thank you to the universe for bringing me here to this site......just when i really needed it...thank you rebbie for your time, dedication and love....may the universe bring prosperity on all fronts into your life

Hugs and kisses to all

Dear Rebbie, 

Thank you for your attunement.  Your kindness has also lightened up my mood at what can be a difficult time of the year for me.  The "blues" seem to be disappearing and I am finding more energy and courage to move forward in my life.

 May you be blessed with loving kindness, good health and prosperity.


hi rebbie,

happy thanksgiving!! i couldn't figure out how to get onto your blog, so iam going this route to let you know how grateful i am to be on your "list' for the "yofa experimlent" is definitely working for me!!! you are have remotely shifted my vibration in a particular situation where i have been struggling to do so for months, and i don't know what came over me today, but my attiude (or resistance) shifted immediatedly and without conscious thought from me, and i felt happy and light the entire day,, and the repercusssions were amazing,,,,,,,,,i have your book and am spreading the word about you to anyone i think is open to your wisdom........god bless,

Thank you so much Rebbie for what you are doing for us. I find I am more in lightness in this very uncomfortable time. I am opening more and more to the flow and I feel it is the sessions you are doing that is helping speed this process. I feel the softness in my stillness. As I feel my lightness and softness I can see the effects on those around me. I am in deep appreciation for what you are doing for all of us. Thank you for your wondrous and generous gift. WOW!  

Blessings and Love, Joy

Greetings Rebbie

Signed up yesterday evening to receive your blessings. Felt quite energized this morning between 8 and 8:30 (approximately). Sent love and light to you between 8:30 – 9 a.m. Spent the day quietly writing, researching, and writing more. Took a break to prepare dinner. Then quite unexpectedly this evening about 5 – 5:30 p.m. my heart felt full and joyous. I had a wonderful sense of well being which continues. It was more than I usually feel after writing. And then I remembered you. Thank you so much for this gift of healing light and love. Please know that I offer it to you in return.

Good Morning Rebbie,
Don't know if this is related to what your doing but I suspect it is.
Yesterday I came across an article about body images and the author suggested that we ask our body to send up an image that showed us how it felt, and then ask this image what it wanted to tell us.
My body sent up a picture of a marble statue of a Greek/Roman woman with a voluptuous form dressed in long toga. I thought, well that's not so bad, but then the statue began to crack and crumble, and out steped this smaller, slender, more fairy like creature in short toga and high boots, sort of a 'Wonder Woman' image, complete with large wings and magnificent irredencent aura !
She explained that the marble statue represented my limiting beliefs about what I thought was possible for my body at this age, but she, my Real Inner Being,was magical and much more fluid if I would just quite over defining myself. I felt an immediate release of major resistence and feel much lighter and freer of movement today.
Keep up the excellent work and thank you again !

Good Day! I am very pleased to be involved in this, thank you very much! I have been feeling those joyful goosebumps of you know what I mean? Also, I just happened to watch the DVD "The Secret" on the first day of this without realizing it. Coincidence? I don't think so!

Hi Rebbie: I am truly thrillled with this experiment and your generosity, as always is boundless! Since late into Day 1, I became aware of the lightness in my being, regarding the healing that I am focusing on in this one week. I am finding that my faith in the Universe is stronger than ever before, there is an inner knowingness that is amazing, and my resistance is decreasing daily! I am feeling emotionally balanced, lighter, more in sync with my higher self and just plain joyful, calmer and self-assured. Thanks for this great gift! Happy Thanksgiving from Toronto! :)

Hi Rebbie,

On monday I was feeling sick, some kind of allergy, it was still bad on tuesday morning but it faded without taking any medication. Today I st in the car and started singing and felt quite elated and with a lot of energy. I also put my parents on the list today, they're not into alternative healing but I'm really curious about the effect it will have. I gave some healing today and I have the impression it's working stronger than usual. Wonderful!! We don't celebrate Thanksgiving over here but it's actually a wonderful idea!

I had felt a block in writing my senior project, having some basic information yet not a real idea of how to continue. Yesterday afternoon a completely new healing approach unfolded to me, which fit exactly into my paper. I feel so grateful! (and I will do within the given deadline!!!)

Hi Rebbie!

Feeling lots of Peace and Harmony after a period of dissension. Thank you for all you do. Happy Thanksgiving. Namaste

Dear Rebbie,
I wish you and yours a beautiful Thanksgiving celebration, and thank you so much for your great generosity and comittment to this important and uplifting work. 
I am experiencing much greater focus and exponentially faster manifesting of my emotionally charged intentions, and personal truths. Thank you for your most empowering Gift!
Love and Light, and continued success,

This is the 2nd day for me. It is Thanksgiving. Before getting ready for the day, I was sitting in my living room, looking out the window at the trees that had frost on them. The sun was up, starting to melt the frost and they looked like crystals! Very colorful. I enjoyed this SO much. Then I felt tired from reading and curled up on the couch to take a quick nap and noticed just how good that felt. It felt so good that I didn't take a nap, I just enjoyed the feeling. So, I am getting more joy. Thank You! What a great start for my day!!

i felt lighter in spirit positive, cheery mood was even commented on!!! 
also i handled some stressful situations with more calm and less panic than i'm sure i would have normally...i feel good!!!
thank you so much!!!
peace love and happiness

Hi Rebbie!
The past few months have been worst beyond anything for me and today for some reason the thoughts that usually make me feel sad, have absolutely no effect on me!
It feels really good!! :)

Thank you so much! I havnt woken up feeling this good in months!!! :D

All my Love,

Yes, it is a day of thanksgiving. I've had some back issues which seem to be easing, and even though my car blew up its engine on the way to thanksgiving dinnner in another city, hey, I'm ok with that. I really relate to the statement of "dynamically align(ing) with your inner essence regardless of the challenges of the moment". By the way, Rebbie, I had an amazing yoga session this morning, and the thought of what you are doing popped into my heart, and I sent a giant wave out to you, my sister. Thank you, and know that you, too, are in my "Namaste set". Peace.

i sit here in the presence of what is, to date, one of the most beautiful states of bliss that i have been able to imagine, that i have been able to create in my life 
in gratitude for your vision.



I just want to say "Thank You"  for the healing.  I have been in the midst of many relatives and their dramas and have been able to stay in control of my health issue.

Thank you Rebbie - I am very glad I signed up to participate in this Thanksgiving experiment of yours. There is a definate feeling of lightness and calm within myself that makes coping with this holiday much more bearable. Looking forward to more inside progress when I receive your book. Thanks again. Kathy

I think this is a wonderful idea and I believe it is working for me. I have recently decided to break a consistant pattern of partaking in a self-destructive troubling and hurtful relationship. Also, my grandfather is in the process of leaving this world, so there is much pain and confusion surrounding my life right now. There are moments though that I know things will be turn out and knowing that there are people praying for me sure does help! Thank you for this great idea and I hope it brings others the sense of pease and acceptance that it does for me!

Thank you for your profound giving to the Universe. You are an angel to do this for us. I do feel lighter emotionally and am feeling better physically too. Much of the holiday season stress seems to be lifting and being put in perspective. Thank you thank you thank you. You are in my prayers as well.
Love and gratitude,

I believe that everything is connected. My grandmother passed away on Wednesday night. She has been wanting to go, we believe, for a few years now. She has been steadily going downhill, but always had enough will and strength to keep going. As our family was driving up for Thanksgiving (we live 6 hours away), we received the call that she wasn't bouncing back this time. As my mom was preparing to drive down that night, my grandmother must have known and died before my mom had the chance to make the dangerous trip in the snow, late at night, with frazzled nerves. My mom was really upset that she had died alone even though she has had severe Alzheimers for years and hasn't spoken to anyone for just as long. In the immediate mourning process that we individually went through, I tried to picture my grandmother and said I'm sorry you had to be alone. Right then, I had a vision of her in a hosipital bed with about five angels all around her that just surrounded her with light. I t could be just my wishful thinking, but it made me feel better and I shared it with my mom, and she felt better. My mother and I have recently tried to rekindle a good relationship in the past year. During this time, I don't know where it came from, I was able to be comforting and protective of her. We were both surprised at this new interaction between the two of us. I believe that this healing helped with this process - I believe that there are no coincidences. Thank you for this opportunity to share.

Hi Rebbie! I want to thank you for the Thanksgiving Gift you have bestowed on us all. I have been feeling really restless I just don't know what to do with myself. I can now say that I feel more at peace. I feel lighter and more confident. You are a blessing and I am grateful.

This experiment started as I needed it most.
I'm not feeling well emotionally neither phisically.
the first two days of the experiment I slept the entire day and the second day I creid as if I was going to die. Got up this morning feeling all my cells in my body decided to go to the doctor got some medication and looking foward to receive all the healing energy. God Bless and keep in touch.
Miriam Kock-Salazar . ARUBA, D.W.I.

This morning, I felt lighter, more grateful, less gray. Thanks, Kathy

Dear Rebbie! I cannot say 100% shure it's the result exlusively of your experiment, becouse I've been doing manny other things to help me heal my depression which (due to my unemployment and emotional crisis) was touching umberably deep grounds (sometimes it felt like the "dementors" from H.Potter's Azkaban had sucked all the joy of life out of me), but last few days I'm feeling much lighter and my heart is bursting of joy becouse of many good things that are comming to me,for now mainly through internet. It's true,I still cannot see a good job, or my real "twinn-flame" comming my way, but I do hope this web-positivity will spread into the "real world",and soon,too. So, thank you with all my heart, God bless you, and a big hugh! Daniela

As I signed for the project I felt a happiness feeling that was so good on my spirit.
Thank you,

Dear Rebbie,

Thank you for this Thanksgiving gift, blessing. Preparing yesterday's meal seemed effortless - and I was ready a little early, just as everyone was saying they were really hungry.

My symptoms have let up a little.

Thank you,

Many Blessings to you,

Dear Rebbie,

Thank you again for the work you are doing! It is awesome! I have found that issues that usually get focussed on too much for comfort are slipping away with ease and Love, and I am aware of their feather light drift from my consciousness. WOW that's really big! It's becoming easier for me to see that I can focus with you on my alignment with Source, and continue to progress in the creation of a sense of safety, Love and comfort in my thoughts, feelings and well being.I formerly would choose to think experiences to the inth degree, making more of them than they are-so thank you very much for the Loving nudge!

As many have already said, I am experiencing a true sense of joy and emotional freedom. Some things that have been worrying me a little are not bothersome to me these last few days, and I have been able to enjoy (almost) everything. This morning when faced with a difficult conversation with a dear friend, I was able to be honest and compassionate, and more suprisingly to me I was able to let go of the outcome almost instantly. I don't know for sure where exactly all of this is coming from, but I don't feel that I need to, I am happy and grateful for it today. 

Thank you,

Hi Rebbie

I just wanted to say thanks and express my gratitude. Today particularly I have felt so totally peaceful, joyous, happy and well all day. Life just seemed to flow. In the evening  I was in a workshop situation and  expressed my peace and joy to the group ,and that in the end facilitated the whole group becoming more aware of themselves and how they could sacrifice their sense of violation or feeling betrayed, their opinions and their gossiping to just experiencing peace and joy. So thanks once again.

I have been helping my son through a difficult period in dealing with his Dad. I find it difficult to communicate with my ex-husband because of his aggressive nature. I have been practising the law of attraction and being grateful for having this man in our lives, and for all that we have learned because of him. He showed up yesterday, went with our son to his Grade 9 parent/teacher interviews (first time ever!) and was very low key. He and I didn't talk when we met eachother in the school hallway, but the aggressive vibe was not there. Wonderful. Thank you Rebbie. I am attributing the change to this experiment.

Mary (from Canada)

Reading everyone’s comments, I am amazed at the potency as well as diversity of this ‘experiment’!

This past day or so I’ve slowed my pace somewhat, enabling me to take the stress out of situations, having time to assess what is required and how to deal with it in a positive manner.

Also little things, signs almost, that I am on the right track. Spirituality makes even more sense to me now. As well as health; body and soul. Thank you Rebbie!

Hello Rebbie, as with many other comments I have seen here I, too, "forgot" I'd signed up for this blessing and healing but at the time I needed it SO bad and I said a prayer as I signed on. I didn't read any of the comments for two days and I had been wondering what had happened to me that I felt so much lighter. When I saw what others had written it was like a light bulb went off in my mind, Oh Yea, I asked for this. And wonder of wonders, I GOT IT! This season has always been hard for me but I am dealing with it with a much more peaceful attitude. Thank you for the work on my/our behalf and bless you. Margaret

Thank you! This is day 3 for me and my life has transformed into ease. All activities end with the most profound sense of satisfaction and my heart is full of gratitude.
You are an amazing being and thank you for sharing your gifts.

What a loving, wonderful gift you have created for us all. I find my physical pain from recent surgery to be lightened over the past few days of the experiment. What a blessing. Thank you for your gift of healing energy!

Hi Rebbie
I want to thank you so much for this incredible service to people.
I signed up on the first day---and have had much more energy and a brighter outlook since then. Blessings to you and all the folks on the list.


Big Hugs

First thanks to Dr.G for putting me on the site! I may be in a very dark place but others around me have said that I seem to be coming around. Others seem to be seeing something I am waiting to feel. I am still praying for my emotional and physical healing. Thank you!

Its just day one for me, but I do feel good today. Thankyou!

Hi Rebbie,

I think I already signed up for this but in case I didn't, I am doing it
again! What is so strange is that I just clicked onto the link to read some of the results and changes people are experiencing. One of the very first 'testimonials' was from a woman named Margie. She told of her experice of meeting a chiropractor who practices kinesiology, is a medical intuitive etc. I was stunned because just last week, I too, began therapy with a chiropractor who is exactly like the person she is describing! I have been in the holistic healing field for 10 years. Over the past 5 years especially, I have been seeking healing for myself. I have met many wonderful healers and some have been particularly beneficial to me on my journey. But the day I met this man I knew he was going to help me in
ways no one else has been able to do. He is phenomenal. I have felt so hopeful, so free, so positive....more so than ever before in my life. ... I hosted healers and authors from all over, bringing them to my area, providing students for their workshops etc, in the hope that through their presence I could find the key. But finally, through the grace of God, I heard about Andre Camelli. He is absolutely magnficent.  Whether I signed up for your experiment before today or not, I am sharing this story with you because I feel so wonderful. Now that I am signed up FOR SURE, I will share any and all blessings that come to me in the future.
Thank you for your wonderful work!
Blessings to you!

... We both experienced a leap of healing and relief from pain, swelling, etc in those 4 days. I do feel the difference today so I would like to know how we maybe receive more healing since the pain seems to be coming back.

Thank-you again and if there is anything we  can do to continue this work please let us know.

