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How to Create (Attract)
 a Great Relationship

~ Change One Thought ~

In this teleseminar you will learn one 
powerful way to shift your thinking about 
how to attract the relationship of your dreams. 

Changing this one way of thinking can
empower you to attract a wonderful new 
relationship that feels custom made for you.

Dear Rebbie,
  This phone call was absolutely stunning!      What unique and creative thought shifts!   How I love your classes!   How I adore your 'thought shifts!'   
  With BIG Appreciation and BIG Gratitude!

I listened to your teleseminar last night and as usual you did a great job. 
It felt as if I was sitting in my living room and talking with my best friend: thank you for that.   I was so happy when I received your email today that included us being able 
to listen to the 3 tapes you made last night. I was so happy to... be able to hear them again. 

YOU ARE THE BEST! Can't wait to pass this on to my friends who missed it and have it also for myself to renew my inspiration :). I was with a friend just a little while ago telling her about parts of it when she was 
talking to me about her very challenging relationship.

I had listened to this before...but...I HEARD it for the first time, yesterday!!! I've been in a long-running, loosely defined relationship for 10 years. This session spoke to me in so many ways about creating what i want. I don't have to do it with this person or any person, I first do the creation and Source does the work!