The 3 Branches of The Yoga of Alignment:  

    Spiritual Awareness 

Yofa’s spiritual roots tap deep into the ancient teachings of yoga with a strong influence from 

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Yofa’s healing branch revolves around the energetic alignment of the spine.  Working from the inside out, Yofa balances the energy of the spine through meditation and heightened awareness.  Hatha yoga, chiropractic, and other systems that promote spinal alignment are harmonious with and complimentary to the healing branch of Yofa.

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    Joyful manifestation of the heart’s desire  

This is the creative branch of the system.  Here we develop skill at creating our lives in a way that satisfies the soul. 

Yofa honors and embraces the creative process and the individual life experience.  The sincere YOFA practitioner loves life, loves people, and enjoys the unfolding of each new moment.  The true “yofi” remains open to the richness of life independent of conditions.  Loving relationships, material abundance, joy in work, and certain aspects of the physical body manifest primarily through this branch.

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YOFA® is...


YOFA™ is an American branch of the sacred Indian tree of Yoga.

Yoga means to “yoke” oneself to the Infinite Being and Consciousness of the Universe. 

Practicing The Yoga of Alignment trains you in yoga. 

We often think of physical postures and exercises when we hear the word “yoga”.  The Yoga of Alignment is not that type of system.  So for now, let's use the abbreviation, “Y of A” or YOFA, to distinguish it from hatha yoga, the most well known branch of yoga here in the West.


The Yoga of Alignment (YOFA™) provides methods, techniques, perspectives, and practices you can use to bring your personal incarnation into vibrational alignment with your soul so that you more fully manifest your heart’s desire. 


Inwardly, this system establishes a favorable state in your consciousness for the development of your unique relationship with the Universal Life Force, All That Is, The Divine, or that which many call God. 


Outwardly, YOFA™ empowers you in your life.  It maximizes your strengths and develops compassion for your weaknesses.  It fosters success in all ventures and cultivates your talents.










"Don't get so involved in the desires or the beliefs of others that you cause confusion in your own vibration, and compromise your own alignment. When you let nothing be more significant than your own alignment with your own desire, then everything in the Universe is working in concert for you. It is, anyway, but you're not letting it in if you are misaligned."
Expressed by Abraham-Hicks, 9/28/02
Selected by Jerry and Esther Hicks