Dear Rebbie, Like many others I was also waiting to be sure that the changes that are happening are true. So they are. I have been at Peace with myself for a long time, but there were deep hidden, covered up painful memories which are coming to the surface and asking for transformation. At times I feel Peace Supreme !! It is wonderful. Thank you for your help and atonement to carry on with love and understanding with all of the other staff. I believe what we give out in good intention  will return manifold. Have a wonderful Thanks giving with Gratitude


today felt lighter, happier and more focused. Thank you and my patients and co workers thank you

Thank you for the gift of peace and harmony. I had felt like I was once again entering the dark night of the soul and I can honestly say that there has been a tremendous shift and spiritually I feel more at peace and my health issues are changing and I am feeling an alignment with my guides and a peacefulness that is enterning into my being once again. Things that were hurtful or overwhelming are no longer feeling like a twisted ball of twine and it is all starting to unravel and with the unraveling I can feel my foundation once again. I can not thank you enough today was a bright and beautiful day and through all the craziness it was shining through. Cindy

There is "hip" reply used by many members of the Black community to indicate that we understand each other, it goes like this, "I can feel you."
Well I can definitely feel the effects of your efforts and genuine intention for my healing.
I have been more mindful of my blessings, more hopeful about the future, and more generous with my time. My improved outlook and attitude have manifested as less pain with an improved appearance.
It is working for me.
My friends, relative, and clients have recognized the change.
There are no coincidences,
Ar Lena

The first day I felt some mild energy and was more energetic. In the rest I seemed to feel I received blocks of light and energy in the early hours of the morning before dawn. I have noticed more stamina in situations that I expected to exhaust me during the holidays, also have had more ease in bypassing or removing certain blocks I have been trying to work on during meditation. Have had at least 2 breakthroughs on issues that had been eluding me to resolve. General health issues have improved and generally feel more aligned. I am extremely grateful for all the good that has occurred on all these levels this week. I thank you and all who participate in this. It is ...working. Smiles, Sunny (Maureen)

Hello Rebbie...yes....I too have been feeling more hopeful and positive.the last few days....and I am out here in LA ...from winning a singing contest....and have stayed longer.. and connections in the music business seem to be coming magically easy!!!!!

Thank you for involving me! The last two days I feel more energetic and more joy than I did past weeks! Reading all this lovely messages, I can clearly see this is working for lots of people! Much love and light from the Netherlans, Ryo

I work in construction and the weather has been realy bad we get soaking wet every day, well i got home on Friday 24th Nov and i became ill with flue but by the following day Saturday i was feeling much better so much so i was able to write this email, i think maybe your healing helped me recover more quickly than i would normaly.
I thank you and send you Gods love from a Reiki Master and earth healer.
Merry x mas from Weymouth Dorset U.K.

After joining your group, I did a reiki treatment on my dog. He was much improved the next day. Putting me in alignment, may hav e helped passing the healing on to him. His name is Velcro. If you are aligning
animals, I would like to add him to your list

Thank you!

I have been in the midst of many relatives and their dramas and have been able to stay in control of my health issue.



I do feel lighter and more energized with every day. thank you


Rebbie, I became aware of how sluggish my body is from excess weight. I set my intention to create a healthy, nourished body. Blessings and shalom, Debra

I feel so positive and balanced today, the wellness is astounding. I have been working on the Laws of Attraction for over a month after watching the Secret movie and not sure where the wellness and stability is coming from, thank you for your attention. Namaste

Dear Rebbie,
Thank you very much for what you are doing. I started feeling relaxed & calm after being tensed for a very long time. What a releif...!!!

Please do continue your healing. We really do appreciate it.

Rebbie, The beautiful energy that came through the Thanksgiving gathering of my family and my daughters family was the best ever. The joy, harmony and love that filled the house was more than anyone could ask for. Thank you for the jhe process, it is a working miracle.

hi---realized that i didn't stick to the agreement of not getting into detail about a problem---have to tell you though--after reading about adding my last name i have noticed a 100% improvement in my mood and sense of self--so thanks again for ALL that you do

Thank you for a few days of relative calm amongst many relatives! The holiday of Thanksgiving we shared with many and it was better than I could have expected. Keep it up and I will do my part by getting out of the way of my own healing.

Hi Rebbie,
I have been with the experiment from the beginning and now in the 5th day looking back see various changes. Mostly what seems to be is the answers appear before me of what is needing to happen for the solution. I am connecting with those things that are helping to make things connect, finding the sources that are necessary for the healing. Yes I am seeking them out and maybe the action is the key to what is needing to happen. the movement is here now...and mercury is almost complete with being retrograde ;-D What is it that needs to happen to be a part of the solution instead of part of the problem?
In light and love,
from the stars to the center of our hearts
Sharon Sweet

I have been feeling so much better! My energy has shot way up ... through the power of good wishes and the healing energy from my loved ones and the jhe experiment.
I turned a corner today as my appetite came back and I am ready to live life to the fullest!

Thank you for the opportunity to participate in your experiment. I have felt a significant reduction in pain with a recent injury. I don't know if it is coincidence with my doing rehab exercise or your healing. I would like to think it is the healing. Keep it coming. Thanks.

dearest rebbie,

your wonderus healing powers continue to amaze me...reflecting on this past week, i can see the little miracles that have happened so seemlessly that i can only realize them in retrospect....despite the numerous frustratations of my personal "here and now", i see that most of the turmoil (self imposed) has come from "attachment to outcome", which i think is the gift of your experiment...IE: non-attachment to outcome equals peace and joyful self-expression....the floating cork, rather than the one forced under water...only this has all been done subconsiously with your aid....i know that when i try to "mediatate" myslef into this state it does not happen very easily.....a little upsetting, because i would love to keep this "state of being" up and running...i like feeling the lightness of being!! thanks you again for being such an earth angel......lois

Mahalo nui loa for the love, time and energy you so generously give. I am feeling better and better each day. I am more focused, centered and as a result am feeling much more comfortable in my body. My spirits soar with joy and delight.

In great gratitude,
Denni Grace

Thank you Rebbie. I do a lot of work in my dreams & have been progressing towards stripping away & healing the experiences that have shadowed my inherent beingness.
Last night,I was shown the status/progress of my work or my true energy body. It was amazing as most of what was relayed to me came through feeling. Of course now most of us know true & quick manifesting can only use this path from thought to feeling to expression. Guess it's still a little unfamiliar, but with time I feel I will recognize this as the normal expression.
Anyway, the point is so much of the falseness we build around our physical bodies to deguise our true beingness had disappeared. It affects me & I have observed others, by a new feeling of lightness & clarity. A higher vibration that is consistent & present. In my dream state I reviewed a couple of areas that still had the heaviness attached to expressions I created that were not in alignment. These were in the process of disenigrating too. I believe I was shown these past misalignments so that my feeling body would recognize when I was expereincing or creating without alignment & not for my highest good. It was a significant breakthru.
Thank you for including me in this experiment. I feel the extra help from you & your combining with the collective, was the straw that pushed my own work over the hump & helped it manifest. Keep up the good work.
I AM I, In Gratitude & With Love,
Susette Mare` Weiss

Thank you for offering this experience. Since being a part of this I have had two instances where I would normally react with negative emotion. However, I am feeling very calm and relaxed. I attribute this to being in touch with universsal intention. I have a feeling that all is well.

Hello Rebbie,

I started participation in this experiment three days ago. I noticed results right from the start each time I consciencely thought about you. Then this morning, while still not yet awake, I noticed that I was changing my posture while I was sleeping.

Upon awakening, I felt a previously problematic place in my lower spine move (this was a very welcome realignment - and with that release also came some past grief that hadn't been released yet- I cried and prayed about my gratitude at the same time).

Today I am pain free and have been able to go about my day without any of the limitations that I usually have continuously.

I can not put into words how wonderful this is for me.
Thank You Thank You!

Dear Rebbie!!
I already posted my reaction a few days ago. Still feeling good + with a lot of energy!! I also included my parents and they're much more relaxed and energetic, my father is working a lot more on his paintings (when he doesn't feel well, he stops painting) and the colours he's using look a lot lighter than usual... And yesterday he started his day singing!! 
I ordered your book but wasn't able to download the free audio. since it will take some time to arrive over here (Belgium), I'd love to have this audio sample to do the alignment while waiting for the book, would that be possible?
Anyway, THANKS VERY MUCH!! Wonderful way to get your work out!!

I feel the healing everyday at the time I believe that you send it. I feel the power, the love and joy. However it does not seem to last through the day. Interesting...

This is day 6 and the wave of energy that changed was so obvious that it just made me stop and sit in peace with it. I was amazed at how I handled a situation and it turned out to be a benefit to me and the people involved. Thanks Rebbie for this jhe experiment, and thanks for you. Many Blessings, Gale

Hi Rebbie -

This may not seems like a "result" on the level of some/most of the others, and for me, it is a great one... I have been scouring the internet for a reasonable flight to KY for the holidays... $350+ is not in my budget!... Today, I booked a flight to Indianapolis - not Louisville, and very close ... for $146 ROUND TRIP!!! I call that a miracle! Plus, my mother, who has many health issues, and whom I included on the list, sounds and says she feels stronger and better than she has for a long, long time! I call that a miracle, too... and, my friend is here in LA visiting me and we have found venues for her to perform w/such ease it is amazing... yet another miracle! Plus, I have some health issues, too, which have improved remarkably during this time!

Thank you for giving me and my loved ones the opportunity to be a part of such a powerful and effective experiment!

Thank you for this beautiful energy. I have really noticed a lightness since I joined the experiment, and a strong sense of my authentic beingness. Much positive energy and beautiful love given and received.

I just wanted to say that I added my name on day 3 and have found an assisting template of effortlessness and ease this past few days. Facing a point of conflict in a relationship, I was able to move through a necessary healing experience (not be taken out of conflict like in escapism fantasy) as with assisting forces. Lessons were learned and trust and faith in my inner truth were realized. Thank you for your abundant sharing; your example of generosity is profound,


November is ususally a difficult month for me and I started with depression.  It  has been lifted and I feel great.  Thank you.

... I do wish to share with you that my physical condition has continued to improve and I feel more balanced and centered than I have in years. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR DOING THIS EXPERIMENT. I AM GRATEFUL beyond words. I am going to download and/or purchase your book. Whatever this work is it WORKS for me and I want to start practicing it immediately. Bless you 10 times over!

Hello Rebbie,

I have voted 'not sure' , but I also mean 'I think so ' that I have benefitted, and I really appreciate your kind offer.. and that encourages me to 'do my stuff ' as in sit on the cushion and tune in ..

so thankyou and there is one more day also ..


Hi Rebbie,
           I joined this experiment right at the beginning ... I have been working on healing for a while now and this just came about at the just right time for me!  I must say, that nothing much happened for the first few days, but since Friday, I have noticed a MARKED change in the physical pain I have been experiencing for the last couple of months!  The pain has improved to such an extent, that today for the first time in weeks, I was able to go shopping with a friend and not be in excruciating pain within mere moments!  As a matter of fact, we were out for several hours, with no deleterious effects :)  Thank you so much for making this available to us!


Hi Rebbie,
I signed up for this project the day before you began sending out the healings. I've been involved in healing and inner work for a while now, so your offer of healing came at the right time for me. I've been experiencing some physical pain for about 2 months now, and noticed today that the pain has subsided a great deal in the last 2 days! Thank you for that ... and for your very generous offer. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!
In Gratitude,

wow thank you

i have had a great week everything feels like it has just fallen into place i get it all of a sudden.i had a spontanious kundalini awakening 6 1/2 years ago (its been interesting)this week i feel like i have been put back together ,and can finally move forward, can visulize better meditate deeper etc etc thank you

Dear dear Rebbie,
thank you, thank you from the bottom of my hart!
I am doing many things to heal from a severe depression, but sins the beginning of the experiment things are going faster and faster!!! Evry day my fillings of Lightness, Gratitude, Joy, Hoop, Understanding and Love grow and grow!!! It is wonderful!!! I am scure you are helping mi very very muck! Thank you again!
Lot's of Love, god blessyou!

Wow what a wonderful response to an AMAZING experiment! I feel so much LIGHTER and JOY has emerged and lots of creative rushes of inspiration .. I have to carry a notebook to put down all the inspiration so I can carry through with the ideas. Whatever you're doing wish you could keep doing it, I have'nt felt so good for a long time.
Thank you so much .. it's awesome!!
Jillian/ Australia

Thank you, Rebbie, I had a great result.  I feel noticably calmer, happier,
less cranky
and demanding (my pattern lately) since I signed up.  Since
the day I signed up!
It was so kind of you to do this. 

Thank you! I am Grateful! I have experienced, energy, strength, peace, and comfort, and nothing has bothered me in all the difficult tasks at hand.

I injured my back about a month ago and have had limited mobility and pain since the incident. About 3 days into your experiment, I woke up feeling high...almost as if I were on drugs...and pain free for most of the day. The night before, I had dreamed I was taking copious amounts of cotton out of my ears and could hear so much better after. The feeling of being high passed by the evening, and while I will occassionally turn in such a way that my back reminds me to be careful, the pain levels have not returned. The only thing different in my life was being a part of your experiment. I thank you for my relief and for your generosity! Many Blessings....

The results are MARVELOUS! Your 'experiment' brought much joy, lightness and positive feelings to many. Whatever your thoughts are on this I am anxious to hear them! Thank you for including me on this powerful journey.

I felt such a surge of enthusiasm and energy flowing through me Sunday evening, when telling my friend about my recent experiences with free-form group dancing on Sunday morning. I usually contact the inner Self at least once while dancing. However, this past Sunday it happened 3 different times with 3 different dancers. The surge of energy and enthusiasm was still with me that night, even after I came home and rested. I attribute this to the jhe experiment. Thank you so much!

My results were 'different', but still impressive to me. I didn't write because my results seemed to go backwards! Please bear with me to the end. I was feeling great and everything was going along fine, then Thanksgiving Day was awful, and the next 2 days were worse. All of a sudden I had these people in my life that were angry, depressing, and hurtful. I felt terrible, and depresssed.
I had been looking for an EFT praticitioner, yet I was low on funds. Still, I emailed one in my area and she agreed to work with me for a barter exchange! And all of the things that caused those 'terrible feelings' were exactly the things I was being shown that need to be worked on in the session. It was issues I had not dealt with from childhood and I believe they were all brought into my life in these few days to show me what I needed to address in my EFT session on Tuesday. I am now very excited at my session and feel great joy in knowing that I KNOW what areas of my life to work on. What a strange way of working out, but doesn't the Universe work in mysterious ways?

Thank you for inviting me to the healing! Even though it's foggy and gloomy outside, Inside the fog and gloom have finally lifted. It's wise and wonderful of you to be doing this work and gathering us in to work with you and each other. I think it will have a profound effect.
I look forward to reading your book.
Wishing you Light and Love Without End.

I ran into your website following links to the law of attraction and my 6th sense. I've been doing reiki (2nd degree) for a couple of years and i'm familiar with distant healing, but had no idea what your experiment was about! I just jumped in waiting for some textbook or instructions. And nothing came... Now i can see better though :) So this was the reason i had sooo much energy today! The faculty i teach is in the suburbs and hard to get to and fro, but i had a lift to the metro today from a co-worker, nice surprise (somehow it never happened before). And came home to see my boyfriend preparing dinner :) But it all didn't mean much until i read the comments here and realized what your thanksgiving gift was in the first place! :)) Well thank you sooo much Rebbie! Bless you!

Thank you for your healing alignment. The clarity continues and I am balancing health with contribution and service through my work. Blessings and shalom, Debra

Thank you Rebbie.

