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"When you let nothing be more significant than your own alignment with your own desire, then everything in the Universe is working in concert for you. It is, anyway, but you're not letting it in if you are misaligned."

--Expressed by Abraham-Hicks, 9/28/02

YOFA jhe Sessions

What's it all about?

Passive vs. Active Alignment

Structural vs. Energetic Alignment

How to do this on your own 

(Active Energetic Alignment)
How to receive YOFA jhe Sessions

(Passive Energetic Alignment)
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What's it all about?

  Joyful Harmonious Expressiveness

jhe for short.

All you have to do to begin to participate in YOFA jhe Sessions is

(A) sign up and 

(B) watch for results

It's that easy. 

You don't have to do anything.

Since this all happens on a level of energy rather than action, there is nothing for you to study. 

No homework. 

No assignments. 

No downloads. 

Nothing to listen to. 

Nothing to read.

Hard as it may be to believe, there is really nothing for you to do. 

And yet, paradoxically, you do it all. 

How can that be?

You do it with your intention.

You set your intention to . . . (you fill in the blank with whatever feels right to you) and then open to the template of alignment I offer in these sessions. 

I am not asserting anything into your experience so all that can happen is (A) you either benefit or (B) you feel nothing. 

(A) If the energetic aspect of you finds resonance with these sessions, you can have what will seem like miraculous results. That is because the Divine Blessings are always given. The alignment simply allows you to receive.

(B) If you sign up and find this does nothing for you, no problem. For some people, it takes more time.  I encourage you to give it more time.  


Because it has worked wonders for so many people and I want you to be one of them. I want you to find your sense of empowerment, joy, prosperity, loving relationships, and an easing of your pain.  I want the YOFA jhe Sessions to have the opportunity to bring all that to you.  But if you don't want to wait, I understand.  Just let me know and I'll give you a no-questions-asked refund. (Read the guarantee here.)  Your name will be removed from the list, you will no longer receive the jhe Sessions, and your fee will be immediately refunded.  I only want you to pay if you love what you find here.

What kind of results can you expect? 

That all depends on your intention. 

I recommend intentions along all 3 axes.  (For a full explanation of the intentions that live along the three axes, read Rooted in the Infinite.)

It makes sense to set intentions regarding:

Deepening Your Spiritual Practice (meditation, etc.)
Manifesting Prosperity
Great Relationships (family, intimate, co-workers. . .)
Physical Well-Being
Emotional Well-Being
Brilliant Expression of Your Talents
Success in Your Career or Profession
Anything Else Your Heart Desires. . .

You can get an idea of the type of results others have gotten by scrolling through the results page. If you want to feel what they feel, sign up and see what happens.

One more thing. . . 

Before you sign up, please read the ground rules.




The process of alignment that I offer in these sessions is described in great detail in my book Rooted in the Infinite.  While you don't have to read the book in order for this to work for you, the book will answer many of your questions.

It also offers a practice of inner alignment that you can learn directly from the book.  In fact, you can practice these exercises without participating in the jhe Sessions and create the same results for yourself.  You do not need the jhe Sessions. (But they sure do help!)

You can also receive the jhe Sessions without doing the exercises and receive the benefit that way.

But if you want the maximum benefit, I recommend that you do both. Each one has its own way of cultivating your inner alignment.  One is passive, the other is active (see below for further explanation).  

So, sign up now. Order the book. And watch your life transform.  I look forward to posting your miracles. 


Passive vs. Active Alignment

There are two ways that you bring yourself into alignment.  

One is passive.   

The other is active

This distinction helps you know when to apply the different aspects of your YOFA™ Training.

We could also call these two approaches to alignment by the names "treatment" (passive) vs. "practice" (active).

Both are good.

And we attract our good from both of these through our relationship with Law of Attraction.  
Each simply comes to us through a slightly different avenue of delivery.

Also, through active alignment (practice) we prepave the way for others to help us more effectively (treatment).

Passive Alignment occurs when you invite someone else to assist you with your own alignment.  The YOFA™ jhe Sessions are an example of passive alignment  Someone else (in this case it's me) does the work, and you passively receive the influence.  You come into greater alignment as a result of someone else's lead.  Even though I am calling this passive, it is you, and you alone, who attracts the beneficial influence, the harmonious interaction, and who lines up to receive the good.

Passive alignment is a welcome gift from a friend on the path. We may use this gift as a jump start when we cannot find our own alignment, or as an ongoing gift of maintenance and loving care to keep our alignment well tuned.

Active Alignment occurs when you bring yourself into alignment.  This is what most of our YOFA™ Training is all about: you bringing you into alignment with you. To learn the YOFA inner alignment exercises, please get the book Rooted in the Infinite.

Active alignment is the navigation process of our lives.

Both active and passive forms of alignment have a structural and energetic component.


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Structural vs. Energetic Alignment

There are two different realms of alignment.  

One is structural.

The other is energetic.

We could also call them by the names action-oriented (structural) and vibrational (energetic) alignment.  

Structural Alignment deals with the material of the body, the bones and muscles, the cells, and fluids, etc. We could also call this physical alignment

Chiropractic, hatha yoga, and other physical alignment practices address the structural component of your alignment.  

When you go to the chiropractor, you are receiving passive structural alignment  

When you do hatha yoga, you are practicing active structural alignment.  

These two compliment each other, and they also support the inner energetic alignment we cultivate in our YOFA™ Training.

Energetic Alignment takes place in the areas we cannot see or touch (although many can see and feel evidence of these dimensions of alignment).

You practice your energetic alignment by following your inner guidance, as Abraham describes.  YOFA™ Workshops help you turn this into one of the main priorities in your life.

Energetic alignment is also established by meditation. Rooted in the Infinite offers specific inner alignment exercises for the purpose of bringing yourself into energetic alignment.

When you do the exercises described in the book, you are practicing active energetic alignment.

When you sign up for YOFA jhe Sessions, you are receiving passive energetic alignment.  I do this process for you.  

YOFA™ jhe Sessions provide passive energetic alignment.

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How to do this 
on your own 
(Active Energetic Alignment)

The development of jhe is the focus of Chapters 10 and 16, and Sessions 4 and 10 of the Practice Section of Rooted in the Infinite.

This book offers the practice instructions for bringing yourself into energetic alignment through inner alignment exercises.

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How to receive 
YOFA™ jhe Sessions

(Passive Energetic Alignment)

Since YOFA jhe Sessions are delivered remotely, 
we do not have to be physically near each other. 
You can be anywhere in the world.

Since YOFA jhe Sessions are passive . . .

there is nothing for you to do.

 Well, there is one thing,

Just sign up.

Then watch for results.

You can sign up HERE.

If you want to do something to augment your results, you can care for the other 3 forms of alignment.

YOFA jhe Sessions provide the passive energetic component.  You can augment the value of these sessions by filling in the other 3:

  • passive structural: get adjusted by your chiropractor

  • active structural: yoga, martial arts, etc.

  • active energetic: inner alignment exercises described in Rooted in the Infinite.   

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Summary Chart

4 Components of Alignment






Hatha Yoga,
Martial Arts, etc.



YOFA jhe Sessions


Rooted in the Infinite
inner alignment 


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