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The Yoga of Alignment


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Rooted in the Infinite 

Thank you for your interest in Rooted in the Infinite.

To show my appreciation for your enthusiasm for the arrival of this book, I am inviting you to listen in on a very special teleclass.  This recording is offered exclusively to those who order the book through this website.

Here is what we cover in this class:

Getting clear about your purpose in working with this book

In order to get the most out of this book, it will help to know what your current intention and purpose is. In this workshop we will explore 3 areas of intention:

  • Spiritual
  • Healing
  • Joyful Manifestation

Making sure your participation with the book supports that purpose

Once you have a sense of your heart's desire, we will look together at how this book and system can best support you on that journey.

Working on your own

What are the best routines to set up for yourself so that you get where you want to go? We will look at how to set up a personalized program for yourself.

Working with a group

Rooted in the Infinite lends itself very well to group study. If you and your friends want to form a study group, this class will give you some ideas and structure for local live study groups as well as long distance ones. (Funny how some of your best friends live so far away, right?)

How to set up a group

Some folks love the support and community of a group but don't have enough like-minded friends to make it happen.  We'll brainstorm together about how to get one going in your area.

How to find a group

Don't have the time to start your own group?  We'll talk about how others can post their group so you can find them.

Getting help from me

This is a  chance for you to tell me how I can help you best.  My purpose is for you to be the most radiant, happy, fulfilled being you can and want to be.  My intention is to see you be your magnificent self.

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