My partner commented on Sunday at brunch that 
I looked young, rested and healthy.

I will attribute it to your alignment week.

A thousand thanks,

Dear Robbie,

Thank you for inviting me to the healing! (and I thanked me for choosing to participate with you,haha) From day 1, I felt the discomfort and some pain around my neck area and I realized that those are the area of my body to be aligned more. In fact, it has getting better and better everyday since then. No wonder you had been working as a chiropractor before!! 

Wow, you are a powerful healer indeed!!!
In deep love,

I wanted to express my deep gratitude for your offering of healing energy. I have a lot of healing work done, so at first, I could not discern any difference (and, also, I picked up a bug). However, today, what became very apparent to me is the deep deep sense of peace that is within the core of my being.

Thank You and Blessings



hello! Here I am again, to tell you something about my day today: I took up a course a few weeks ago, couldn't find the energy nor the time to do my I díd actually...feeling my true self again! In gratidude, Ryo

i have felt better since i signed up for the experiment. I have no specifics but it has been an overall "feeling better". I do believe in 'distant healing' so this just validates this for me.

Thank you again Rebbie. I have been experiencing a true sense of peace & relaxation. A calmness that is centered. I was so excited about the progress in some other areas that I attruibuted to your healing work that I almost overlooked this subtle yet strong & consistent energy that is now flowing thur me & all around me. To totally relax without Guilt,was not part of my past. Guess that's why I couldn't put my finger on this new feeling of peace & contentment. Wow, to really relax without concern of anything but the present moment which seems to be fine without my interference is a true luxury for me. Thank you for this gift. My experiences may not seem significant to most, but perhaps it would if you knew that I am totally disabled & have been solely taking care of myself, my financial needs, my legal & medical trials, & helping others when asked. Before that I did international business in photographic imaging & media communications in bot h commercial & medical fields along with teaching children to Dr.'s, Government officicals & such in various aspects or consultation. Not doing 16 things at once seemed very abnormal.
So again thank you. True Peace & Relaxation has been a rare experience. I intend to continue in that state & make it my Norm.
I Am, In Gratitude & With Love,
Susette Mare`

My [painful] hips are improving and
I have had a breakthrough in my belief system
. When I was a child, both parents took their lives and I didn't realize that I didn't feel entitled to the things I want because of guilt. Now, hopefully, that block is gone and I can allow the good things i want into my life.

Hi Rebbie,
I felt very Happy and content with myself
Things that I usualy get upset about did not bother me that much.

I felt aligned with my inner self

I am grateful to you for this gift.


Dear Rebbie,
While I am certainly feeling better and a strong intention to accomplish my goals, I am also feeling profound gratitude to you for taking the time and expending the energy to give of your loving and healing heart to so many others. There is no way that people have not received what you have offered, whether they feel it or not. We can never receive too much love or healing. You are gracious. Thank you again, and I know you will receive ten-fold what you have given out.

Hi Rebbie: You re an earth angel! Not sure if we can post our comments twice but I hope the answer is yes, as I d like to let you know how great, fantastic and totally empowering the jhe experience has been for me. Its unbelievable! The issue I had set my intentions on to work, is dissipated and emotionally, my resistance to it was decreased each day of the experiment, until today, the last day, I am at peace with that situation, feel so light about it, and know that I am always supported, protected and loved by the Universe! I have let go of the issue and surrendered it to the loving care of the Divine Spirit. I want to tahnk you again, for your endless love you give to us so generously.I wish there was one of you here in Toronto! I d love to attend and take ALL your courses! Your compassion and unconditional love in the healing and service you provide to us is evident in the fact that now, I have "known" you for almost a year. You are a blessing to me, and to t he world. Keep up and keep at it Rebbie. We all need your wisdom, compassion, love - and one more thing I love about you is your humility. You ve taught me a great deal in this one year and I joyfully look to learning more from you! Love and Light to you always, with gratitude.

Thank you Rebbie, I could definitely feel the wonderful healing presence of love and light. For me, I felt a surge of energy early afternoon each day (eastern standard time).

I have very grateful for your gift.


Dear Rebbie,

I do know that I felt lower back pain to some degree. It was as if I was adjusted. I came aboard late so I am not sure I received all the day experiment. I do believe something has happened, but I can't say what. Thank you for working on me.

It DID work wonders....

Dear Rebbie

Thank you so much again and again for the distant healing session. I am sure I did receive your healing in that I seem to have found direction at this late stage in life (49!!).  I was almost like a headless chick living for the day without much direction and it looks as if the clouds are clearing and able to see light.  I still have not bought your book but I will order it within the next few days.  I can only thank you from the bottom of my heart but I wish I was near enough to do it in person. NZ is a long way and who knows, I may generate sufficient Karma to facilitate a journey to meet you.

May you be blessed with excellent health, happiness and prosperity.

Warmest regards


Even before this jhe experiment, I felt the most amazing wave of love come through one of your e-mails that I opened. I love you, believe in you and know that the work you are doing is helping others. That's all that matters. I find so much joy in dancing and in chanting God's name. For me, the perfect life would be traveling around the world chanting Hari Rama, Hari Krishna! (If you can coach me in manifesting this dream, I'd like to talk to you.)

Many blessings are on the way to you dear one!

With great love and affection,

Hi - just wanted to let you know that I noticed a positive effect on my emotional state pretty quickly after signing up. I have to say I had no idea what to expect & was impressed to say the least! What an awesome idea! I hope the experiment turned out well & you'll do something like this again.

Hi Rebbie,
As a fellow healer, I am always interested in new approaches to allowing the body/soul/mind/heart to heal itself. Since I am in a transition at this time, and regularly work with healing energies, it is difficult to say which is the causative agent.
I will say that I awoke Sunday feeling very well rested, and at peace, which after periods of intense activity, and learning/teaching/growing, my being sorely needed. It feels that came from this work. Thank you so much for sharing it with others. Many blessings, Kalama

Since the experiment, I have felt an augmented level of peace, inner strength and calm. On a thought level, my thoughts were calmer, slower and positive. I seemed to have a more bird's eye view of things which allowed me to have more equanimity and not get caught up. On an emotional level, I felt more connected to joy, more openness and forgiveness (I was able to overlook things I normally reacted to). One of many results of this improvement in emotional and thought levels, is the affirmative way that friends and family have responded to me. Because my senses were heightened, I seemed to be more present and available, and also knew exactly what to say or offer without being prompted... Therefore, people who may typically be more withholding became more generous with me.

Through the middle of the experiment, I decided to take advantage of the "limitless" state I was in, so I put in both artistic & spiritual work the next days. Again, the outcome here was also prolific as I was able to be productive and "leaped" in both areas. 15 pieces of art (which will be holiday presents) and the ability to quickly embody sophisticated spiritual readings. So many good things came to me because I was clearer.

Whatever I could imagine wanting or needing this week, I received... even down to this detail: I was at the public library and wanted to print four pages of spiritual readings that would have cost fifteen cents each. The librarian handed me a copy card that another patron had forgotten. It had exactly the value of sixty cents what I needed.

Thank you for including me in this gesture of goodwill, Rebbie. I thank you for myself and on behalf of anyone that counts on me. I have a reference for a new normal that I will keep up. (I don't believe I posted my last name yet these things still happened.)


Hi Rebbie,

I was not able to document each day as I work three jobs and was quite exhausted at the end of each day. Here is what I can tell you in a lump sum!

The first day I had forgot quite honestly just when the YOFA was starting. But I do remember an inner voice telling me that I needed to find balance, that balance was important "right" now, an inner urgency for balance thru-out the day. The next day I remeber feeling lighter mentally, a clearer perception during my day. The third day was a 16 hour working two jobs days so all I felt was back pain! The fourth day was a frustrating day for me because nothing at all seemed to be going right at work. It seemed that every possible thing, even the easiest was giving me issue, but I didn't seem to get as frazzled as I normally would. I felt as tho I was finding my balance and harmony. The fifth day was another long day, but I didn't seem to mind it, I had this inner peace and calm that carried with me. I still hurt at the end of the day from 14 hours physical labor. The sixth day I felt the lightness, spiritually, mentally and physically, which has engulfed my being ever since. Today was even more awareness, lightness, and calmness at those things which would have sent me over the edge. And coming from a woman who is going thru the wretched throes of mental-pause, this was quite a feat you performed. My hat's off to you for doing this wonderful thing. I am basking in the glow and truly, I appreciate you! Should you do this again, I would like to be included (one job is now over so I can use meditation during this time and completely recieve the vibes/goodwill you are sending out.)

I wish you many beautiful tomorrows~

I felt a continuing peace during this holiday and an actual excitement for its coming. My family was to meet my fiance, that is a direct product of following Rebbies Manifest The Perfect Relationship course back in February.
At Thanks giving I just had fun, then during dinner, I wasnt overdoing it or anything, but suddenly I felt sick, and had to get rid of what I had eaten. My fiance came to sit with me and helped me during and after. What a fantastic feeling of love and caring. I laid down for an hour to rest, everyone else had by that time gone home, so we then went off to our place to sleep. I had one of the best sleeps ever. Woke up fine. My only regret is that I missed an awesome dessert... Since then, had a pleasant rest of the week. Not aware of any giant shift, or manifestation of my intention. I am very patient though.
Love to all,
Robert from California

Hives were gone in a matter of hours on the day you send me your energy. I was really plagued by them.

Hi Rebbie...

Thank you...I am processing a very big loss and it is helping me immensely. TQ from the bottom of my heart.

Dear Rebbie,

Firstly thank you and what a ride it certainly has been. The first day I signed up which was early morning I was buzzing I felt likenmy body was pulsating at a much quicker pace in anticipation of something great coming round the corner. Later that evening I developed bad stomach cramps and a lot of excess gas. This continued for the rest of the four days of the experiment and then lastnight it all came to a head and I had the runs from the moment I got home right through the night until this morning - I felt absolutely awful and empty. Later this morning my cramps are residing but I feel like I have been on one heck of a journey that has completely cleared me out. I feel exhausted. About two weeks ago I did two angel card readings and I pulled the same card twice! This card was the 'Detoxification' card and I am wondering whether this experiment has forced my body into detox as I have not been able to drink any alcohol, for some reason I have been turned off all dairy products and it seems my system has rid it self of all the bad things it was holding inside.

Very interesting....

With Love

Sorry to post so late. For the first time in a long time Thanksgiving went by without any major emotional baggage. Lately I've been on a journey to align myself with the creator. Taking small steps here and there, facing my fears and becoming a better person for it. That's what brought me hear, another step.
I can honestly say that most of my previous Thanksgivings have been full of emotional outburst of all kinds. Starting from inside and directed outward towards my loved ones. This past week was quite remarkable. Looking back I did feel an inner peace I haven't felt in a long time. The times when I felt negative thoughts I also felt a strong presence that exstinguished all the anger. The days went by fast, faster than I thought possible. I did feel something, quietly in back talking to me, guiding me.

Thank you for the support, prayers and compassion.

Thank you very much for this interesting and generous experiment.

For myself, I can't be sure what benefit was received from it as I have been working in a number of other ways. However, on the first day I did experience a lightness that is unusual. I thought, "wow - I can't wait for the rest of the days." But then I sort of crashed - and that is rather typical as I seem to have a lot of resistance to whatever healing technique is applied to whatever area of my life. Somehow my belief system (way down deep where I don't know where it's coming from) overrides the progress with a negative, a falling back into old self-destructive patterns.

I'm working on releasing these blocks, and as a result, I believe, old junk comes up. Kind of like the "healing crisis" one sometimes experiences when a natural remedy (like herbs) causes a release of toxins and one has symptoms of the thing one is trying to heal. So I think one should not dismiss the effectiveness of any modality just because you don't immediately feel like a new person. I'm sure that sometimes that does indeed happen, but often it takes some time for the results to make themselves known. And not only time, but perhaps some discomfort in the process. So, though in a way this week might seem like a failure for me - I've been mostly depressed and sluggish and "blah" feeling - there have also been moments of feeling progress is being made. I give thanks for the process and know I am moving in the right direction - however slowly and with however many reversals. The spiral does continue, and while one might seem to be "back whe re we started" we are a few degrees higher than before. And as for your contribution to my progress, I do believe we are all connected and that anything anyone does with the intent of serving another, that "other" must benefit in some way, and each (perhaps tiny) increment has an effect for the good.

This is a good thing you have done for all of us. Thank you very much. I send you many blessings and hugs and very best wishes for ongoing success, happiness, and prosperity.

Thanks again.


I asked for help in receiving free lance editing work to supplement my teaching at UC Irvine. I need this base right now to provide me with time to write my book about my amazing spiritual journey ... and begin a new phase of my creativity. While this is a process that takes time to manifest, what I felt during the last four days I was a part of this experiment was a greater feeling of clarity toward what steps I should be taking next, a sense of peace that all my needs will be provided for, and a strong sense of all I plan to do as part of fulfilling my mission in this life. I feel supported by my spiritual allies in a new way and a great excitement and joy about what I will be doing next in my life. Ideas have been coming thick and fast. I also put my cat Moonbeam on the list. She was having some health challenges. Today, she is back to her old self and feeling very good and happy. Thank you for your generous gift, and may you be blessed and walk in joy .

I thank you for the wonderful JHE Experiment. When I stopped to take the time to think about the energy I had huge releases of stress

Have a wonderful day!

it truly amazes me how calm I have been about everything during this experiment. I seemed to be able to handle life much easier. I didn't get anxious or upset about anything and I had an overwhelming feeling to just go with the flow. I now hope that I can continue this feeling. I can't thank you enough for this experience.

Dear Rebbie...Last week I was going through ALOT of was sweet...although it didn't feel like it at the time. I signed up for the experiment for the purpose of moving out of that experience more quickly. The morning after I signed hope and vitality flowed through me, and also an understanding
of the dynamics that were in place that allowed me to experience that "Contrast". It was great. I know that it was a combination of your energies working on my behalf...and my desire to focus on what feels better that got me through that so quickly. 
So, thank you! I think it is   great thing to focus on the highest well-being of all that want it. You are doing some good works!

Well, I felt something. I thought at first it was being off for the holidays or being up in the mountains at a family member's home, but when I came back to work yesterday, I had the best day in a long time ( not the physical aspect of work--it was a long, hard day).
I could chalk it up to coincidence, but I don't believe in coincidence anymore.
Xo, I think something is at work here. I'm going to enjoy it and let others figure it out!

I am not sure I felt anything special, but I have been feeling good during the experiment. The one change that could be related to it is that I don't seem to react to cats as I usually do. During the last week, I have not experienced any of my typical allergic symptoms. I will have to see what happens when I am exposed to cats for a longer period. I hope this lasts!
Thank you!

My honest answer is " I just don't know". I had a very challenging week and I did feel that I managed to find a much higher flow (needed it) and to return to balance quickly after experiencing some turbulence. I guess the scientist in me demands proof and the sage in me says I don't need any. I will add though, my partner and I reached a new level and by Sunday we were working together to establish what we truly wish to express now, and finding that a lot of new stuff is waiting to be born and where we have been all
year is ready for removal. It happened quickly and spontaneously - it wasnt' as though we stressed over it, it just kind showed up.   I do want to add though, that any and all of those dear souls - especially
you just now - who consciously hold a high clear note for others, ARE making a difference and ARE blessing us all. It's a question of perception of the one that receives or not, but a fact that the giver is giving.

