When was the last time you 
stopped what you were doing 
and sat down to 
honor your great great 
great great grandmother?

Honor Your Ancestors.

Heal Your Heart.

Do the meditative processes along 
with the recording for deep healing 
for yourself and your family line.



When you purchase this recording, you will receive instant access to streaming audio which you can listen to online, and a download of the mp3 which you can burn to CD or listen to on your MP3 player.



Hi Rebbie:

We got off the phone a few minutes ago and I want to thank you once again for offering this so wonderful and healing workshop ... I felt the loving presence of some of my ancestors around me at that moment. Very loving and reassuring. It was wonderful to actually speak to you on the phone as well. My heart is overflowing with gratitude for all the love you give to us, so infinite and with boundless generosity. I am so looking forward to the Jhe experiment. I did the first time and it was amazing.

Thank you so much Rebbie.

May the Universe fill your life and all that you are and all that you have and do, with light and love, always, and in all ways.



Rebbie that was such a gift. Thank you so much. Good practice for everyone.  I really liked the personal touch about your mom. Bless her and bless you.

Alison Gibson

Dear Rebbie,

Just would love to Thank you for this wonderful meditation and experience with the ancestors and new generations to come.... I think the experience was extremely powerful, with energies from New Zealand, Australia, Canada and State concentrating in the main stream river of Love.

Dearest Rebbie,

... I actually saw hundreds of glowing faces smiling back at me. And then as I offered gratitude forward, I felt maternal love enfolding all who are to come. I truly believe that in taking this time to offer gratitude, love and forgiveness, we have made an important healing impact in our collective oneness.

Thank you!

I send you deep gratitude and love. I honor your mother today and thank her for her healing legacy which lives through you.

Hi Rebbie,


The opening meditation with the seamless robe was so powerful for me I didn't want to come back! Great way to get to the space, thanks. 

Dear Rebbie,  I received my copy of the Ancestral workshop..and it was truly wonderful.  As I listened and participated in the experiments and meditations, I felt so much more content with my life and frustrations within my family for the last several years...I know I was meant to find your site and want to be a part of future experiments as you talked about.  What a wonderful gift you are giving people and the world as a whole.  I thank you so very much and want you to be assured that your workshops and your concern for others are so vital to positive energy and change in the world through individual people.  Thank you for making this recording possible so many of us could be a part of such a dynamic happening.  Sincerely,  Martha Bahnson    

I will be ordering your book.  The part I got to preview was so interesting and I know that I need and want more.   Thanks,.


Hi Rebbie,

Just wanted you to know how much I received from listening to your telephone session Friday, Dec. 22nd. Being connected to people from different parts of our country, including Alaska, made clear to me how all of us truly are "one". With your guidance, I had a personal healing which went very deep. I reached connections and then forgiveness with my past, present, and future selves. I have been left with a sense of peace and calm (a cleansing) within me that touched all the souls I have been. I feel clean and healed.

Thank you, Rebbie, for the gift of "you". Thank you Rebbie for . . . making it easy for me to take part in your phoneshop (new word).

Copyright 2006  Rebbie Straubing