Love and Light

Thanks Rebbie for the oportunity, I joined in towards the end of the session but still gained great benefit from it, yesterday I really had a cleansing day and all day long it happened so that today I am back to the real me again; as a healer myself I know exactly where you are cominmg from and appereciate time and energy you have spent on so many others "enlightening the world" so to speak. Thankyou once againe from me in Newe Zealand and on behalf of those who wanted to but never got around to their replies.

Thanks Rebbie re your YOFA experiment - it has been a ride and a half at my end and I was grateful for the healing and the updates daily. 

My thanks and gratitude again - love and light to you....

I joined in on the 3rd day of the experiment, referred by my mum, open but not expectant.
Reflecting, on reading the next days mailing, I realised I had experienced the previous 24 hours with a much greater sense of "flow" and ease which had been missing from my life for a while.
It's been quite a turbulent week, all up, but at the end of it, I feel some great and significant shifts have occurred, both within me and those around me.
Thank you including me in this beautiful experiment.

Hello Rebbie~
Thank you so much! I can't really find words to describe the experience. I feel FEARLESS~that's as close as I can say it in words. Nothing in my outer situation has changed and EVERYTHING has changed.I feel connected to my source, I feel safe, I feel whole. I am tremendously grateful for this gift you have given me.
Blessings to you

I feel transformed with an aura of protection and clarity.
My physical appearance, pain creativity, hope, peace, gratitude, concentration and energy have exponentially improved, since embarking on this journey.
This experiment has made visible and invisible changes in me, i.e. physical, spiritual, emotional, financial, and professional.
Thank you from my soul.
May all the goodness that you
inspired return to you ten-fold.
Re-wired and re-newed,
Ar Lena

I had challenging situations to deal with and came back to myself within a short time without the angst going on for long..

Dear Rebbie,
Thank you SO much! I've passed through some testing times with peace and contentment. What a feeling! Thank you again and may you always be blessed!

2nd posting but had to add that in Yoga classes this week I celebrate freedom from some niggling areas .. lumbar,left hip and left heel/arch which was a specific problem I had in mind when I signed on to experiment! Generally feel SOO much lighter and freer in body, mind and spirit!
Jillian / Australia

Hi Rebbie
I couldn't get back to you earlier, sorry I was away. Just wanted to let you know I kind of forgot about the experiment 'till I got home and I do beleive  it has helped me because I was travelling and could just relax int the flow of things although This way af travelling was new to me and I wondered why I  was so relaxed and had no worries underway!!!!! Maybe this has helped!
Thankyou for the work you are doing!

actually i did feel alot of things, hence not replying sooner. my life is resembling a theme park, and the rides are switched to fast and high. this week i've experienced a pulling-together of lots of threads. i've had added confidence. although i was already unfurling at quite a speeded-up rate, this last month, with various unexpected helpers turning up, this week i've been able to step into a forgotten part of myself. it can be summed-up, sort of, by just this fact, that i've had added confidence, so i must have felt more supported than ever. i've loved being aware, these last few days, that you were there somewhere helping me. thankyou very much, rebbie. this week, i've learned about copyright and started typing my 100 poems(had never counted them before!) onto the computer. i've re-discovered my reiki healing and been asked to send to 4 people already,which i've felt confident enough to do. i've managed to spend some positive time with my ex partner, and affirmed our friendship.whilst parenting, helping discuss problems in the workplace,which are still unresolved, and househunting. but i feel good, like i can do all of it, one step at a time. thankyou for your support,love , i think you must have a time-turner to be able to communicate with so many people.

Yes : It is STILL working.

The time of this experienment was very hectic for me. I selected a physical sensation to heal... and come to think of it, I haven't thought about it. The bigger thing that has happened, is I have taken Gigantic spiritual step over this period of time. My reality shifted, and is just now settling back down. I'm very grateful to have participated in this experiment - as I'm believing this participation has enabled me to take these steps from a centered place, allowing love to be my guide. Thank You.

Hi Rebbie, this is the experience I had during the experiment.
I felt light, very light and happy during that week. I still do!!!
The things I usualy get very upset about, did not bother me as much as before. I felt aligned with my Innerself.
I am very grateful to you for this gift...


It was an amazing week of living honorably from the heart. I have dumped old patterns of nurturance that have kept me serious and contained. I feel aided by many wonderful beings and you are indeed ONE of them.

Continued blessings to you, powerful lady!

Thank you so very, very much for the healing gift! Although I was late in signing up for the group healing, it did not come too late for me. At first, I did not feel anything, however, late Sunday evening and continuing through to the present, I felt and feel a sense of peace, calm and happiness. There is no better feeling than one of peace!

Again, Rebbie, thank you for this most precious gift! I wish you many blessings!

All my best,


The benefit to me was amazing. Relief of pain, worry, fear, and physical symptoms of dis-ease in the physical body. Feeling aligned with the high
in a totally different way, a total calmness in the emotional body.

Thank you, Rebbie, for your love offerings to all of us. I feel so good about everything in my life, which is a complete turn-around from just a week ago. Not only that, I am busy with all my projects and actually accomplishing, doing, and being in a way I've always dreamed of, and finally experiencing with overall success. I've been working with the exercises in your book, and notice a great desire for ongoing, continuous physical alignment in every activity. It feels so good to sit up straight and be aware of all three axis. Great experiment. Thank you, Clyde

Hi Rebbie,

Thank you so much for the healing energy you sent to all of us !!
Was telling myself that I'm too busy to post my comments - then when I felt that my silence may be taken as "I felt nothing" - I very much wanted to convey how much I've benefited and how different I feel this week !!

I have been getting such wonderful insights this past week, and - wonder of wonders - I've been recording them too !! This means so much to me - used to feel stuck - it seems like I've found the way out - the fogginess of my mind is clearing up and fast !! I feel as if, on my Spiritual Path, I'm racing now and there is no stopping me, and of course there is no going back.

Thank you so much, once again. Wish I could give you something in return, but definitely The Universe will rush in to give you Its blessings...

Lots & Lots of Luv,
- Sujatha

Hello! Thanks for allowing me to participate and thanks for your healing gift. I voted yes and felt something, and even though it was subtle, it was a clear indication of something good. Maybe some people felt more, yet some relief is good and I know the experiment was working. I too felt lighter, had more energy, and felt better than I have in a while. It's great to feel more positive energy that makes it easier to attract good things.

I have been feeling happier this week than i have in a long while, like the clouds are starting to lift a little bit. Thank you for letting me participate in your jhe experiment, i have downloaded the first chapter of your book

Dr Rebbie,
Thank you for sharing your time, energy and so much love! I was reading your book during this experiment, and I must say that every yogi should read this. It's been such an eye-opener for me in so many levels! The visual components in the book have been so helpful with my inner alignment, and am feeling rooted in the now. Thank you and bless you!


Hi Rebbie,
Thanks so much for allowing me to be a part of this experiment. At first, I came down with a cold the day after I signed up (Friday) and felt really lousy! Then I read your email about adding last names, and I did, and felt a wave of peace, but still physically felt awful. Then on Tuesday I had a huge release and felt great in all areas! A very short-lived cold!
I hope you do more of this! Thank you!!

Namaste again, I remembered that I had an opening in my breathing last Wednesday before Thanksgiving, and have been enjoying deeper, longer breathing during Ujjayi pranayama. Tonight was my first yoga class since the experiment, and my savasana was extraordinary in that I felt electricity in my root, third eye, hands and feet. Thank you for jhe and for your book Rooted in the Infinite.

The Universe brought you into my life a year ago. Wow! What an amazing blessing you've been to me. I want to thank you again, for all your love, compassion, and the wonderful healing services you are providing me and the rest of the world. The jhe experiment came to me in perfect divine timing just when I needed it. After all, we know the Universe knows what s best for us. I was struggling with a relationship issue and jhe pulled me through it, with ease. It was quite amazing.

I was part of your free energy healing group and I want to say Thank You. I felt more calm and centered during the holiday, and I so appreciate your gift. This was the first Thanksgiving where I accomplished everything I wanted and needed to do, without a feeling of overwhelm ungulfing me several times. I have been more aware of my vibration these days, still I feel being a part of your group gave me an edge I would not have had otherwise.

Hi Rebbie.

I thank you for the wonderful JHE Experiment. When I stopped to take the time to think about the energy I had huge releases of stress.



Thank you for including me in your study. I apologize for not writing back as I was in the middle of several deadlines. I signed up near the end. I want you to know that I did experience an effortlessness in receiving information to complete my work. I experienced more joy and openness.

Thank you for your open heart and compassion. I am thankful to have been included.

Take good care,



It worked for me.

Hi Rebbie
I want to thank you so much for this incredible service to myself and other people.
Since I signed up on the first day I have had much more energy and my mind seems more clearer and I seem to be better focused. I am convinced your experiment has helped me very much as I needed the energy you sent and am very appreciative for it. Thank You.....Erv.

Aloha Rebbie,

Just a note of thanks for your thanksgiving effort. I didn't want to mention the particulars during the process, but now is hopefully a good time. My Marshallese adopted brother (from my peace corps experience) was in the hospital with an infection in his ankle bones. The problem was exasserbated by the fact that he is diabetic and already blind.

When he received some very strong antibiotics, he lost his hearing. After that he began to loose touch with all of us and began to go into dilussions. It was at that point I asked if I could enter his name into the experiment using my email. I did that and slowly he has improved.

Last night I received a call from his wife telling me that he has finally come back to his normal self, and she even put him on the phone. For the first time in over a week and a half, he was able to hear me and realize that we all cared and were praying for his renewed health and well being.

He told me about being aware of clouds all around and beautiful singing. Shortly after that experience, his hearing came back (so important for a blind person) and he gave thanks to the Lord and all the angles who came to him in his experience that helped him come back to us.

I told his wife about the experiment, and she thanked me and you too Robbie, as I explained to her what you did for the thanksgiving experience.

Our greatest gratitude to you and all those who participated int he group experiment. We are all very fortunate to know you and to have had the special help that your experiment gave to all of us.


I was a part of the Thanksgiving experiment and want to say Thank You for the positivity and joy I continue to feel. This has been a year of incredible transition, and along the way I have suffered from depression. During your experiment, I became continuously tapped into the joy and peace of who we all really are. With some hindsight, I can see how the pain of letting go of a business I thought was my "purpose", uncovered the life my heart has always longed to live. I'm present and patient and loving and forgiving of myself and others. I am happy, content and aligned. I'm so glad my timeline of healing and transformation crossed through your experiment.


Hi Rebbie, For me what I am sensing *so much* is a feeling of being completely alright with where I am, and fully knowing that all is as it should be... and that great abundance/prosperity is always around me (in fact it IS me!) and always coming my way. I am so feeling a knowingness of this right now... love, lynne


A strange thing is happening.....I used to drink 15+ cups of coffee per day and since your sessions I drink 2 a day, my body just dont want more! Thankyou!!!!Thankyou!!!!

Thank you Rebbi! I am in the process of purchasing a duplex (for rental income). My offer was accepted, and the house appraised at $10,000 more than the purchase price! Thank you again!

I am stunned!! I can't believe this!! During your sessions on prosperity i had something wondereful happen and it did feel as if it just "fell into my lap". I can now quickly finish a project I thought was going to take many months to complete.

Aloha Robbie,
Each day I feel a shift in EVERYTHING and EVERYWHERE. I have released 12 pounds since the beginning of this "Healing session" began, been offered, not one but, two jobs (completely out of the blue, as they say). And my general health has improved. Not to mention my mental, emotional and spiritual health. I feel a contentment with my life that I haven't felt in many years.

My relationship with my daughter has been transformed, I can feel her love and respect in ways i never dreamed possible.

My son is a prison inmate in California and i asked if I could include him in the experiment, he was thrilled to be part of any kind of healing experiment. I spoke with him on Saturday January 27th and he is doing well. He feels safer, more confident and strong. His health is improving and he feels a new sense of commitment to remaining clean and sober and reconnecting with his family. A residual of the healing is that his wife has agreed to a family visit, and there is healing in the marriage and with the children, too.

Mahalo nui loa Robbie for all you are doing for me and my family. The peace, contentment, joy and grace are palatable in our home and relationships and we are so grateful. We can't wait wait for the next experiment. Mahalo again and again for your great work!!
A hui ho,

as of last week... things like clients have come in walking off the streets...disregarding the sign of cheaper services in front of the shop 
this is so cool
Thank you

Dear Rebbie,

Yes, financial prosperity is definitely manifesting in our lives, right since the 24th and 25th!As you said things are just dropping into our laps, and yes, we are definitely happy right where we are. Thank you and bless you from both of us. With love.

Hi Rebbie, For me what I am sensing *so much* is a feeling of being completely alright with where I am, and fully knowing that all is as it should be... and that great abundance/prosperity is always around me (in fact it IS me!) and always coming my way. I am so feeling a knowingness of this right now... love, lynne


A strange thing is happening.....I used to drink 15+ cups of coffee per day and since your sessions I drink 2 a day, my body just dont want more! Thankyou!!!!Thankyou!!!!

Thank you Rebbi! I am in the process of purchasing a duplex (for rental income). My offer was accepted, and the house appraised at $10,000 more than the purchase price! Thank you again!

I am stunned!! I can't believe this!! During your sessions on prosperity i had something wondereful happen and it did feel as if it just "fell into my lap". I can now quickly finish a project I thought was going to take many months to complete.

Aloha Robbie,
Each day I feel a shift in EVERYTHING and EVERYWHERE. I have released 12 pounds since the beginning of this "Healing session" began, been offered, not one but, two jobs (completely out of the blue, as they say). And my general health has improved. Not to mention my mental, emotional and spiritual health. I feel a contentment with my life that I haven't felt in many years.

My relationship with my daughter has been transformed, I can feel her love and respect in ways i never dreamed possible.

My son is a prison inmate in California and i asked if I could include him in the experiment, he was thrilled to be part of any kind of healing experiment. I spoke with him on Saturday January 27th and he is doing well. He feels safer, more confident and strong. His health is improving and he feels a new sense of commitment to remaining clean and sober and reconnecting with his family. A residual of the healing is that his wife has agreed to a family visit, and there is healing in the marriage and with the children, too.

Mahalo nui loa Robbie for all you are doing for me and my family. The peace, contentment, joy and grace are palatable in our home and relationships and we are so grateful. We can't wait wait for the next experiment. Mahalo again and again for your great work!!
A hui ho,

as of last week... things like clients have come in walking off the streets...disregarding the sign of cheaper services in front of the shop 
this is so cool
Thank you

Dear Rebbie,

Yes, financial prosperity is definitely manifesting in our lives, right since the 24th and 25th!As you said things are just dropping into our laps, and yes, we are definitely happy right where we are. Thank you and bless you from both of us. With love.

I joined on the 20th and have experienced energy shifts at night and a deep sense of peace, calm and inner tranquility in the daytime. Odd moments of sudden spontaneous enthusiasm for cleaning and clearing out, at quite a thorough level, saying goodbye to a number of cobwebs and grime spots that had seemed permanently rooted!

I have observed very gratifying changes over this week. It started with getting headaches ( which I never get ) but felt like something was changing at a very cellular ( or smaller / bigger level ). I actually felt like my vibration was changing one night while I was laying in bed and really paying
attention to my body - it felt like every part of me was vibrating all over.   The headaches disappeared after two days and were replaced with a more accepting, less controlling, more loving, more generous, more grateful life.  I find I feel "in love" most of the time. I am connecting with EVERYONE I  meet and work with. I see my family members willingly dealing with interpersonal issues by playing games instead of arguing. I see my financial picture improve and be validated - we have been investing in real estate and have confirmation that 1) the investment went up 47% this year and 2) our position with the banks now allows us to buy as many properties as we want ! I see myself take more care of me and of preparing performances and getting peak performance experiences. The lightness that surrounds me this week is wonderful, flowing and filled with generosity and gratitude. I have been "working" at being like this over a few years BUT this is just happening effortlessly. Thank you so much for your attention and your time. Reading the testimonials made me realize that your sessions are making the world so much better. Each of these people affect 100's
around them. I trust I can do the same. with sincere gratitude

After being out of town for a few days I came home to a financial gift in the mailbox. Much needed for hurricane rebuilding. Amazing how life takes care of us if we are open to it! Will pass along the gift. NCS

REGARDING THE CURRENT JHE SESSIONS: Last night I had a dream fragment inwhich I had no money worries
whatsoever. I felt very free and reflected that this
was the first period in my life when I felt completely

 I feel more at ease with myself than I have in ages

I feel you were Heaven Sent.  

I just realized that since New Year's Eve

I have had a remarkable transformation.

I'm sure you had something to do with it. SO, again

Thank You from the bottom of my Heart. 

I'm so much more calm & peaceful now,

I feel Light, like everything is ok, as it is, 'it will work itself out', I don't have to do anything.

 I find myself smiling a lot & even singing, Yes I'd say Happy .

  I feel ok here. now,  I'm relaxed, at ease even, content to just be.

 I'm Inspired...even cooking again, & cleaning even decluttering Like I care, now, & it's so easy 

 like I matter.

 My relationships are softer, I seem to be listening more. I'm more patient, I'm less defensive. I seem to have accepted them & feel Love for them, even enjoy them more  &  I FEEL Loved even though nothing really has changed in them Just me inside. I'm more tolerant of their way of doing things & accepting of the way they are.  Interesting change for me.

 I FEEL blessed  and my family (they have Noticed the difference, & liking it) beyond measure, I feel Rich. I am even sleeping better now that I think of it . I feel my head clearer, I sit taller, & I have ambition again. I'm regaining the enthusiasm, even felt Creative again, that I am special & I matter to this world, I had when I was younger. I Feel like the Me I'm supposed to be.

beautiful day on the oregon coaast sunny and sooo ful of prosperity in every breath today and the future.

I do feel light and happy, and not overly concerned about my finances, and I attribute that to the jhe 


GREAT BIG THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!! so sorry i haven't replied yet. i really appreciate all your doing. this is my second experience with you and i feel very calm and much more relaxed. I'm going through a difficult time with my grandfather ([problem].)  I've found I'm able to handle this experience much better, still difficult.... but less traumatic...I'm not letting it consume me and eat me alive.. i seem to be coping with the situation.. which i still can't believe it..

Your jhe Sessions are wonderful!!! They are an exceptional companion to the "Rooted in the Infinite" book.
I am very grateful to you for your very precious gift of healing.

Hi Rebbie, things are certainly looking up for me, thank you so very much for all your help.

I sure get the "it dropped right in my lap" part. This job I'm going to was like that. Oh, and after 25 years of a tie and a jacket, "business casual" will be the new dress code! Thank you!  
It IS working!

Hi, Rebbie~The transmission came through loud and clear, and once again I've been basking in the energy.
In appreciation...

This is somewhat related, but i dont recall if i had signed up for your service before icreated this, but either way its nice for people to hear and hopefully it will give them the confidence to change their belief system:Three weeks ago from tomorrow i needed to find a college for legal issues involving my father. I put it in the energy that i wanted a wonderful, small, community-based art college where i can study film/video. That day i was able to apply to a small town college that was 45min to and hour away. Now the tricky part, classes were starting that day, so it seemed like it would be a struggle (struggle isnt part of my existence anymore, but in the past i created struggle). Long story short, i was signed up for classes that friday, and i recieved some abundance in the form of a 2000 dollar scholarship =) Money is just energy and it flows from everywhere to me, but at that particular time it came in the form of a delicious scholarship =P
So anyhow, that has been my most recent creation, but im living everyday with Peace of Mind and Bliss, as it should be and always was.

I appreciate your work and i think it is wonderful,
so please if you ever need anything dont hesitate to ask!

Your sessions really have sparked a huge release in me for past things. Thanks so much.

I waited till now to read everyone elses post and to post myself. I wanted to be free of anyone elses offering so they would not cloud what was happening. When I first enrolled I started having headaches, though they quickly went away. Then came this anger that just welled up from nowhere, which I've worked through. From their came a peaceful feeling and a knowing that all is really well. I've been in this state for weeks. As with the prosperity, my hubby has been offered a wonderful new job, $10,000 more in pay, I've joined a great job opportunity that came and I still have another to join. So everything is going great and moving in a wonderful direction. Thank you so much for all the sessions that you did and I can't wait to see what happens next.
Deb K.


Thank you. I woke up at 5:04 am PST to meditate, so I must have picked up on the jhe you sent.Om shanti,


I have actually slept through the night - the last two nights. Thanks for any and all you do with all of us in mind .. in heart.. in spirit.


I have been trying to find a way to pay off credit cards, I hadsome ideas. Yesterday 1-29-07 as I was watching tv. I heard my daughter calling Mom, Mom and then a third time Mom. She is in Massachusetts, I am in Fl. I called her figuring there might be something wrong and she needed to talk to me. She said everything was ok. and she had a client coming
,she is a massage therapist, so she couldn't talk but assured me she was okay. Later I had an e-mail from her and all the day she was working on looking at my finances and found a way for me to pay off the credit cards, and that is why she said I heard her calling. Well it is a great method and they will be cleared up by readjusting some funds. She said it just took her by shock when I called although we have always communicated in this way over the years. So I do feel prosperous in many way, mainly in having such a wonderful
daughter. Also having you in my life is prosperity Rebbie, thank you ,

Dear Rebbie,  It is as if I am a magnet of prosperity in many forms: friends, family, happiness, contentment, creativity, inspiration, large sums of money to follow through on creative endeavors, and time to touch the Earth in joyful gratitude. Abundance is flowing in….With blessings of Love and Light,

hi rebbie---wanted to let you know that your sessions are not only helping me in this world, but in dreamtime as well---i have always had intricate dreams but over the course of this month they have been really epic--i have met so many guides while sleeping and the lessons are very profound! i feel much clearing thru my system, getting free of issues, gaining insights! love to you and all that you do! feel free to use my name--stacey heuer

Thanks, Rebbie. I've had some concerns about the way
my job is going, but every now and then (and this morning was one of those times!) I feel at peace, knowing all will be well.
If that's you, I thank you and bless you!!

My husband and I have been expecting a sum of money, although when it was to arrive was unknown. It was expected sometime in the next few months. Instead... it arrived last week, just as you were starting the jhe experiment with prosperity.
Very profound!

Dear Rebbie,

Just to say thank you so much read my thoughts....I was going to ask if you would consider continuing this magnificent gift as I am certainly anticipating the "loss" after tomorrow! No direct manifestation (financial!) yet but like you say I have begun to notice amazing synchronicity and spiritual abundance, for which my soul rejoices!! I have just received the book and am loving......yes....The Introduction! I also purchased your CD "Affirmative Contemplation"  which I can only describe as "Pure Bliss". I actually look forward to the special time. It is heavenly!! So.... with much love and gratitude....I am opening to receive!

It's working!
I did promotional sessions at a health shop today, and a few clients booked for full healing sessions.
(I have just recently moved to where I'm living now)

not sure how much more prosperity I can stand! thanks!!

Dear Rebbie, you asked for feedback on results coming out of the blue and dropping into your lap - I (accidentally) turned up  for an acupuncture session a week ahead of time, there was a cancellation for 5 minutes later and the physiotherapist could see me straight away. 
Although the treatment was technically for stiffness in the shoulders following a whiplash injury, the emotional release went back 3 years earlier to completely different events, and then translated into having the energy to clear out and file and organise paperwork that had been in a mess since before Christmas and that I just couldn't touch because I was too unhappy about a lot of the things involved in it. - 3 rubbish sacks of paper chucked out and a lot of emotion contacted in the process. It's a weight off my shoulders (aptly) to have been able to deal with it and frees up what had felt like a stranglehold on my domestic finance and working life. As a windfall, it's a gift in itself. My grandfather offered today to pay for flute lessons for my daughter and lend me the money to get my car back on the road, which feels good because it's a generosity from the heart. it's a small but significant thing in the way our family deals with money across the generations - it felt like a gift rather than a power statement or a package with a hidden price tag to be reclaimed later....and that was good too in itself. The biggest and most noticable change has been in our home - the energy and atmosphere of the place is different: it's lighter and brighter and has more warmth....but it's a shift in me, and in my daughter, leading to doing things with a different energy and getting a different result. So, again, many thanks for the work you're doing. feel free to add to post if you like. Regards, Julia Cazorla

Thanks, Rebbie, for your inspiration, motivation and love of life. It's contagious -- in the best sense of the word.I'm on the lookout for miracles. Yesterday I did notice a big shift. I found an inner guide who appears as a violet mist and she's extremely kind and loving. I've worked with other guides but none a sweet and gentle as this one. What a treat! My sense is that I'm truly shifting from the inside out. Thanks so much for facilitating this process.
With gratitude and appreciation,

Thank you Rebbie. Had an incredible day today. Felt a real "high" from the moment I woke up until mid-afternoon. I usually feel scared of these prosperous feelings because they are so strong and because I really don't like it when the feeling "leaves". Well, I was with it today, and stayed with it for the duration of the day. Thanks.

Rebbie  I am a nurse and presently working through a contract agency. I have had a long term renewable contract at the hospital I am working at. I am waiting to hear about a permanent position when today, POOF!!! a recruiter calls me with an opportunity to interview at a hospital not 4 miles from my home. The position has the hours I want the flexibility I seek and the pay I am looking for. Thank You
Thank you for the time you have spent helping to energize my life. I have noticed subtle changes this month. Most obvious to me is that I have become more active in my own healing. I have been more aware of diet, hydration and exercise; more attune to watching and avoiding resistance.  I had surgery on both hands in November, and the past two weeks have been a dramatic improvement...And finances have definitely improved.

Thank you Rebbie for the following (it's really more than this but this gives you the sense of it)1. There's so much more ease and delight around here. This morning the air had sparkles in it, not snow because the sky was completely blue, but there were little shiny bits of sparkle blowing around. It was delightful. Well thats how everything feels. All full of sparkles and fun.
2. Everything feels much lighter around here!
3. And there's a sense of delightful anticipation about what might be around the next corner.
I can't wait!
Truly Grateful!!!!

Dear Rebbie, Monday morning I had a "dropped in my lap" prosperity experience in getting a phone call from an aquaintance who said she had come into an inheritance and wanted to invest Joint Venture money with us to
purchase real estate. At this point I don't know how much but it was definately a surprise and a gift of prosperity. Yesterday, I continued to be more aware of how often I shut down my feelings of receiving . I caught myself a number of times and went to a feeling of gratitude and love. In the past 24 hrs. I have not received financial prosperity but am grateful
for the prosperity I have received in a deeper understanding of my feelings and responses to life and my relationships. I look forward to receiving more financial gifts soon. Many thanks again for your attention and generosity.
with best wishes,

At first, I thought that it doesn't make sense. You tell me that prosperity is coming into my life and I ended up paying for my date last night. Then, today, I closed a trade profitably and was thrilled! Thank you.

Thank you for the unseen, however seen and felt results.
The prosperity results are in effect, and very visible!
Blessings for you and your continued service.

hi Rebbie,
This is the most exciting day for me. I want to thank you for the whole month of this experiment. It is has given me more confidence, peace, and physical healings that I hope will continue. I did not receive any great amount of money in the last session but today all the right people were contacting me and helping me move my career forward. I am soooo excited.
thanks again.
much love sandy

Thank you so much for including me in your sessions. There was one day when I was at work and I just felt such joy--for no particular reason! It felt very free. I will work with your book for future joyfulness!
Thank you again!

Very happy to report that in this past week I have experienced an unexpected increase in $$$ flowing in! I was able to help my son who is off on an overseas trip, and also give some extra money to my eldest son AND have more money in the bank than I have for awhile!!
With much gratitude
Jillian Sethi

Bonjour Rebbie
My beautiful younger sister, France, invited me to join in on dec 22nd when you helped us celebrate our ancestors. It was meaningful to us both, as our father was taken from us on dec 22nd 1980. From this experience, I have continued to partake in your jhe sessions and am pleased to report that this journey I have embarked on with you and others like you has helped me so much with putting behind a long difficult 'event'. I am moving forward for the first time in a long, long time! I am so pleased to be learning how to 'align' myself into a better place. Last week, at my workplace, a possibility for advancement was mentioned. Though, I won't know until april if this will occur, it is such a positive possibility to look towards! I thank you, and my sister both, for providing me with the tools and encouragement to improve, both personally and professionally. Life does bring us such sorrow, and rain, but out of this, I see the beginning of a much-welcomed rainbow. Mer ci beaucoup!

Hi Rebbie, I wanted to say Thank you, Thank you Very much! I have had some improvement in a health issue I have been dealing with for a very long time. I am not sure exactly what contributed to the change since I have tried several new things all at once, BUT I am sure this was one of the factors that helped. Also, I no longer have anxiety about driving in the snow (which its been doing a lot of here) AND recently just this past week you were doing prosperity and I have had 3 unexpected job offers come my way :-) SO there is that. Thank you for your generosity. If my health problem gets worse again now that this is over THEN I will know for sure it was the JHE sessions. This has inspired me to do a sort of "pay it forward" and since I am an LMT I decided to provide some complimentary sessions to people in need who cannot afford them. Love and Light to you- Heidi in Colorado

Another bout of prosperity...
Bracing ourselves for a hefty bill for vehicle brakes, it turns out it only required an adjustment. The cost was only $20 and tax. Unbelieveable!
Great 'JHE' sessions this month Rebbie.In gratitude,

Thank you Rebbie..this month has flown by and has been one of the best January's I've had..  Theres been a deeper sense of life in side ,a growing awareness that I'm starting to find so much more easily now. It's been an honour for me to have you do the aligning ..I'm noticing so many more synchronicitys lately, from me thinking about things and a day or so later they turn up ,to numbers on clocks lining up (like 3:33,11:11 and the other day my grocerys bill came to £14.14) I tend to take a minute or so appreciation of my connection now when that happens). thank you once again...Steve

I just wanted to give a resounding THANK YOU for everything that you do! =) I was very much in the positive energy before, but I am feeling ever more excellent now.
Just a note of appreciation and gratitude to you for the jhe sessions this month. ... I've been feeling good and nurtured and energized. It's so nice to know I'm being nurtured on such special and powerful levels. Thanks, thanks, thanks!

Just after you generously gave us the adjustment for prosperity, my partner received his first ever payment for the music he makes, and I was amazed that 9 people came to my first Reiki "share and learn" evening. On the same evening, I was invited to discuss a business venture with the owner of the premises I hired - this is a wonderful validation of your work, Rebbie. And extremely gratefully received.

Thank you for your well wishes. Amazingly, a sprain that was horrible and would have been a great pain for a week or better, stopped hurting within two days! I am pretty sure that you are behind this!! - Thank you Rebbie And, I have noticed that my calls have increased in my job in the past three weeks. I am paid by the call only. Thank you for including me in your sessions.
Wishing you beautiful days ahead Rebbie~

hi, rebbie....thank you for all your efforts....with reference to prosperity...i was very excited to learn this morning that financial gains (although they are not large) are starting to happen for my daughter, who has been struggling financially for quite some time.....since my sense of posperity would be the financial fulfillment for my daughter i am accepting
that this was possible generated by your energetic any event, i am happy with the outcome...thank you.

Greetings-Rebbie, Once again, THANKS for all your jheWORKS! To me, thePROSPERITYsessions are still on theREVELATIONprocess.
I AM just beginning to see theBEAUTY of IT, as it unfolds its blank-white-pages, as a MAGICALillustrationBOOK that slowly gets painted with soft-water-colours. I AM becoming aware of all the support I've been getting in my close relationships with family-members & friends for the past few years. I AM becoming aware of thePOSSIBILITY of greater professional relationships with past clients, and greater financial rewards. I AM becoming aware of theNEW friendships & partnerships, which are BEing manifested.
I AM becoming aware that I CAN, on a daily-basis, walk into my LIFE, early in the morning with COURAGE, instead of FEAR & follow the theGRACEpath to my own GREATness; by choice, I CAN step-in/enter any environment in a THANful-mode & permeate the others around me. I AM becoming aware that GRATITUDE is my only ATTITUDE in LIFE, that I need to prescribe to myself, nothing else. With GreatLOVE,

Dearest Rebbie Sorry for waiting so long to post this, but I can't thank you enough for the "jhe" sessions.
Please let me know if you plan on offering these again anytime in the future: sign me up now :-)

I won't go into details (as you suggest) but I will say that I have been totally free of any pain or discomfort from a medical condition! Sorry I can't report any prosperity increases(yet) but I'm sure that's on the way.
I have been meditating regularly for several decades now but my sessions had become kind of stagnant or had reached a plateau?
The exercises in your wonderful book have given quite a boost to my practice and I am again experiencing some very deep meditation sessions.
Thank you so much ! Please keep up the good work.

Thank you ever so much for these sessions. For the past two years I had been struggling with intense fear not fully understanding what I was struggling about. This past week it became clear that I was in the process of letting go of painful past issues that I was holding onto. I am so grateful for the clarity and peace I now have. Now I can move forward. Keep up the good work. Jane

Thank you for the allignments. Every day that I felt an intense sense of joy and wellbeing, I noticed that you had sent an allignment that day. You can send them to me anytime you want. Jane

Something has definitely shifted. After weeks of searching I have found the ideal place for me to live and a job I have dreamed of for eons. Both manifested in the last three days...coincidence? I think not.

blessings and thanks

Thank you for your generous gift of energy and alignment on my behalf.

As for results, our charge card bill for the month showed up at a much lower amount than we had expected! I'm sure there's more to come!

What a month it has been! I have been reading your book, as well as Abraham-Hicks' and just received a tape set from them which I am listening to as much as possible. 
There have been significant changes in how I feel, and it's all positive. In the area of prosperity, I have picked up a bit of tutoring, but I know that more is on its way as I see and hear of it in others' lives. My sister-in-law is starting a new position which pays significantly more, my sister Cecile, who has joined me on this journey, is likely to have a new position which will pay significantly more, my younger sister just emailed us telling us about a promotion and increased salary that she recently got but had not yet mentioned, my husband is working a lot of overtime which is usually not happening after the holiday season is over, and my college age daughter just got a new part-time job that pays well. From the Abraham-Hicks message, I learned that a sign that a thing is about to manifest is indicated when seeing it happening for others. I think that I have been shown enough examples! 
I feel so blessed with having been introduced to amazing teachers (you and Abraham-Hicks) and tools within the recent past. That constitutes prosperity for me.
With love, blessings, and gratitude for your arrival at this time of my life -- I was ready for the teacher(s) to appear!
France in MA


During this month of January I was noticing subtle changes re my thinking & attitudes but in the last week or 10 days I have been overwhelmed by the generosity of people towards me; even people I have never met but only communicated with via the internet. I thank you for allowing me to be part of this wonderful 'experiment'; I feel truly blessed and am grateful to the powers that be that led me to your & you & the knowledge you so generously share.
Thank you.
Eliene St. Romain


I can feel the difference within. I have rediscovered my "warrioress." I'm much more in balance and focused than I've been in a very long time and know exactly what it is that I want to do with my life. In addition, I'm ready to dedicate myself to improvement and will get ahold of "Rooted in the Infinite" for further help. Thanks, Rebbie!


Dear Rebbie
Thank you for inspiring energy. It's wonderful that there is someone doing these activities in this way. I am sure a lot of beings send positive energy to each other (and receive from each other). I appreciate your way very much. This month hopeful signs came to me in the field of love and prosperity. In the here and now I have to make discisions and that is for me a vague area. So I welcome to be in here and now. It's a kind of escape amd refuge. Thak you Rebbie. I hope you will find the time and energy to continue with this kind of healing.

Rebbie, thankyou thankyou thankyou, X1,000,000 thankyous...some of my friends who joined in are so happy and I can see the change it has made in their lives....thankyou....for me it is a confirmation to all the possibilities I have known this life, communicating it has been my say it well...and I am gratiful for your compassion and clarity of thought.

Are you wondering if I have finished reading Rooted in the Infinite? NO!...WHY?, you ask...because everyone else is reading my copy (which is fine right now because I am saving the second half for my upcoming trip...I have only finished half of it)....I have informed my friends however to get their own copy as I want to refer to it often and they will want to too. They all agree....

thank you Rebbie for this wonderful experiment. All of a sudden I started getting a lot of new clients, as well as repeat clients. At first I thought I wasn't receiving the prosperity, but then all of a sudden....wham... it started with full force. it was amazing. 
Thank you again and I wish you all the prosperity that you have brought to all of us. 
many blessings!!!

My work load increased, and being paid by the call only resulted in monetary improvement. And my health improved greatly. You, Rebbie, are a blessing. Thank you.

I glow with appreciation for you, your energy, and your being.


Dear Rebbie:
Thank you for your generous gift of realignment. For the past few years I have felt out of alignment, and have struggled to correct this. With your help I am now feeling physically and mentally lighter, less frustrated, and better able to cope with the many changes and challenges life delivers. 
Thanks again for your gift of light and love, and know that it is appreciated and reciprocated. Please post this response with my name if you wish. Warmest regards, Marie Osborne

Dearest Rebbie,
I want to thank you so much for allowing me to participate in the January session. My life has changed in wonderful ways ... and each change seemed to just flow naturally and easily, as if the next piece of the puzzle just seem to show up on cue.



Thank you for the sessions during the month of January. As the feeling of needing to control all aspects of my life left, the phrase, "It's going to be okay....", constantly was in my mind. I have never felt so peaceful as I do now and I really should feel the opposite. I have faith that full abundance and prosperity are just around the corner and I will realize my dreams very soon. Thank you for the sessions!


Dear Rebbie, 
Hi! I couldn't figure out how to post this on the blog, but I wanted to be sure to contact you about some of the results of the Alignment for Prosperity sessions you did for me in January 2007. First of all, thank you so much for generously giving this wonderful gift to me and to all the others who participated. It is so kind and wonderful of you to offer this to us! I can't thank you enough. I could feel the healing energy when you were sending it and it felt wonderful! I am very sensitive to different energies, and I could feel it right away. It was very relaxing, peaceful, calming, feel good all over kind of feeling. 

Two of the dates you were sending were 1/24 and 1/25. Within the next two weeks, we came into approximately $2500 unexpectedly from various sources. Some of it was in the form of little checks from money that had been owed to us and we didn't know it. Some was interest on an account that had been forgotten. It all added up! It was amazing! On 2/16, I found out that my department will be closing as of May 31st and I will be out of a job. That may seem like it doesn't fit in with prosperity, but it has been a job that could have been nice, but wasn't. It was sucking the life out of me. So it is a blessing in disguise. I am forced to reevaluate and refocus while I decide what I want to do. As compensation, the hospital I work for is giving the "prn pool" staff (per diem staff), which is my current status, a $5 an hour raise until we close, starting on 2/18. So there was another evidence of prosperity! 

I am looking forward to more and more prosperity in the future! 
Thank you so much for all you have done and continue to do!

Hi Rebbie,
I REALLY felt this one. Starting about 2:30 Central Daylight Time, March 20, 2007. Well being, happiness, and yes a feeling of stability that has not manifested until now. Thank you SO much. Please feel free to post this on the web site that people can read (I can't seem to get on to post).

Dearest Rebbie, I am getting better at sensing your energy--sometimes now, when it touches me, I stop whatever I'm doing and just relax into the 'E' of the 'Jhe'.

I wrote a poem about Source energy and birthing and passing during one of your sessions:

I saw you looking at me at the beginning.
Tenderly, you stirred the air to brush my cheek.
Tenderly, you brightened the sun to warm me.
Tenderly, you gave me voice and vision.

Let me enjoy being in this body. And when I go,
tenderly, take me in your arms.

Dear Rebbie, There has been a definite change at a basic level in my life. I do feel lighter, more aligned, more clear in intent, more focused, more loving. I especially find it easier ( less emotional ) to deal with people in my life. I find it easy to get rid of the clutter - emotional and physical. I am letting go of a perfectionist attitude and enjoying each moment more. I am also now meditating 3x's a day to your audio and REALLY enjoy it. Thank you !!!!!!! Joan

I don't think you can put a monetary value on these jhe sessions ... to me, they're priceless. 
With true love and appreciation,

As I signed for the project I felt a happiness feeling that was so good on my spirit.
Thank you,

Dear Rebbie, I have noticed a very definate change over this week. I do feel free. The habitual voice of judgement of what I say and do has been silenced. I am so aware of the NOW. I have a generous feeling of love and connection and it now feels odd to BE in any other feeling. I love the meditations which I am doing 3 x's a day. I am reading your book and love every word. Thank you for your guidance and wisdom. I look forward to continuing my journey with these tools and with a feeling of ever expanding abundance. Truly amazing results ! With deepest gratitude. Joan

Dear Rebbie, Thank you so much for the work you do. Every time you send a jhe session I can feel it before you even tell me you sent it.

You have come up with the perfect payment scale that gives everyone the opportunity to be included. It was very easy and quick to sign up. Thank you. I am benefiting from the sessions and see such a big difference in my life from prosperity to health to relationships. I feel that there is so much more unfoldment to come. Many thanks. God bless you. 

The sessions have been amazing for me. I'm receiving a wonderful centered feeling amidst a lot of life's challenges and attribute that to your sessions. A friend called me yesterday to thank me heartily for referring him.

Precious Rebbie; Sister in the Light:
I want to thank you for sharing your wonderful gift of Love. I appreciate you, and all you do for every one.

Even though my energy was scattered, and, it seemed that I was unable to successfully gather it back, I was all of a sudden, eased back into remembering to raise my vibration one thought at a time. One step led to another, and my mind started to clear, resulting not only in my getting the jumpstart I silently asked for, but, in waking my creative juices. I took all the different study course material that I have gathered along the way, combined them with my own creations, tweaking them to meet my desired outcome. I was born under the sign of Aquarius, and require freedom to create from My God given well-spring. Some where along the way I got side tracked, I now realize, that that is why I have been mis-creating. For now I have come up with a system that is extremely compatible with my Spirit. I feel empowered at this moment, and I feel confident that whatever I put my mind to, if I am true to Myself, will prosper. I intend to remember that all things are possible when I allow myself to never forget my identity in relationship to Source, and, to angel friends such as you.  Rebbie, you bring to my mind this positive statement I read some time ago..
"Friends are angels who lift us to our feet, when our wings have trouble remembering to fly"

Thank you Rebbie for being my friend.

Blessed Be,


The sessions seem to have an effect. I have been wanting to take concrete steps to pursue a creative project, and I seem to make meaningful progress. I feel more focused on doing what is needed. I have also recently received some helpful advice from knowledgeable people.

Thank you again for your work. It feels subtle, but definitely very present. I feel lucky to have found you.


Thank you! I definitely am feeling a difference this week.

Dear Rebbie -

I've been waiting for the space that is deserving of my feedback to your incredible audio lesson 5 [of the audio jhe Course "3 Simple Ways You Can Accelerate Your Healing Before You Even Go to Bed Tonight"]. I was blown away by the complete presence and truth you gave to that recording. For much of the audio I was actually finishing your sentences as if they were my own - in exactly the words you used a second or two later. I was SO there with you, totally feeling a transmission, a meeting, a place I have known in myself at times. I really 'got' you - and I know you know what I mean. All of your stuff has been so up there for me, I love the simplicity, the lack of struggle or 'self-discipline', the brevity, the immediate benefit and good feeling, your beautiful, soothing, perfectly-timed voice and thoughts - but what really struck me in your fifth recording was that total meeting with you - the way I know many of us are going to become more conscious of in the days to come (because we're already doing it/in it, we are just not conscious of it - but when we become conscious it is so subtle and profound and feels so natural and right that it's like, 'what's the big deal?- this is how I knew I always was!')
It's brilliant that we are using this new technology (the internet) to join together in this way - a pre-cursor to what we are going to be doing without the net sooner rather than later - but what a fantastic bridging-tool.
Rebbie, thank you for your absolute going to the place of your truth and not compromising that - you do it so perfectly and it is a huge relief to find someone who genuinely holds that place for me to step into. I am right there with you (altho I notice I also do a fair bit of destracting after such an intensity - it's almost like, do I allow myself to really have that much of what it is I want and know, so much and so well?)

With love, appreciation and light joyfulness!

I just want you to know how much I appreciate these sessions.
Have been releasing some sadness at times by crying, yet I know this is a good thing.
The love of my life recently has been drumming on my Djembe African drum, and I just love it!
So many things to be grateful for, like the co-worker, who has been helping me, and she's been such a good friend.
Another guy I met at drum circle is letting me practice in his home, and he and his wife are so gracious to me and always feeding me when I visit.

Dear Rebbie

I want to thank you for a miracle. I am not sure how jhe works, but IT WORKS. I had not been able to tolerate my . . . medication until your first treatment. No problem in that area any more. Also, I KNEW that you had sent me healing energy. I could feel it. THANK YOU, Rebbie.
I also want to express my gratitude for my continued healing. I am a woman of words...but I have none for this. My heart thanks you.

just a note of thanks for your time and energy last evening..[at the bonus teleseminar for those paying $99)...will certainly be looking at all the "contrast " in my life now in a different light....though i have read these words in the abraham material often, you were able to get message across so that i experienced an "aha" moment..

I do want want to share something with you, since it's now perfect. In 1983 I was "T-boned" by a motorhome that ran a red light. As a result ever since I had neck pain and was unable to stay in alignment for more than a day or so. Friday I felt the usual sensations, rocked my head from shoulder to shoulder and suddenly experienced a 'giving up' of tension--and when I straightened my head, my neck was in perfect alignment and muscle spasms were gone! Five minutes later I got an email from you telling me you had done a jhe session for me that was focused on alignment. Since then, my neck has been perfectly wonderful.

Again, thank you so much! You have no idea how very much you are appreciated! (Or maybe you do!) Thanks for sharing your magnificence with me.


Also things are moving along in a way I wasn't quite expecting. Things that have needed to be taken care of, are all being taken care of and I really don't have to do anything but trust in the process. I will admit it was scary at first. Having the past come from nowhere. At first I thought all my karma has to be bad. 'Cause every time I tried to take care of the messes from the past it has had a bad outcome. But, this time when it did come up, I have had the right resources come my way from, you could say, left field. And it has not cost me anything. The people that have come forward are doing there thing out of compassion and not out of greed. Something very rare in our society. I thank you so much for all that you have done for others and by also understanding that the need sometimes has to be free.

I so enjoy how onbeam and relevant and timely the session themes are, for me!
Very glad of your support. Thank you.


wanted you to know that i was on your teleconference last evening, and wanted to be a "poster child" for the $99/mth package along with the book (i am using both), but i could NOT get off the mute button!!....however, i did listen till the end, and you did explain your process beautifully...(would make a great hay house telecast!)...wanted you to know that the benefits i am receiving are beyond words....also, was on the verge of an operation on my foot when i started with you in march, and the problem has cleared to the point that i do not feel any pain at all, so am reconsidering it (this cleared up the second week i was on the list)............thank you for using your own "jhe" to align with so many other souls.....your consciousness is helping to make the world a healthier place.........


I have sensed another shift within. Since starting on the book (now about 3 months) I am happy, balanced and optimistic with loads of energy. I feel I am going in the right direction and my writing has become so much easier.

Indeed, the treatments you've done for me have worked!

Thank you for the session you did for me today, I am feeling happy and eager to learn more ! 

I love you for the work you are doing and am benefiting in ways I am only just beginning to see and understand. More on that as it comes.

thank you Rebbie
My jofa practice this morning was all about my voice and the connection to the heart. I read your mail after I finished. [Referring to email about that's day's jhe session focusing on voice.]

Thank you for a beautiful reading (JHE session) today.  When I was out and about I did feel extra peppy but the whole day was very energized, and I felt lighter, and younger.  So, something good is happening ! Thanks!

I have sensed another shift within. Since starting on the book (now about 3 months) I am happy, balanced and optimistic with loads of energy. I feel I am going in the right direction and my writing has become so much easier.

They are working ! 

I KNEW you did a session for me today since life and living does look much better to me right now. I don't know what I'd have done today without what it is you do. I feel healthier and happier. As for your YOFA jhe sessions...bring em on, Rebbie. Bless you.

Today as I took a walk during my break at work, I kept admiring (and thanking God) for such a beautiful sky. It was cloudless and an amazing blue. And then I saw your message tonight about the sky looking bluer. Coincidence?
Since I signed up I've felt less pressure in my life (lighter? carefree?) . I am working 2 extra jobs now & as I worked this week-end, the hours flew & I was in an unusually good mood. Also, a man at work whom I never particularly liked, helped me out and I was told later that he had spoken very highly of my work to management. All in all I've been feeling happier, more relaxed and also feel a bit of a breakthrough concerning my daughter. (too much to get into details now).
Rebbie, please don't stop.
Bless you'

I've been on the "jhe" list since the Ancient Ancestral Healing Telesession. At first there was immediate healing from the pain and heartache of the past involving my ancient American Indian ancestors. Because I was willing to admit to a wrong, the past was forgiven and put right and the burden has been completely lifted from me. 

Now when I get a glimpse of my near past I am no longer troubled by it. It seems that in the process of the Ancestral Healing I was also able to let go of most, if not all, of the pain of my childhood. Each day gets brighter and brighter. I am happy in spite of not yet having my dream manifest. I know it will manifest as my mind and heart become prepared and in tune with the Universe. I can actually feel my vibrations lifting higher. I am feeling colors now.

My son and I now enjoy a wonderful relationship, no more tension and fear between us.
I can't explain how all this is coming about, I do know that you and the "jhe" sessions have a part in it. As for me I am deciding to be Grateful, Thankful and Happy. It has taken most of my 59 years to get to this peaceful place, finally I can now maintain the happiness I feel for life. 

Thank the Universe for all the people out there like you, who are willing to share their knowledge and love free of charge when needed. You are an answer to many of my prayers.

I send you my heartfelt Gratitude, Thanks, Love, Joy and Blessings.

My heart is full of love for you and your work.

Much Love and Blessings,

You are amazing. Sweet memories of my children kept popping up all day.


You asked for feedback on the site and fee structure for the Yofa sessions. I have had to use the free and worked up from there. I am grateful for the generous fee structure that allows anyone to benefit from this experience. I am also grateful that I have been able to "go up the ladder" so to speak and pay more and I am very glad to pay more for these sessions. I have the book and study it and do my own sessions but I always "know" when a session has been done for me.

Thank you for your attention. When I give attention to your attention, it works. I realize that is the law of attraction. I send you my attention.

What I think I noticed was that I was more connected to Love. Even awarenesses about love made more sense to me - if that makes any sense? Most of my life I've lived in self hatred!!!!

Thank you so much.

Bless you,

Hi Rebbie, Thank you so much for the Jhe sessions. On May 11, I knew you had sent a session before I even received your e- mail confirming it. I felt so overwhelmingly loved and happy that day (a very unusual feeling for me.) It felt like a great big hug from the Universe. It gave me a taste of sheer joy that I was able to reproduce (through gratitude and focusing on opening my heart) for a few hours in the following days. . . It is such an honor to be working with you,

I am now feeling joyful, centered with a feeling of wellbeing that is anchored. I also am letting go of many things. Letting go of wanting results that is. I appreciate what you are doing.

Thanks, Rebbie
All this is happening. I'm cleaning up piles that have been sitting and growing all winter. I planted all my planter boxes around the patio and deck. (earliest I've ever done it) I so look forward to waking up early and heading out to the garden to work for an hour before I get ready for work. 

Thank you

Dearest Rebbie,

I'm simply responding to an overwhelming urge to write and tell you what a blessing you are in my life. I've always believed that when you are ready for them, your teachers will be sent to you, and nothing happens by coincidence. "For every thing there is a season and a purpose under heaven." 

I lived most of my life by the Law of Attraction; I was actually pretty good at manifesting whatever I really wanted (but I considered it happening because of my unique gifts) although I was sure there was more to it, in fact you've helped me to fit together the jig-saw puzzle of life that I've been collecting the pieces of for many years. 

I signed up for advance notices about "The Secret" and saw it when it was first released to the public. Recently Joe Vitale sent me to your website; then you introduced me to the teachings of Abraham, whereupon I went there and completely devoured the website before I came back to you, ordered "Rooted in the Infinite," and then signed up for the jhe sessions.

There's so much more I'd love to tell you about the changes in me and my life this year; but I was honestly on my way out to do an errand, checked for an e-mail I was looking for and noticed yours with the most recent jhe session was in. I always have time for my YOFA mail. I believe in acting on my strongest impulses, and though I've wanted to write before, today it was so strong that I just had to make the time to write a quick note to say "Thank you, Rebbie, thank you so much for your presence in my life!"

Very nice ,,,feels like there has been a spiritual shift occurring as well as an emotional and physical readjustment.

I felt this coming since last fall, a real growth, a real leaving behind of old emotional baggage and old ways of thinking, all this, and your contributions , coinciding with the profound transforming Reiki Master Level weekend, in early May. 

Even while I sleep now, spiritual guides and healers come to me and ask me to send healing energy, I wake and it seems it was a real out-of-body experience, not a dream state, but a semi-conscious,state, a trance but I'm aware and aware at some level. Fascinating.

Thanks for all you do.

Hi Rebbie,
It amazes me every time! Even before I know you did a session, I somehow experience something that makes sense only later in the light of what you have done. The night before last, I had a dream where I was at a party and 
met a woman. She looked at me and said, "don't you remember me, I am Rachel from..." It was nobody I knew in real life but in the dream, she was someone I knew a few years back at a particularly hard moment of my life. As I was 
looking upon her, I thought "My goodness, she has aged so much and she looks so sad!" Something distracted me, and when I turned around, she was gone. I said, "Oh she left without saying goodbye." How interesting when I connected the dream with the purging of sadness! I do feel so much more joyful and things are starting to flow in many areas. I'll be sure to let you know. Thank you so much for choosing to be an instrument for so much good. God bless you,

When I think about how well it works, it is amazing. Just an hour before I got your first e-mail I prayed for a sign within 24 hours that our prayers are being heard and asked for assistance. And there came the signs and your e-mail-course.It is nice to sit in the living room at home and feel how the world is changing and healing.

Today, I had an amazing phonecall from the migration-office here in Sweden.
I dropped my final papers and letters from the kids, friday. And today, monday!! she called me to tell me that my soulmate ... is welcome to come back to Sweden. Last week they told me if we are lucky, december.

So, from my heart I want to thank you for the work you do. I know all the healing and strong positive thinking from you and friends have made it possible. It has changed our life. 

you are such a wonderful genuine human encounter, that your work is still great, fundamental and guided! I´m still happy to know and feel someones honest courage, power and love like yours.

This morning after my meditation and then breakfast, I felt this incredible peace! I felt the deepest contentment inside. It's as if nothing else mattered, and indeed what could be more valuable than knowing our Inner Self.
I felt that today's jhe session had something to do with how I felt. Thanks so much!
Wishing you peace, joy and light.

Hi Rebbie, What a calming effect the jhe session had on me last night. I had the energy to clean up my Mom's apartment (she passed 11 months ago and previously I had not had the energy to go through her paperwork etc.) My children (ages 13 and 16) were so pleasant and cooperative (not a common occurance), I was just in awe of the peace. After dark I just sat outside in gratitude for the beauty and peace around me. Thanks for you support in my healing. Love, Jane

All I know is that today around 5-5:30 pm cst. I experienced a quieting feeling, after feeling extremely agitated up to that point. Thank you for your sessions.


Thank you so much, Rebbie. I've be in constant pain for over a year due to a shoulder injury. Normally on a scale of 1-10, I'm at the top of the pain range (or over it). I'm happy to say since your session my range of motion has increased and my pain has reduced to about a level 4. This is a fantastic improvement and it helps me to regain hope that "this too shall pass." I'm so grateful for your work because now I am eagerly resuming my own coaching practice. I'm a "stress reduction expert" and I've been living everything I teach It works!!

With gratitude and appreciation,

I did already receive 2 sessions, and the last one was really clear: I just sat on my PC when I got aware how unstraight I am sitting here and that I should better straighten my back, did it and got my energy in alignment. And just about 30 minutes later your email came, saying that you just did a session, which was about alignment of the lower back. Wow! Now I am very open to what miracles may happen along this month.

About 2:45 p.m. PST, which would be 5:45 p.m. EST, I felt more confidence and actually felt a physical surge as though I am finally regaining my power after such a down period. I was walking home from the bank at the time, and I actually did have a more powerful stride as I walked. Dear God, I sure hope this state of inner strength and confidence stays with me, as I seek employment.
Thanks again!

I had no ideal you were doing a jhe session today, however I was working on a project today and I did move forward, exactly as you stated; progress was made on several projects simultaneously.

I felt optomistic and continue to do so. 

Something else that I was working on fell away, however I took that to say that it wasn't mean't to materialize.

It's really quite incredible how this works.

Thank you Rebbie

Yes, definitely more uplift in my smile and more flexibility! I have been bothered with stiffness in the neck and back, but movement and flexibility are returning. This has been improving for awhile but today was most dramatic. I can literally feel the stiffness melting away.

Thank you, Rebbie for the to-day session! My work is going more smoothly and I have a lot more energy. Now I can deal with more stress, too. Love and Light


I didn't know you had done a jhe session for us yesterday (June 19, 2007), until I read your e-mail today and was I sure amazed! I am a stay-at-home single mother, and have been feeling sort of tired and depressed and even BORED for the last few weeks, which caused me to procrastinate in getting certain things done. I always keep up with my regular housework and cooking, but recently, I'd do what I had to do and forget about the 'big projects' like cleaning out closets, etc. All in all, I haven't been getting much accomplished, and it seemed like the days just flew by so quickly that I didn't have time to START anything else.

Yesterday, however, I had so much energy, I didn't even lay down to take an afternoon nap (as I have been doing almost every day) and I got SO MUCH done. Things I had put off for several weeks (or months, in some cases) seemed to rear their heads at me, reminding me to do it, and I dug right in and got them finished! I was so proud of myself for all I had accomplished, and it seemed like the day went slowly) which, for me, was a GOOD thing. I got at least 75% more tasks finished before noon yesterday and I got another 75% more finished by early evening, and I wasn't worn out, bored, or depressed!

It may be coincidental, but I think not, because there was no other reason for me to get this burst of energy and enthusiasm about me like I did, so I am attributing it to your jhe session! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Had I known yesterday that you were doing one of these, I may have looked at these circumstances in a different light, but not knowing about it until today makes me believe that they do work! 

This DID manifest for me as a strong forward movement in something I was thinking about doing yesterday. I got up this morning and took an old discarded poem and rewrote it into a prose poem. It just flowed. There goes my belief that I "cannot write muse has left me"...well she's back and alive and well. How can I thank you? Thank you.

HI - Before I had read that you had done a jhe session, I had written in my gratitude journal that "I am happy and grateful now that I have a new found attitude of determination in respect to all areas of my life and that I will persist till I accomplish all of the goals I have set".
I definitely feel the affects of the sessions working. Thank you so much. :)

Hi Rebbie

Just wanted to say thank you for your wonderful work!
I am now practicing the YOFA meditations and excercises everyday and i am really enjoying them. I can now comfortably sit for up to 20 minutes which i have been unable to do in over 2 and a half years of meditating. Its wonderful!

Thank you for the YOFA sessions I have tackled my overgrown garden, cleared my sons bedroom and my garden shed. I will take bags to the charity shop today!
I have also been doing some personal clearing and have finally come to a descision about my relationship
(its taken a while but it would have taken alot longer for me to get to this point without your sessions and my meditations im sure) i dont like to let go!

I have much more acceptance and gratitude and i just know today that everything is just as it should be. 

Thank you Rebbie keep up the good work. 

I am able to recognize a jhe session prior to knowing it has been done. For example, this eve, during a visit with a friend, I felt particularly grateful for the blessing of friendship. Also... routine struggles, fell into place. In addition, with an enhanced feeling of well being, I then, soon learned of a jhe session that was done today! You're jhe sessions, along with your Chiropractic expertise; and authorship of "Rooted In The Infinate", have touched my life in very special ways, not ever experienced before. It seems as if it is a validation of what I've come to know (in my post divorce journey), about the love within our lives and within this world.


Your notices of a jhe sesssion helps me put a name to the feeling I'm experienceing. Today, I feel the intense feeling of love, joy and peace with and within me. As I experienced some not so pleasant memories, Divine Love spoke to me--reminding me of who I AM now as well as It's love for me. It was a truly wonderful and healing experience.

I thank God for you and your service to mankind. I am truly grateful for your help as I grow in the Light.

Thank you so much,


Dear Rebbie,
Thank you hardly expresses my gratitude! Today is the first day in many weeks that I have been pain free, in body and happy In spirit. I AM grateful.

Thank you so much Rebbie -

the synchronicity of your mail's arrival, and of the quality of todays session is simply divine. So onbeam for me, so perfectly welcome over here! Thank you thank you.

Thank you also for the wonderful jhe sessions. I 
often start laughing after receiving your notice because of the synchronicity. Just the other day my sister (who was visiting from abroad) and I were looking into greatgrandma's eyes right before receiving your 
email [saying you may find yourself looking into great grandma's eyes in old photos]! ...And, I had just insisted that a friend of mine look more deeply into her Native American heritage [after receiving jhe email about honoring your heritage]. Isn't that cool?

God bless you and the work you do.


You have been doing the YOFA sessions for me for about two months. Incredibly the sessions are right on target. You must have a special gift. 

Warmest thanks!!! you're giving me hope.

Thank you so much Rebbie. Your words described exactly how today I tackled long postponed organization and unpleasant tasks. I am taking charge of my life and knowing I have loving support in so many dimensions make the burden light. "Let go and let God" is precisely what I needed to hear. Today's session was another perfect one for me. Good night. Thank you so much for what you do. God bless you.

It's now 8:15AM and [name of person on the list] is still sleeping (after a late night jhe sessions that promised good, relaxing, refreshing sleep), which is very unusual. And as far as I know, he only got up twice during the night to pee. And I don't think he took a pain killer in the middle of last night to be able to do that. When he awakes I will ask him. So I think your session did good things. And I slept well too, waking particularly refreshed after a great 8 hours sleep with fewer disturbing dreams than usual.

Your powerful healing energies are working good things for us.

Rebbie, I believe you are a true angel! I feel like you are sitting in front of me talking to me when you write your messages. What a kind generous spirit you are! I am grateful to be receiving the benefits of these jhe sessions!

A note to say thank you. I have had a shift in the last couple of hours. Easy to believe it has followed your session for me. 

Again, Thank you!

Thanks, thanks and more thanks, Rebbie, for all the good vibes you send.

You are a treasure in this Universe!

Just a short note to thank you so much for what you are doing and initiating with your sessions, I love them so much, as well the love with what you are doing all this!!

I have been part of the JHE sessions for a couple of weeks now. I have noticed a subtle difference in my abilities to "tap into" a sense of alignment that is now a little easier for me. While I still have much work to do to sustain this sense of alignment, it comes and goes throughout the day. In addition, several of the little habits that are not attuned to my inner alignment are starting to drop away. I simply don't have an attachment to them anymore. It is also becoming more clear how to focus my energy and time. I am in gratitude for such a process and welcome future learning as I practice and am in such a wonderful community with Rebbie. Thank you!

I just read that you did a FREE session for me last week. That would explain the huge shift... as I have been on a tear since then: NOT needing much sleep and working tenaciously with clarity enough to multi task and stay focused!!!!!! THANK YOU :) I feel like the Master of my destiny.

Wow, what a difference. This is my first experience with your sessions and I was quite skeptical. But, I see a BIG difference in me. I'm finally able to get the things done that I need to do. My mind is peaceful. Do I still have problems? Sure. But now I have a calm mind. Thank you Rebbie!!

I really appreciate your work and it is helping me find joy in my life.

Dear Rebbie,
I am aware that I don't correspond very often, but I would like you to be ware that I AM grateful and thankful every day for your service. It may not manifest so much on the physical in my world, but it helps me beyond words on the inner planes of being. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

I chuckled out loud when I got your jhe report. Here's why: Wouldn't you know my shredder has been sticking. While in the driveway this morning, I mentioned it to my landlord, who seems to know all kinds of wonderful mechanical tricks. He mentioned that they sell lubricant sheets for them at Staples, so I went out to get some and came home to your e-mail which speaks to these very issues! What an amazing synchronicity! Looks like my shredder and the other issues in my life are going to move with more ease, due to help from more than one angle!

This one was especially interesting because, as I was watching a group of people, suddenly I saw how 
they and we were all connected by a vast, 3-dimensional 'spider web' of energy going off in all 
directions. The strands of web moved as we did, and occasionally people moved from strand to 
strand across the web. That is the first time I have experienced that connection as a visual.

Thank you for your continued work.

I am very grateful to you.


I am soooo grateful for the work you are doing. I haven't commented on your sessions lately. It's not that I'm not grateful because I thank God every day hopefully He/ She is passing the gratitude on to you. Love and Peace,

After a session for prosperity:

I DID get a fattening of my wallet unexpected $10 off my bill at the supermarket. THAT was a surprise...then I opened my email, and found out why. Thank you. This is the beginning of something BIG.

After a session for prosperity:

I felt the abundance that you spoke of as it relates to the jhe session today.  It is absolutely beautiful, & much appreciated.

I’m so enjoying listening to and learning with your virtual workshops and enjoying the benefits of the JHE sessions. The work you are doing is very dear to me, 

I am getting people remarking about my "calmness" which is such a blessing as I have always found it difficult to let go and to want to control situations. More and more I can choose to be the observer so if that is what brings me inner peace then I can only say whoopee! It seems so effortless! I have received your book Rooted in the Infinite and am avidly reading it. I am so grateful I cam across your alignment therapy.

After a session for prosperity:

Hi Rebbie, I love being part of your YOFA jhe sessions. Three days after this alignment for prosperity session, I made $200, after talking with a person for the first time, for about 30 minutes:-) With love & appreciation, Tracy

i want to let you know how much i appreciate being on the YOFA jhe list. your inner alignment sessions also take me to that profound state you mention. i know my essence is burning stronger and clearer because of it.
sending sweetness and light your way,

Thank you and I thank you.

I just want to say THANK YOU. When I look back at my life and my level of consciousness just 6 months ago, I feel like a whole new person. I know that the sessions are very powerful. I have been attracting books into my life that have propelled me onward in the most direct and accelerated manner. One of the most incredible is Rooted in the Infinite. Thank you so much for sharing the very high energy from your sessions, that carries me forward in such a remarkable and spendorous way!

it's a privilege for me to belong to this group you are working on!!!

Thanks a lot!!!

With love and appreciation!!

Thank You Rebbie! My heart is humming with Love. I truly felt a peacefulness wash over me as I read the JHE for today (9/7)! I am centered and I am Love! Sylvia 

thank you so much
today i did have a network chir. appointment which must have worked in tandem with your work.
the experience i'm having is being spirit in body
love and gratitude and softness being there

i'm very grateful to be working with you again

Today I was feeling like it really might be time for this life to be over - too many reasons to enumerate, but it was not a frivolous or merely reactionary pondering - and then I opened my email. There has always been a wonderful energy around the things you send and today, perhaps, it tipped the scale if only for a moment, but for what may yet be a defining moment. 

I am not sure what I WILL do today, but there must be a place, a way, for me to continue. Right now I am used up, essentially homeless, not well, surrounded by what feels like unbearable loss, completely broke and broken. But I still have my laptop and emails that make me stop and consider that there just must be another way.

Thank you for making a difference. I wonder sometimes if you really know the true magnitude of what that can mean.

I am thrilled with again receiving my jhe sessions. I have a VERY large hurdle to overcome, and the energy I receive from your sessions are my rock
Thank YOU for sending jhe. I love you.

Rebbie, your jhe session today could not have been more perfect both in timing and content. Today, an email arrived from a very dear friend, whom I thought I had lost due to a challenged relationship. In addition, another call came today, from a friend just to check in, due to the above situation. This situation has been a reminder of how special and fragile a relationship is. To have been greeted by your jhe session this evening was beautiful. thank you in love & light, Jeanne

thank you so much for this. the results on my end were wonderful. I did feel very grounded and like I was standing outside of the swirl of emotions that usually barrage me all the time.  again thank you and I look forward to the arrival of your book, love and light,

thank you so much for this session, not only for this one ;-),
but especialy for this one!!

Lots of love from germany

I have absolutely loved the jhe sessions with you. In the time of doing the sessions all sorts of wonderful things have happened. Going on an incredible Mediterranean Abraham Hicks cruise in May for one.

Thanks what you did last week with the yOFA session. Something very interesting happened-I heard from a man I dated over a year ago who I hadn't spoken to in 8mos??

Hi Rebbie, from "way down under",

Thank you for the 'jhe' session today. Also, on my way to work this morning I listened in my car to the last segment of the August Results W'shop. Plus I have started doing Ho'Opono pono healing on myself. Something or all of them must have worked at some level today, because I managed to pull myself in check from losing my temper at an incident at a Shopping Mall car-park, and I feel good about it.

So yes, Thank You dear Rebbie.

Dear Rebbie!

The previlge to participate on these jhe sessions is just on my (and on all other receivers) side!! :-)

Thanks for all of this,

lots of love from germany

I received an unexpected $400 refund check today that I didn't know I was even eligible for- I am so grateful!

Love, Denise

I want to thank you for the “jhe” sessions that you so lovingly do for us; secondly, yes my finances have improved a little (for which I am sooooo grateful, as every cent or dollar adds up). 

I always look forward to what you have to share, always shedding light on our many challenges.

The tone is set with the jhi sessions for myself to slow down more, trust, and be with myself as I wish so much, but get caught in outer concerns and things I think I have to make happen @!. The jhi sessions are helping me meditate more, and seeing things from a different slant, perhaps the right slant of the Y axis....And sending love Z axis to the ‘enormities’ that have happened in my life. 

I am so glad I signed up the the jhi sessions. They're making a difference for sure.

I appreciate your work and shares very much.

I'm glad I signed up for the jhe sessions. I do feel a boost when you do them and the intentions you set for them seem to synchronize with events in my life which is really very cool.
I'm really enjoying the book too. I got to ..I think session 9? 
focusing on aligning the chakras up the Y axis, and man It is really making a difference to me. I've meditated for a long time, but I'm now coming off my meditation with lasting joyful/energetic results.
I think your material is great and it's really helping me to have total faith in law of attraction...that we create what we want. It's taken me a year to really start actually believing in this ability in myself and come to a KNOWING that what I've been asking for IS GIVEN!!
So thanks to you I'm happily looking forward to running into those creations in my vibrational escrow as I move along my Z!

Thanks so much for sharing your genius.

really incredible, I do feel the effects...I felt like driving 100 mph to work today..(in a fun freeing way that is..not really knowing why,) I felt like the car was driving itself rather than me driving it.  Wow, I really needed that, The issues you covered letting go of regrets in the past has been a big one for me in the last year or so. Thanks so much!!

Oh Rebbie, Your beautiful words are the sweetest music to my ears. I am grateful beyond measure to have your grace uplift my life. Thank you so much!

Thank you Rebbie for contributing in a powerful way to a deeper understanding Your fitting analogies form a vivid picture that makes things so very clear. Indeed, yesterday I got a lot of peace and clearer vision of my purpose and mission. Thank you for being a messenger of light.

I just had to get up and write to you.

This morning I woke up to see the pink sky contrasting (The word I used before I read your email) with the black-green evergreens.

And the shifts of the day were so clear.
The most striking was that my 24 yo daughter was offered the job of coaching that we all most wanted her to get.

Since I began earnestly listening to everything you have to offer that is a recording, the shifts in me are astounding. This past week I ran for two miles after not being able to do so for over two years.

I have a new business venture and a wonderful partner who will help me through the stuff I don't know how to do, yet not actually do it for me.

And at the function I went to in the evening I met three people who understood about energy shifts and flows. It was great to connect to others who understood and accepted. I needed to know some people in my community in person.

Anyway, i just wanted to let you know that once again the energy shifts that you manifest have had a very tangible result in my life.

I look forward to the next shifts with baited energy.
Now I am ready to go back to sleep.


Thanks very much, Rebbie. I appreciate this. It comes at a good time for me!

Hey Rebbie,

That's really beautiful. I feel the energies.
I'm very thankful that someone like you exists in this world and has this power and the humility to use it in this way.

Thank you
I experienced a shift in perspective and emotional feeling.
Much needed.

I did indeed notice a very large change in my state of mind yesterday. I'm feeling very in-tune with everything around me - which is wonderful - thank you so much.

This is quite difficuilt to explain,(because the mind doesn't really know how to explain it lol),the heart only really knows.

I have felt my heart opening, and the best way I can explain the feeling is, the heart helps to,'Hold',us in a way that only a loving child know's.

The heart helps to,'Hold',every pain inside lovingly.


Hello Rebbie,
Thankyou for the Jhe Session which continues to manifest. Out walking this morning (before I had read your session) all I was aware of were the beautiful colours all around me, the flowers the trees, the sky, just so many and all different. The handling of money was so right as I was handling quite a lot of it today.

I am feeling more and more inner alignment, and I am feeling more and more in my heart and spirit then I eve have before. 

I noticed today that I chose the color green for everything to go out of town to wear. I've never been partial to green. It's my understanding from a chakra it means love and elusive money is coming my way. That's my feeling.

Precious Rebbie:
I had a strong feeling to get on the jhi list, and I am so happy that I followed through. I felt it when you started the sessions for me, it was like I heard your spiritual voice call out to me. Because I was ready, and because I allowed your help in, it came to me quickly. I became unstuck, and had no trouble clearing my mind and moving forward. For the first time I felt hopeful, excited, and, eager to be who I am in truth. I expect great things to happen in my life now, and I am most grateful for that still small voice within me always there to be of help to me. I am grateful for my willingness to trust, and, I am grateful for your willingness to be a channel, not only for me, but for all who are sent to you. Blessed Be, Beloved Sister of my Heart.
Rosemarie (Virginia Beach)

Right on the mark! I have noticed that since I trust you, I am allowing. Hense: the JHI sessions are working at an accelerated rate. I noticed also that if I take a step backwards, something, like your "On The Way To Joy", shows up and leads me back to my path again. I feel it is a priviledge to be a part of such an awesome journey. Thank you for inviting me. I am grateful too, and, for you, and all you are in truth. You are a blessing.

Dearest Rebbie:

Thank You!

The jhe Session from Tuesday has really been evident and awesome in that I really been aable to feel the shift happening as I am learning an employing axis learning. I am so excited about doing these this I sometimes feel overwhelmed and if is really happenig? I do know by stay conciously aware and oimplement what I am learning I am feleing more at peaace with my self inside as well as when I am interacting with others.

Again Thank You for the work you do. I am really glad I found you and have engaged.

Thanks for all you time and dedication. 

May you be Blessed as I am Blessed by You.


Abraham on Healing:

Find something to feel good about and get out of the way, and allow the cells to receive what they've been asking for. That is the key to healing.  January 22nd, 2005